<3 Party Time <3

Lucie starts to hang out with skip and soon he kissses her


4. getting ready and party


 As soon as I got home I went upstairs and started to get ready for this party. Daniel told me he would pick me up at 7 so I had around 2 hours to get ready. I decided on a simple black dress with black heels. I lightly curled my hair and added a little foundation and mascara. 7 soon came and I heard the doorbell ring. I headed down stairs to where I saw Daniel standing with flowers in his hand, he was so cute. He handed me the flowers and just stared at me.  “You look absolutely gorgeous Lucie!” I started to blush as I felt Daniel grab my hand and pulled me to his car. We arrived to the party after a 10 minute drive. Daniel grabbed two drinks and handed me one. We were dancing all night then he suddenly grabbed me by the waist picked me up over his shoulder and jumped in the pool with me. I felt his lips against mine and it was the most perfect moment.
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