Up all Summer

Trying to get away from dreary England for a winter, Liz heads back home to Australia. She has dragged her friend Kate who is more excited about the five certain British boys in their hotel than the fact that the sun is shining and surfs up. Liz's first night goes terribly but will Harry be the one to make her Summer holidays go a little better??


2. Morning After

I woke the next morning with no recollection if the night at all, only flashes. I sat and realised I wasn't even in my room. There was a body next to me. Oh no! I slapped myself on the forehead. This woke the body next to me. 

Louis glanced up. He seemed annoyed at being woken but also concerned. 
"Did we?" I frowned, not having recalled that. 
He shook his head and pointed to the other body in the room. I let out a sigh of relief as Harry glanced up at me from the floor. 
"Morning," he smiled, still half asleep. 
"What happened?" I started to hyperventilate. 
"What do you remember?" Harry asked, sitting up and taking my left hand in his. I calmed a little. 
"I remember getting my third drink at the start of the night, in that little bar down the road. I remember you boys showing up. I remember.. blurry.. people. I remember a man. Wait, where is Kate?" I freaked again, hopping off the bed. 
"Kate went with Niall. She wasn't as bad as you. I have the feeling you're drink got spiked," Louis yawned. 
"You were completely out of it," Harry said, "You kept talking about some French guy and then you went to the bathroom and didn't come back. I found you sitting on the sidewalk, screaming for help. You were crying, so I bought you back here. I patched up your hand." 
I looked at my right hand which was covered in a white bandage. It stung. 
"What the hell is going on?" 
I made my way out of the room, Harry right behind me. 
Kate was in the hallway. 
"Liz," she screamed, running to me, "Are you okay? You were so gone." 
She thought I was drunk. I stated at her. 
"You remember last night?" 
She laughed, "You idiot! You kept talking about Mike, your ex, telling the boys how much you hate him." 
I shook my head. 
"Oh my god!" She held a hand to her chest. 
"She doesn't remember," Harry frowned. 
"She doesn't remember that guy?" 
"I didn't tell her that," Harry shook his head. 
"What guy?!" I yelled. 
"You tell her Kate. I'm gonna go get some food. You want some?" she nodded as he walked off. 

"Kate, what is going on?" I snarled at her. 
She looked down, "Last night, I found you outside just after you has gone to the bathroom. There was a man, you said. A man had tried to hurt you," I felt like she was my teacher, telling me a story, especially with her British accent. "Anyway, you said that you had hit him. Your hand was swollen and cut, you have a few bruises on your face too. But I think the man that tried to hurt you, may have spiked your drink." 
I glance at my swollen hand, "I didn't do anything with any of these boys, did I?" 
"No, but I did," she laughed, breaking the mood. 
I laughed with her and we both headed back toward our room. 
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