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This is your guide for finding good books to read! I will update as often as I can and hope you will be able to find these books and read them! Happy Reading (of my Movella and the books I recommend!)


2. Anne of Green Gables (all 8) - L.M.Montgomery

Sorry for not updating in a while! I've been really busy!

I'm going to recommend all 8 of the Anne of Green Gables series. I have read the first 7 and am reading the 8th one at the moment. Oh, I'm not a really fast reader. I started reading them ages ago so my first recommendation was recommended when I was still reading the last one. Rilla of IIngleside. Right you might not be making head or tale of my rambling so please excuse me! I'm doing this first thing in the morning!


About the actual books: No.1 Anne of Green Gables- this book tells how Anne was brought to Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. Brother and sister who live at Green Gables. You will find this a rather funny read as Anne gets up to all sorts of mischieve! (Is that how you spell mischieve?) There is a small sad part in it but I won't tell you as you should read the book to find out! Hehe! I'm mean. Oooh! That rhymes!. I really enjoyed it and I was laughing my head off. It has the perfect combination of happiness and sadness making it a bit of a thriller!

No.2 Anne of Avonlea- Anne is now a bit older (at age 16). She gets the job as the school teacher in the local school and has to teach some annoying students! She does have one bad day but I'll leave that to you to find out!. Marilla's cousin dies and they take in two orphans. Anne does her best to care for them but they end up getting into lots of scrapes like Anne used to. Also she wonders about Gilbert Blythe's strange behaviour. Find out in this hilarious (from my opinion) book.

Look I don't really want to run through every single book but I'll give you a brief idea of what happens.

No. 3 Anne of the Island- Anne goes to Redmond College. Her adventures include: finding out Gilbert wants to win her heart. Her first story is published and tragedy strikes. A terrible marrriage proposal. Sorry about the quickness but I want to do this quick,

No. 4 Anne of Windy Poplars. Gets a job as the headteacher in an elementary school. Has to make one of the teachers like her with her caring nature.Has to face the challenge of the Pringle family...

No.5 Anne's House of Dreams- Anne's married to Gilbert Blythe and they've settled down in their new House of Dreams. They get to meet their new neighbours in their home of Four Winds Harbour, Captain Jim and Cornelia Byrant. A beautiful story full of laughter and an echoe of sadness. Her first child is born... but has a terrible fate. And then her son Jem is born and is fussed by Anne and Lesley whom Anne has to persuade to like her!

No.6 Anne of Ingleside.- Anne and Gilbert have moved to Ingleside for a bigger home. They now have many children. Jem, Walter, twins Nan(short for Anne) and Di(short for Diana), Shirley and little baby Bertha Marilla, known as Rilla.  Anne's a little worried that Gilbert doesn't love her anymore so is prepared to make him fall in love all over again! I couldn't stop reading.

No.7-Rainbow Valley. This book is based on the children and is about all their little troubles. Anne isn't really a big part of this book and I kind of feel a bit sad she isn't the main character after you learn to love her. But you will be cracking up when you read some of the chapters! The new vicar and his family move into the old manse. His children are Jerry, Faith, Carl and Una. Their mother died and so they get up to all sorts of mischieve considering and their father is always in a trance. They create a club to punish themselves if they do something bad which always results in my laughing! They find an orphan in a barn called Mary Vance who has a very sharp toungue! Hilarious.

No.8 Rilla of Ingleside- All of Anne's children are grown up except for Rilla. When war is declared her brothers and the man she loves go into battle. She brings home a baby in a soup tureen. And you wouldn't believe some of the adventurres she has!.

Overall a good series and at the end of each book you'll have shed a few tears and laughed a few laughs. I consider most of them hilarious although I don't know what your opinion would be! I would love to hear what you think of the books I recvommend and which ones you think I should include next time. Well that's alomst it from me so have a good week or so and please comment about the books! Thanks Cookie Monster!

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