Picked up by Harry Styles.

Emeli and her sister are preparing for their big day with the One Direction lads.
This is just chapter one, please comment for more!


1. Preperation.

Emili buzzed around her room, triping over clothes and books, singing at the top of her voice 'Or else we'll play, play, play all the same old games, And we wait, wait, wait for the end to change, And we take, take, take it for granted that we’ll be the same, But we're making all the same mistakes.'
She was terrificly excited, tomorrow was her big chance with Harry, hardly any fangirls would get this chance in their lifes! She was trying to pick an outfit, she'd bought a few bits and pieces, a dress, a few tops and a pair of silvery shoes, she couldn't decide what Harry-her future husband-would like to see her wearing. Eventually she decided on a blue satin top with black leggings and the silver shoes. She was going to get up early and have a long shower, to insure her hair looked perfect. She planned on curling it tightly with her curling wand.
That night she tried her best to sleep, but it took her three hours to settle down. All night her friends texted her, and her phone lit up the room. At eleven, she finally was sound asleep. She dreamt of Harry whisking her away in his shiny new car!
The next morning she woke to her IPhone alarm sounding. She loved to wake up to the sound of her five boys luxurious voices, so therefore had set 'moments' as her ringtone. She sliced into her slippers and wrapped her dressing gown around her before leaving her bedroom and heading to the kitchen.
Emeli poured herself a small bowl of Special K chocolate and strawberries cereal (only 3% fat!) and ate it along with a glass of ice fresh water. She then trapped back up stairs to her ensuite where she put on a pink shower cap and washed in the shower. She brushed her teeth and put on her decided outfit from the previous night.
Back in her bedroom she brushed her hair slowly and gently, she fixed her parting into a perfect straight line slightly to the left side of her head. She switched on her red Babliss curling wand to heat up whilst applying moisturiser to the dry patch of skin under her chin, and to her bare arms. Next, she slid open her wardrobe door and took out her 'everyday' make up bag, she rummaged through another make up bag - that generally was full of things she only used on special occasions - and took out a shimmer blusher stick.
By now her curling wand had properly heated up, so she wiggled her fingers into the heatproof glove and started curling. Each curl was wrapped round the wand for 16 seconds to keep them extra tight, it took her an hour to finish her head full of golden locks, but they were worth the time and looked beautiful, she just hoped Harry would like them!
Next she applied a thin layer of nude Chanel foundation, this was to cover her teen acne, she used her shimmer brush to make her face sparkle, but didn't over-do it (she wanted to imply with the 'don't need makeup to cover up' lyrics in WMYB) and added some black liquid eyeliner right along the line above her eyelashes before applying long lash effect mascara. She thought she looked pretty and not over done, but worried that in natural daylight Harry would see her face as an orange glow. She always worried like this when wearing foundation.
Lipgloss time! Emeli took a while to pick a lipgloss from her collection, she couldn't decide between a shimmery limited edition BarryM number to match her shimmer blusher, or a slightly blue tinted rosy Dior lipgloss to bring out her eyes. After a while of worrying and trying to pick between the two, she decided to ask her sister for help.
Cath' told her to wear the BarryM one, which Emeli couldn't argue with as she did get it for her last Christmas, along with a new pair of tartan Dr Marten boots and a 1D calendar. Cath' also advised a pair of pearl earrings which she kindly sat in a tub of Savlon to disinfect for her.
The girls were both excited now, when they found out they would 'meet and greet' One Direction they both ended up in floods of tears, they were ecstatic it was such an exciting prospect! At fist Cath' thought it was a wind up but when the tickets came through clearly labeled from TicketSoup she was overwhelmed.
A pair of earrings and a few scooshes of Hollister's 'Adison' perfume later, the limo arrived. Five other girls, whom they didn't know, we're already seated and getting to know each other, one more stop in the area was to be made before they were on there way to the airport where they would be escorted off by Paul.
Emeli felt like she would faint.
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