<3 It All Started At The Beach <3

Lexi meets Beau at the beach


2. texts



“Hey I’m Beau, what’s your name?” “Hi my names Lex and this is my friend Stella.” “Oh it’s nice to meet you.” “yeah it is, so well I noticed you’re not here with anyone, would you like to chill with us for the day?” “ yeah that would be lovely thanks girls” after hanging out with Beau for a few hours in the water we went back to our stuff, I got out my phone to check my messages when beau stole my phone,  “ Hey Beau what are you doing?” “ oh you know the usually,” “ and yeah what’s that?” “ just wait and see, I gotta head home but hopefully we will see each other soon?” “ yeah that’d be nice.” Beau came over to me gave my phone back and placed his soft moist lips against mine, it felt like heaven he was an amazing kisser. He quickly walked off then I remember to check my phone, I unlocked it when I saw Beau added him number. I texted him saying- hey its Lexi, it was nice spending the day with you xx.   After about a minute I hear my phone go off, I check it and see one new message from BEAU BROOKS IS SEXY saying, yeah it was, do you want to come over tomorrow? Xo   I looked at Stella and mouthed this is the best day ever.  
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