Forever and Always

Afrina, is at her school's Costume Dance, being bored as usual, while her friends have a good time. Suddenly the famous One Direction come on stage, and start singing. She's wearing a mask, so Harry doesnt know what the girll he falls for looks like, until he meets her again somewhere. Only he doesn't know that his best friend, Louis fancies the same girl. Will she tell him who she really is, or will Harry have to keep looking for the girl of his dreams? Who will she choose; The funny, class clown, or the cheeky flirt? Find out in Forever and Always!


6. After School

Afrina's P.O.V

Harry was making a complete fool of himself, while trying to get my attention. I laughed in my mind, as Harry kept on talking to me, I'm not really listening though.

"So, then Louis was acting crazy, and Niall held up a spoon, which made Liam spaz, and jump onto Zayn, which made him cranky 'cause his hair got messed up." He told me a story about something that happened at dinner. His curly head turned towards me, noticing, that I was looking away, into the woods. "Erm. . . Hello?" He asks.

"Hmm?" I look at him.

"You weren't listening." He points out the obvious.

"Well, maybe that's cause I don't want to listen to your boring stories." That's where I was overreacting. His stories aren't boring, they're actually quite amusing.

"Oh, sorry." He stares at the ground in embarrassment.

"It's fine." I laugh. "So, why did you want to walk me home? You don't even know my name." I say quietly.

"Well, have you seen the fliers around school? The 'Mystery Girl' ones?" He asks.

"Yeah. . ." I stretch out the word. I need no further explanation.

"W-Well, I was thinking. . . Maybe you'd be the girl I was looking for, I mean you look like her." He stammers, while fumbling with his fingers, nervously.

"Really?" I raise an eyebrow. "Well, you can forget that, 'cause I'm not her." I tell him, smiling a little. I really want to tell him, but I don't have the courage, and cause I don't want a boyfriend.

"Oh. . ." He shuts up.


Harry's P.O.V

Oh gosh. I can't believe I just made a complete fool of myself. Could I become any stupider? Probably. . .

"So. . ." I mumble, trying to break the awkward silence that's growing.

"Well, here's my house." She sighs.

"Oh." I chew on my lower lip, while we turn a corner, approaching a huge white house. "You live here?" I ask, my mouth gaping open, at the ginormous size of the house.

"Yeah," She says from behind me.

"That's amazing!" I complement.

"Thanks." She breathes out. "So, I'll be going."

"Wait," I grab her wrist as she spins around. "Could I have your number, before you leave?"

"Uh. . ." Her eyes dart down to my hand. I quickly let go, my cheeks turning a shade of beet red.

"Sorry." I laugh nervously. "Please?"

"Sure, why not." She chuckles, making butterflies flutter about in my stomach. "Give me your phone."


My hand fishes in my pocket, digging out my phone. I hand it to her, our hands brushing together, making the butterflies in my stomach explode. Her fingers moved at the speed of lightning, as she typed away on the small screen. She handed me back my phone, and smiled.

"Call me whenever, I'll be bored most of the day." She says, turning around. I stared at my phone.


Her name is Afrina. . . It starts with an 'A'. . . Just like my mystery girl. This is coincidental. I hear the door open, as my head snaps upward to look at her walking inside.

"You have a pretty name." I yell after her.

"Thanks." She calls, before shutting the door. I sigh, looking at the screen once more before pocketing my phone, and heading towards the hotel me and they boys are staying at.




I skip into the lobby of the hotel, going up to the elevator. I step inside, and hit the '7Th.' floor button.


*Ding* The elevator sounds, as the doors open, and I walk out.


Louis's P.O.V

I hear a knock on the penthouse door.

"I'll get it!" I yell and get up off the couch. I answer the door to find Harry standing there, looking happier than usual. "HAZZA!" I hug him. "Why so happy?"

"Cause." He grinned a mile wide, and held up his phone, showing me some number, probably a girls'.

"Oo! You have crush!" I poke him in the cheek.

"Oh, whatever!" He chuckles, pushing my hand away.

"Who is it?" I ask.

"No one." He stares at his phone, and types something.

"BOYS! HARRY HAS A CRUSH!" I call for the boys to come.


*Boom Boom Boom* Shoes beat the floor as 3 boys walk into the room.

"Oo! Harry, who is it?" Zayn questions, shaking his shoulders a bit.

"Why do you need to know?" Haz snorts, balling up on the couch.

"Cause, I'm your best mate, and you tell me everything!" I explain, sitting next to him. I mush my face into his arm, and breathe in and out, loudly.

"The hell are you doing, Louis?" Niall asks, walking into the kitchen.

'I'LL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE HIM CRACK!" I yell, making Harry wince as the high-pitched sound of my voice.

"Could you keep it down?" He looks down a me, giving me and evil, cold-hearted glare.

"NOPE!" I shout. He rolls his eyes and gets back to texting that girl. . . He still has hi mystery girl to think about.


Afrina's P.O.V


My phone vibrates in my pocket. I stretch my arms out in front of me, and put down he heavy textbook. I pull my phone out, looking at he little screen.


'New text from: (Enter Harry's number here)'


I click the read button.


'Hello, love!'


I frown. I tap the reply button, and type away.


'To: (Harry's number)

Who's this?'

I don't want any creepy guy texting me.


'From: (Harry's number)

It's Harry, love!'


"Oh." I say to myself, and add him into my contacts.


We text for an hour or so, talking about pretty much everything, from the weather, to McDonald's Big Mac. I text him saying I gotta go, and say bye.


'From: Harry

Bye love! Xx ;)'


He was pretty cute, if I do say so myself. I toss my phone onto the couch, and yawn. Although it's only 8 o clock, I'm still very tired.

I slip my textbook out of my lap, and stand up, stretching my arms over my head. I grab my phone, and walk to my bedroom. I peel my day clothes off, slipping into a baggy T-Shirt, and some sweat pants. I brush my teeth, and wash my face, getting under the warm covers.

'This has been a long day.'

I think to myself, as my eyes get heavy, and I fall into a deep dark slumber.




Author's Notes: Hello there! ^_^

So please like, comment, and favorite! It means the world to me when i get new fans! I love each and everyone of you, and I couldn't be here with out you! Thanks for all the support!







~Afrina ;D

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