<3 heart shaped necklace <3

kissing Jai can be either the best thing thats happened to her or the worst


1. suprise


“Oi Stella, come here I have a surprise for you,” called my older brother. “I’m coming, I’m coming, what is it?” “You’ll just have to wait and see,”   I walk down the stairs to see Jai standing in the hallway we have been best friends for years now, and I love him to bits, his the most trustworthy and honest person I’ve ever met. I don’t know what I’d do without him, I especially love the weekly surprises he gets me. I walked over to Jai to see him holding a bunch of red roses, they look amazing and smell like absolute heaven, he hands them over to me and tells me to sit down next to him, I place the roses gently on the table and take a seat on the couch next to Jai wondering what his going to say to me.  
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