Forever and Always

Afrina, is at her school's Costume Dance, being bored as usual, while her friends have a good time. Suddenly the famous One Direction come on stage, and start singing. She's wearing a mask, so Harry doesnt know what the girll he falls for looks like, until he meets her again somewhere. Only he doesn't know that his best friend, Louis fancies the same girl. Will she tell him who she really is, or will Harry have to keep looking for the girl of his dreams? Who will she choose; The funny, class clown, or the cheeky flirt? Find out in Forever and Always!


4. Cinderella, Much?

Harry's P.O.V

"It was the day my parents split." The girl, who name I still didn't know, told me, quietly, while we moved to the familiar tune to the song from 'The Notebook'. "When my mom told me. . . Well, I was devastated. So, I kinda ran here for the night. I read some books about Magic Gardens, and hidden places. So, to get my mind of the bad news, I tried to find a secret place, and I found this. . . My secret wonderland. I always come here when I'm sad, depressed, or just even flat out bored."

"Wow." I smile. "That's really cool." I pull her in closer to me. This girl fascinates me. I like how she doesn't just grin, and go crazy when she's near me, like most girls I've met do. It makes my heart beat faster. I feel like she is the one for me. The one I've been waiting for all this time.

"I guess." She bites her lower lip, and stares at me, her eyes looking deep into mine. The mascara and eyeliner she wearing made her hazel eyes pop.

"Your eyes." I whisper.

"What about them?" Her head tilts a little to the side, while a small smile creeps upon my face.

"They look amazing."

She smirks at my comment. "As if!"

"It's true!" I chuckle. "They're really pretty. . . Like you." My finger makes its way under her chin, tilting her head up.

"You don't even know what I look like." A laugh escapes her perfect lips. That was the first time I heard her laugh, and trust me, it was wonderful.

"I was hoping to find out." I saw in a hused tone. I'm flirting with her just to see if she likes me back. She drops the smile, and just stares blankly at me. The music stops too. "Uh-Um, if I offended you- I-I-I'm sorry, love." I stammer, stupidly.

Great, Harry! You're scaring the girl!

I yell at myself.

"N-No, it's fine." She mumbles.

"Can I at least know your name?" I ask.

Again that pause. The pause that killed me slowly on the inside, whilst I await the answer.

"A-" She was cut off by some kind of dinging.


It was her cell phone.


"I-I gotta go." She says, pulling away from me.

"Wait, but-" I start to say when she cuts me off.

"I'm really sorry." she shakes her head, and spins around, running off.

"Wait!" I yell, but she's already out of hearing range.


There goes the girl I've been waiting for, and I don't even know her name, I just know it starts with an 'A'


**Next Morning**


Amelia's P.O.V

"Wait, so you're telling me that you danced with THE Harry Styles, and you didn't even tell him your name?" Claire asks, putting an emphasis on 'The'.

"Yeah." I bite my lower lip.

We're walking through my school hallway, heading towards the cafeteria.

"You're crazy!" Maddie shouts, getting a lunch tray from the huge stack.

"No," I defend myself. "I don't think I should tell my name to strangers!"

"Oh, sure." Claire's eye roll in annoyance. "When we met in 1st grade, we were strangers, and you told me your name."

"Same with me," Madds agrees with her instantly.

"So, why not an international popstar?" They yell in unison, while crossing their arms over their chests. Maddie looks off into the distance, while me and Claire somewhat argue.

"Guys." She shakes my shoulder a bit.

"What?" I question her, slight annoyance in my voice. Her hand shoots up, pointing to a flier hung up on the chalk board. My eyes grow wide, as I read the letters on the piece of paper. . .



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