Forever and Always

Afrina, is at her school's Costume Dance, being bored as usual, while her friends have a good time. Suddenly the famous One Direction come on stage, and start singing. She's wearing a mask, so Harry doesnt know what the girll he falls for looks like, until he meets her again somewhere. Only he doesn't know that his best friend, Louis fancies the same girl. Will she tell him who she really is, or will Harry have to keep looking for the girl of his dreams? Who will she choose; The funny, class clown, or the cheeky flirt? Find out in Forever and Always!


2. Following Her

Amelia's P.O.V

They're up there! I groan loudly. "Could my night get ANY worse?" I ask no one in particular. I watch, as all the girls start screaming, and shrieking, and run up towards the stage. It surprises me how every single female (And some males) In the room was going Ga-ga crazy for five guys. Claire and Maddie are in the big group of girls, singing along to 'What Makes You Beautiful'.

"Everyone else in the room can see it! Everyone else but yo-ou!" The curly haired boy, I think his name is Harry, sings in a deep voice. I feel a sensation inside my heart, it burns, but in a good way. His voice, it seems like he could harmonize with the angels above, effortlessly. I don't know why, but it made me melt inside.


One Direction sang some of their most popular songs. I know the names of the songs, because I have best friends that are obsessed. . . Er. . . Dedicated. . .

As Harry is walking off the stage, he turns his head my way, and our eyes meet. He holds my stare for a few seconds, before grinning, cheekily, and winking. That one wink, it made me blush a shade of red, as I look down at the ground. I turn my gaze up again, and see he is laughing. I smile to myself, as I put the tin can down, turning around. My white dress flows behind me, as I start towards the door, leading to a secret place I discovered a year ago.


Harry's P.O.V

I made her blush. She seems pretty cute, from what I can see, with her mask and everything. She had on this pretty white dress, and had a small halo at the top of her head. It is a costume dance, so she must be dressed as an angel. I walk down the steps leading to the dance floor. Suddenly I'm surrounded by girls ranging from the ages of fifteen, to seventeen.

"Can I have your autograph?"

"Marry me!"

"I need a boyfriend! You wanna me mine?"

Those were the typic kind of questions I was being asked. I stood on my tip-toes, and peeked over the top of all the girls heads, trying to find that one girl in an angel outfit. No such luck. I look all around the Gym, until fate steps in, and deals me a sweet card. Her dress. I see the back of her dress walk out the door. I HAVE to follow her.

"Excuse , me." I push past the girls, and follow her.

I see her again down the hall. I start a little jog after her.


She lead me outside the school, into the soccer flied.

"The hell?" I ask out loud. I keep up with her pace easily. We walk across the field, into a small opening made by branches, and leafs from all the trees. I sneak behind her as we walk deeper and deeper into the woods.

In a moment I'm following a girl, who leads me to the most beautiful place I have ever seen! There is a little crack in the leafs above our heads, making a little spotlight, the dances above a lake with clear, blue water in it. Right beside the lake was a bench. It was carved out of stone, with flowers and birds carved all over it. I let a quiet "Wow." escape my lips, as the girl turns around.

"Who's there?" She asks, a scared tone in her voice. I step out of the bushes I was hiding in.



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