Up all Summer

Trying to get away from dreary England for a winter, Liz heads back home to Australia. She has dragged her friend Kate who is more excited about the five certain British boys in their hotel than the fact that the sun is shining and surfs up. Liz's first night goes terribly but will Harry be the one to make her Summer holidays go a little better??


3. Simple and Easy

Harry bought us some McDonalds breakfast, having supplied for all his band members too. 
He came in, uninvited and sat on my bed next to me. My head was in my hands as I tried to remember last night. 
"You want some?" He offered a chocolate shake. My stomach churned. I shook my head.
"Liz?" He tried to look down at my face, "You okay?" 
"Did I do anything last night that I can't remember, that I probably should?" 
I gave him a look that said, Keep up Harry. 
He frowned, "No." 
I couldn't help but be disappointed. 
"Why are you frowning?" He lifted my face.
I shook my head. 
"You wanted to," he continued, "But I didn't want to take advantage of a drunk girl." 
I frowned again and he smiled, pushing a strand of hair out of my eyes. 
"Where is Kate?" I thought aloud. 
"Her and Niall went to the beach and they're headed out for lunch."
"You wanna go somewhere?"
"Maybe. I feel like I'm over thinking about last night." 
"Stop stressing about it," he grabbed my hand and pulled me off the bed, "Now get dressed, I'll be outside." 
I put a sundress over my bikini, put some makeup on my bruises and followed him down to the beach. 
He grabbed my hand as we walked along the water. 

"So Liz, tell me about yourself," he started. 
"Not much to tell really." 
"Come on," he pushed. 
"What do you wanna know?" 
"When did you move to the UK?" 
"Last year. I had travelled there and wanted to stay. Then I moved in January." 
"It's been under a year then?" 
"Yeah, I'm back for Christmas with my family." 
He groaned, "I keep forgetting it's Christmas. It is so weird to have Christmas in summer." 
"You're spending it with the boys then?" 
"Yeah, first one away from the family." 
"I always see my family. We have a big traditional thingo." 
We walked in silence for about 10 metres. 
"So, about you," Harry continued.

He bought some fish and chips and we went back to sit by the water. 
"What part of London do you live in?" Harry asked, continuing my questioning.
It was hours before we headed back to the hotel. He still had a hand in mine as we walked through the door. I heard Kate voice from behind our door and knew that I didn't want to go in there. Harry dragged me to his room. 
"Hi Louis," he chirped as we walked in. 
"Hey mate," he glanced up, "And hi to you too Liz." 
I smiled awkwardly. Harry grabbed a few things and we were back out of the room.

"Come on," he called from ahead of me. 
"Where are we going?" 
I climbed over a rock. 
He grabbed my hand and we sat next to a little rock pool. There were little fish and crabs all thorough it. 
"Look out there," he pointed towards the sun setting on the horizon. There was a pod of dolphins playing in the waves. 
"It's so beautiful," I thought out loud. 
"I know." He pulled out a camera and started taking photos. 
"That is such a tourist thing to do," I laughed. He turned the camera on me. I tried to stop him but he snapped away. 
"Come here." He held his arm out and I curled into it. He turned the camera and smiled. He looked down at me and slowly leaned in pulling me in. I pulled back.
"I don't want to kiss you," I frowned. 
He looked hurt, "Why?" 
"Because I don't want to spend my Christmas longing for your lips," I smiled, "I'm going to stay with my family from tomorrow."
He leaned back, "But say we were to meet again before Christmas?" 
"Then I would kiss you," I smiled. 
"I'll have it arranged then," he grinned. 
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