Forever and Always

Afrina, is at her school's Costume Dance, being bored as usual, while her friends have a good time. Suddenly the famous One Direction come on stage, and start singing. She's wearing a mask, so Harry doesnt know what the girll he falls for looks like, until he meets her again somewhere. Only he doesn't know that his best friend, Louis fancies the same girl. Will she tell him who she really is, or will Harry have to keep looking for the girl of his dreams? Who will she choose; The funny, class clown, or the cheeky flirt? Find out in Forever and Always!


5. Finding The Right Girl

Afrina's P.O.V

'Looking for a girl. She had brown hair, and hazel-ish brown eyes. She was dressed as an angel at the dance. Name starts with an 'A'. If you know this girl, come meet me in parking lot after school.'

My eyes drifted over the printed words on the flier, and grew wider. Harry Styles was actually searching for me, ME! An ordinary teenage girl! Okay, okay, yes I don't like One Direction, but they are cute, and famous! So it's kinda shocking that he's looking for me! I turn my head to look at Maddie and Claire, who have mide wide grins on their faces.

"No, no, no, no, no!" I protest while picking up my navy blue lunch tray. "You can't make me!"

"Oh, yes we can, and we will!" Maddie says, grabbing my arm, and pulling me to a table all the way at the end of the cafeteria, to an old table.

"Why?" I question them, as I plonk down on the cold bench. Claire sits next to me, and laughs.

"Cause, if Harry knows your his dream girl, then that's my one way ticket to getting Niall Horan."

"Zayn for me!" Maddie smirks.

"Whatever." I shake my head, a smile playing upon my lips. These girls are crazy!

"The hell is this stuff?" Madds knits her eyebrows together in confusion, as she lifts a piece of cheese. . . I think, on her fork.

"Whatever it is, I'm not eating it." I scrunch my nose up, and push the tray away from me. My two best friends doing the same thing.


School cafeteria food is probably the worst food on the planet.




Harry's P.O.V

I stood outside the school, with bodyguards protecting me from the fans. There was a line of girls waiting to meet me, to talk about my mystery girl. A Girl with long brown hair and brown eyes walked up to me. She's shaking with excitement.

"Hello!" I smile.

"Oh my god, HI!" She shrieks.

"So, do you know the girl I'm looking for?" I ask her, cringing a bit, at her high pitched shriek.

"Yes, you're looking at her!" She did a pose, and I instantly knew it wasn't her.

"Erm. . .Okay. . .I'll call you if I think your her." I smile falsely, and she nods.

"Thanks!" She squeals, launching herself in my arms.

"Um. . .Anytime?" I give her a little hug before she leaves.


Another girl comes up, same brown hair, and brown eyes. She does the exact same things.




After an hour, I've interviewed about 30 girls, and they all did the same thing. I slumped down on the sidewalk, and sigh.

"I'm never gonna find her." I tell myself, as my hands runs through my curly hair. My eyes drift up, to a group of girls, who just walked right past me. Two of the girls were pulling the girl in front back, towards me. She was refusing angrily.

"No! I'm not telling!" She tugged her arm away from the other two, making her wavy hair bounce up and down. The sun came into her eyes, making them glint. They were a hazel-ish brown. My eyes widened as I sprung up, jogging after her.


Afrina's P.O.V

I pulled away from Maddie, and Claire, making my way to Mark's car. I heard shoes pounding against the concrete behind me, as I made my way to the car.

"Hey, wait up!" A voice accented with a British accent calls. I roll my eyes, and curse under my breath. I stop in my tracks, and let Curly Q catch up to me. "Hey there." He smiles at me.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spot Claire and Maddie squealing a bit.

"Hi." I say in an annoyed tone.

"So, why didn't you come up to me?" He asks me.

"Cause I don't like you, and your bands music." I explain, as I start a walk towards the car again.

I reach for the door handle, but Harry stops me.

"Can I walk you home?" I roll my eyes again, and tell Mark to go home. He nods and starts the engine, driving away. I turn back to Mr. Curly, and he holds out his arm. I shrug, and we lock arms, as he walk in the direction of my house.


"So, why did you come up to me?" I ask, like I don't know already. "Aren't you supposed to be looking for models, or singers, or even skinnier, prettier girls?"

"All girls are pretty in their own way." He tells me innocently, his husky voice killing me. I have no idea why I feel this way when he's around.

"Sure, everyone but me." I chew on my lower lip. He tugs on my arm, as to warm me not to say anything like that again.

"You don't see it, but beauty revolves around you. You're imperfectly perfect." He turns me to face him.

I smirk. "Did you really just get those words from Justin Bieber's 'All Around The World'? Really, Harry? Justin could do better than that, even when he isn't trying."

That's what he gets for trying to flirt with me.

"Maybe." His perfect cheeks go a shade of beet red.


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