Book Recommendations!

This is your guide for finding good books to read! I will update as often as I can and hope you will be able to find these books and read them! Happy Reading (of my Movella and the books I recommend!)


3. To Marry a Prince - Sophie Page

To be honest this book is really for you older ones, it has some sexual content and swears a bit. It is actually an adults book but it caught my eye whilst we were in TESCO's so I just had to have it! I hope that doesn't make me sound like I'm a rich snooty snooty who gets whatever she desires. Cos trust me. I ain't! So anyways, getting back to the book... this is now my new favourite book. After I had finished reading it, I read it again. Straight away. It's just so good! I mean I don't mind reading teen books and books like the Famous 5 but this book was written so well and it was so well written I couldn't find fault. Because if you're like me. You're in between children's and adults books so its hard to find something written for your capability. Well this book just solved all of my problems! Honest to Him.

About the book: Isabella (Bella) Greenwood has just come back from an island at the beginning of the book (I'm not telling you why!) She goes and stays with her best friend, a redhead called Charlotte (Lottie) Hendred. Oooh! I just noticed Hendred had RED in it! LOL! Comment if you get it! Well, Lottie takes Bella to a party thrown by her Big Boss. Bella is enjoying herself but she hasn't been in the same room as loads of people for 10 months (whilst she was on the island) and she's having trouble readjusting. So she goes out to a small courtyard that's completely silent. (Shhhh!) Unfortunately she gets herself into a bit of a mess! (Sorry can't tell you what!) And is rescued by Silk Shirt! So basically he sorts her out, she ends up telling him her whole life story and then she goes home (with a bit of a crush on him) There's a funny bit next. She loses her phone and Silk Shirt has it. They meet up at a park. Then Bella goes to the dentist to get a job and is looking through the magazines when she sees a pic of Prince Richard. He has the same face as Silk Shirt. She realises she's been tricked by the heir to the throne. I'm not going to explain the rest because it's a really long novel but I'm sure from what i've told you're going to read this! At least I hope you will...

Blurb:One night is about to change Bella's life for ever...

Bella Greenwood isn't a fairytale girl. If pushed, she'd probably tell you that her perfect wedding would involve a small handful of close friends and family. But as she's never met anyone she'd ever like to marry, that's a moot point.

Until in a midnight garden, Bella is helped out of an embarassing situation by a tall, dark, handsome man with laughing eyes. And suddenly her life changes for ever, because the man is the world's most eligable bachelor, Prince Richard, heir to the throne.

Richard sweeps her off her feet and soon they're engaged. Which is when Bella's problems really begin. Suddenly she's public property, and as if it isn't enough to have her every move watched - while also learning to curtsey and negotiating the etiquette of how to address her future mother-in-law - she soon finds herself embroiled in bridesmaids politics, a right royal hen night, and a wedding dress controversy that causes a national scandal...

Can this ordinary girl survive the preparations of her very own Royal Wedding?

Link for front cover: (BTW I think the front cover is beautiful)

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