<3 It All Started At The Beach <3

Lexi meets Beau at the beach


1. he hawt


It was the middle of summer and I woke up to the buzzing of my phone, I picked it up from the drawer and place it against my ear.   “Hello,” “Hey Lexi, its Stella, I was wondering If you’d come to the beach with me today, it’s meant to be a nice day,” “oh yeah sure, I’ll come to yours in around an hour.” I quickly got dressed and rung my dad and mum telling them where I would be for the day; I told Jack my little brother totake some lunch and then I closed the front door and started walking to Lucy’s. After a 15 minute walk I finally reached Stella’s, I opened the front door and headed up to her bedroom where I saw her putting her shoes on.  “Hey Stella,” “hey Lexi, you ready to go?” “Yep,” we made our way to the beach and once we got there applied some sunscreen and raced down to the water. After mucking around in the water for a few minutes I notice boy with gorgeous green eyes and brown hair. I quickly stop staring at him as I realised he caught me looking at him. I started to make a conversation with Stella as I felt embarrassed the guy saw me staring at him. I suddenly felt someone splash my back I turned around to the boy I saw before.  
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