<3 heart shaped necklace <3

kissing Jai can be either the best thing thats happened to her or the worst


2. necklace


We sit in silence for a few seconds then suddenly he pulls out a tiffany box from behind the couch cushion. I just stare at it for what seems like forever and finally reach and take it from his hands. I open the small fragile box to see a beautiful silver necklace with a love heart hanging from it with the words I love you Stella engraved on the inside. I just look at jai then look back at the necklace having no idea what to say all I can hear is jai saying   “No need to thank me, your my best friend you deserve the best, I hope you like it”   “I do jai, I really do, but you didn’t have to get me this,” Jai grabs the necklace and moves my hair to the side while wrapping the necklace around my neck without saying a word. I softly touch the necklace that’s placed on my neck and turn to look at jai.  I give him the biggest bear hug and whisper in his ear    “I never want to lose you, EVER.”   “Me either babe,” that’s when I felt Jais lips against mine. I knew what we were doing was so wrong as we are best friends but it just feels so right, kissing Jai can either be the best thing that’s happen to me or the worst.
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