<3 It All Started At The Beach <3

Lexi meets Beau at the beach


4. falling asleep in his arms


  Beau picks me up, carrying me like a baby and places me on the kitchen table. He leaves the room and after a minute comes back with a first aid kit. He wipes up the blood and puts a band aid on each cut. “ you know you look beautiful even when your hurt.” I start to blush and I think Beau can tell im a bit embarrassed. Beau grabs my hands and entwines his fingers in with mine. We walk in silence to his bedroom where we sit on the bed. “So what do you want to do today?” “ I don’t mind, you choose,” “no you’re the guest you choose babe,” “seriously Beau I really don’t mind,”   Beau walks over to his door, shuts it and comes and sits next to me. We start talking about random stuff then we hear footsteps coming from outside beaus door, “ Oi love birds is it alright if we come in,” “ No piss off, were talking,” Beau angrily says back to Luke and Jai. “Fine we will see you later. Don’t forget to use a condom,” they both yelled before walking away.  “Let’s watch a movie,” “yeah sure, what do you want to watch?” “Mmm do you have Titanic? It’s my favourite,” “of course I do it’s my favourite to,” Beau put on the movie and went to the kitchen to make some popcorn. I sat down on the couch waiting for Beau to come back; after a few minutes he walks in with the popcorn and sits next to me. I feel him put his arm around my waist and that’s the last thing I remember before falling asleep in Beaus arms.  
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