<3 It All Started At The Beach <3

Lexi meets Beau at the beach


3. ouch


I texted Beau saying that I’d love to see him tomorrow, he was one of the nicest boys I had ever met, we spend practically  the whole night texting each other and we got along so well.   I got dressed ready for the day ahead; I told Beau that I should be at his house around 11ish.   I soon arrived in front of Beau's; I walk up the driveway to the front door im about to knock then suddenly these 2 boys run out pushing me over to the cold concrete. They must be Beau's two younger brothers. Beau comes out and sees me sitting on the ground with blood coming from my knee and elbows.  “ omg Lexi, what happened to you?” “ well I about to ring the doorbell when suddenly your two brothers come running out and pushed me over, but im okay don’t worry,” “ no you’re not, your bleeding babe, come inside and we will clean you up.”  


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