Dark Desires

Katerina has always wanted to escape from her life, her town, her mother. Always craved adventure ... love. Her life changes when she meets a alluring stranger with lustful promises and a dark past.

Will Katerina ignore this new thrill or spiral down the dark paths of uncharted waters?


1. Chapter 1

"Here Kitty Kitty" the voice was thick and sent a shiver running down my spine. "Here Kitty, Kitty" the voice came again, closer, husker. I felt my breath catch in my throat, my heart slipping into my stomach, every inch of my body shaking. The footsteps taping on the floor, nearer, nearer. With each step my stomach clenched tighter. They stopped.


I looked around still nestled in the cubby hole near the radiator. I held my breath not daring to make a sound. Hide and seek use to be my favorite game, now I thought how ironic that such a game had been changed to a bet on my life. the floor squeeked as I moved my leg, I cursed myself silently and squeezed my eyes losed.




"Kat are you ready?" my mothers voice came from the landing. I gave a heavy sigh and looked at my reflection in the mirror, pursing my lips in unamusement. Pink wasn't my colour. I draged myself down each step to the hall. My mother let out a dreamy sigh, her eyes glazed slightly as her eyes wandered over me, essesing each curve, each ribbon, each ruffle. "Beautiful" she breathed.


"Remind me why we're doing this" I looked at her sideways as I got into the car. "Because" she said looking at me, "Your a young girl now and pagents are a wonderful way to show the rest of the world how gorgeus you are" she finished. Her voice ringing with pleasure. She'd won. Again. And she knew it.


As we arrived at the hall I felt my stomach twist. I hated these pagents. It was a torturous event where girls like myself where forced onto podiums to behave like trained animals and be stared at in much the same way. It was degrading and immoral. I looked at my mum. But it made her happy.


After my dad had left us two years ago she hasn't been doing so well, these pageants seemed to take her mind off of things, so I guess I didn't mind so much. She loved all the ruffles and the baby pink satin and the silk bows and ribbons. Me and my mother didn't get along oftern but if induring five hours of torture would result in no arguements for the night I didn't mind so much.


As we entered the hall everything was in full swing. The lights were hung, the dresses on, the floor shinney and newly buffed. I took a deep breath. It can't be all that bad. I reasured myself. And then I saw Lindsey Mohayne. Yes it can. I corrected myself mentally.


Lindsey Mohayne seemed to maek it her life mission to be better than me and make sure I knew it. She did her best to trample on all my best effort. Her perfect golden hair and big blue eyes only added to the innocent facade. Nobody knew but me what a skank she was. Everyone saw a perfect angel. But I knew the trueth. Maybe that's why she wanted to destroy me.

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