Forever and Always

Afrina, is at her school's Costume Dance, being bored as usual, while her friends have a good time. Suddenly the famous One Direction come on stage, and start singing. She's wearing a mask, so Harry doesnt know what the girll he falls for looks like, until he meets her again somewhere. Only he doesn't know that his best friend, Louis fancies the same girl. Will she tell him who she really is, or will Harry have to keep looking for the girl of his dreams? Who will she choose; The funny, class clown, or the cheeky flirt? Find out in Forever and Always!


3. The Secret Wonderland

Amelia's P.O.V

"W-Who's there?" I question, as i hear a rustling in the bushes behind me. A figure steps out from the shadows.

"It's me, Harry." Harry says, walking up to me. He runs a hand through his curls.

"Oh, god!" I put my hand over my heart. "You scared me!"

"Sorry, love." He chuckles a bit, whilst walking past me, and sitting on the stone bench. I turn around, and face him.

"What're you doing here?" I ask.

"Well, your principal reserved me and the boys for one night, for this dance, we sang, and now I just followed you here." He explains, a sly grin on his face.

"Why did you follow me?" I throw questions at him. I dont like him, so why should he be following me?

"Sit." He motions for me to take the spot next to him. I pause for a minute, before reluctantly going up to the bench. I scoot as far away from him as possible, as he speaks. "I followed you, cause your different."

"Different?" I ask.

"Yeah," he smiles warmly. "You didn't fan-girl over me, and the boys. You were completely calm"

"Well, maybe, that's cause I'm not a fan of your music." I roll my eyes.


I'm the kinda girl, that isn't afraid to speak up, and tell her opinion to the world. That can get me in trouble, sometimes.

"Why?" He raises an eyebrow, and pokes my arm playfully.

"I dunno." I shrug, carelessly. "I guess, cause I've never really liked ANY boy-band really. I don't know why." I bite my lower lip.

"Well, tonight, I want you to act like I'm just another, normal, highschool guy." He tells me. I think about it for a minute, before nodding slightly.

"So. . ." I put my elbow on my knee, and rest my head in my hand. I still haven't removed the mask, so Harry doesn't know what I really look like.

"Random question, i know; but, what's your favorite movie?" He asks me.

Yes, a very random queestion, indeed. I laugh in my mind.

"Mine is probably 'The Notebook'." I smile a little, at the thought of having a summer romance with a boy.

"That''s a nice movie." He grins, and i can see the little lightbulb glow at the top of his head.


Harry's P.O.V

I push my hand into my pocket, and dig around, untiil I find my phone. A grin creeps upon my face as I go onto YouTube and search that song from 'The Notebook'. I click on the video, and pause it.

"You wanna dance with me?" I stand up, and hold my hand out.

"Here?" She asks.

"Mm hmm." I nod.



"But, we don't have any music." She points out.

"I have a little friend of mine with me." I smirk and click play on the music.

"Alright, then." She takes my hand and gets up. We walk out towards the lake, the moonlight shining down on us. We stop walking, and turn to face each other. She locks her arms around my neck, whilst my hands snake down to her waist. Her, and I sway in perfect harmony with the music.

"It's pretty here, isn't it?" The corners of her lips move up in a smile.

"Yeah, it is." I say. "How's you know this place was here?"

"It happened last year."



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