Dream Chaser

According to her family and friends, Maddie Groves has always been a helpless dreamer when it came to music. She wasn't thoroughly obsessed or anything, she didn't learn an instrument, but she did have a great voice though it had only met the ears of her closest friends and family.

However after just turning 16 Maddie's life went a whole 360 degree flip. Her parents moving her out of the states best Catholic Private College and directly into the local public school scheme, filled with cigarette smoke, underage rebels and a whole lot of unwanted drama. However, It's when Maddie thinks her life can't get any worse as she finally realizes may just be the biggest chance of her life when the biggest audition that could make her dreams come true pops up... Literally. An ad on TV with the face of her favorite boy band of all time... One Direction.

But where there comes opportunity there comes drama.
Will Maddie be able to handle the pressure?


5. Unintentional Revenge

Sitting up slowly in bed as my alarm rang mercilessly I put a hand to my forehead and gave a small sigh the nausea I'd felt coming on even before I'd sat up taking over as I shut my eyes. Weird. After my second day of school and a whole day of bullying from a group of girls who obviously had nothing better to do I was officially down and out. In case you didn't know what I meant... I was sick. My mum knocked before coming in and seeing me drop my hand from my forehead I hurriedly went to rush out of bed before her brow creased with concern as she rushed to my side prodding me in my side,

"Back to bed Mads. You're not going anywhere today" she said, feeling my forehead and quickly muttering herself a mental note as she left the soon shortly after probably looking for some kind of flu medicine, a hot water bottle and my i-pod. The thing was I was never really one to get sick. I hated getting sick.


If I didn't feel like going somewhere I just didn't which didn't bother my parents since when I used to go Meredith's Private College not once did I ever not to go school because I didn't want to. The thing was even when I thought things were getting kind of bad at MPC not even the nuns announcing an extra hour of mass during Religion classes would get me skipping, because back in those days they weren't all I thought about, they weren't my life, the people who I was meant to hang out with a lunch. Sure, the nuns and priests at Meredith's were a little... tight-reigned - but I was certain it only brought the student body closer together lessening the amount of social drama and since we were all girls from similar families, had the same kind of interests though they could've ranged from being a swimming fanatic to being in the top 7 of the WOW (World of War Craft) leader board.


But, then again Redmonds was different... Lenient teachers, and individual groups splitting up the student population like you see in those typical American movies either: Mean Girls or Bratz. There were cliques. Everywhere. So though there were heaps after surveying them as I'd crept past the cafeteria the day before trying to avoid Mary and her little minions, it hit me. I didn't belong. Not in any of the schools stupid cliques. Not in the classes where it seemed every student wanted to be the most 'rebel' of all. Not even in the library where I thought I could have possibly been alone, but was interrupted by the schools literary club who were - if I might add - studying Twilight and comparing it to the Justin Bieber movie: Never Say Never. Let's just say I wasn't 'blending' in well with the whole public school scheme of things. The amount of difference between the two is thought to be nil according to some particular education 'experts' such as: Colleen Ridgeman who (and I quote) said 'as there is no difference in the education aspect of private schools and public schools there are no differences in the social structures in the private schools and public schools'. That woman was so wrong.


A small knock on the window made me spin around her heart-pace picking up quickly. Was Niall there? It was only tomorrow we were to meet again on our 'date'. Quickly pushing off the duvet I went over to the window and pushed back the curtains... To see Lina grinning with wide eyes and in her hand lifted up against the window what looked like a dead pigeon. I'd just about lifted the window before seeing the pigeon a scream escaped my lips as I stumbled back. Lina on the other hand burst out laughing pushing up the window and letting herself in.

"Awesome isn't it?" she asked, waving it around. I looked up in shock, disgust and dis-belief, my heart had literally stopped and I was sure if my blood didn't continue flowing I'd die pretty soon from a heart attack or something similar.

"A prop from the school play we're having. Of course, I'm the props manager, Janey's taken over the whole costume designer role - as usual - I asked her if she wanted to drop by with me this morning but she said she was 'busy'..." Lina began her babbling throwing herself onto her pink bean bag and making herself comfortable threw the fake dead pigeon on the end of my bed. I got up slowly,

"So I told her you can't really be that 'busy' doing costumes right? I mean, hello, her mum was a designer I'm sure she has heaps of folios with pre-designed pieces just waiting to be made. That girl, damn does she need to start cutting herself some slack right?" Lina asked looking at me expecting a reply as I sat down on my bed eying the prop wondering how could someone make something look so real.

"Mm..." I replied clearly bothered by it, though Lina on the other hand didn't pick that up at all, she took it as my interest in the prop.

"You know you can keep that if you want. I have like 30 more at home in a mega box. I told that jolly-man Kevin to order ONE online, he ordered around 50 or something by 'accident' but it doesn't matter they were only like 10 cents each anyway..." Lina began,

"I don't want this" I assured her, daring to tear my eyes away from it for a just a second,

"Please, take it with you" my mind going back to my first day at Redmonds. Why did pigeons have to all look the same to me?


My mum opened the door and nearly dropped the glass of water she held when she saw the prop at the end of the bed, seeing Lina though she sighed,

"Don't you just love it Felicity? It was originally going to be for our schools play but Kevin ordered to many so... I brought it here for Maddie a present!" Lina exclaimed,

"What would Maddie need a present for?" mum asked eying the pigeon, she was about as freaked out as I had been. However, though I was still recovering from the shock I'd planted myself on the opposite side of the bed careful for it not to be anywhere near me.

"How about a 'congrats on going to Redmonds' present?" Lina asked. Sometimes I wondered if she was a mind reader. Flipping her dark, burgundy red hair she flashed us both a dazzling smile before a honk shocked all three of us. Leaping off the bean bag she looked out the window,

"HOLD IT YOU..." she began hurling her curses out the window before turning to us both as she adjusting her school skirt.

"So I'm running late, got to go, thanks for letting me in Mads. See you later Felicity" she said giving a small wink before leaving,

"Enjoy the pigeon!" she called out. My mother and I got up and watched out the window as Lina hopped down the edge of the house and ran across our front lawn just as the sprinklers turned on, shrieks of laughter escaping her lips as she opened up the back door of the family Mercedes and hopped in before it sped off.

"She's always so happy that girl" mum mused before turning and handing me two pills and the glass of water.

"I'm going to work but if you start to feel better go to school okay?" my mum asked, I nodded slowing them down immediately, though I didn't like school at the moment I'd do anything to get well before my first official date with Niall. She then kissed my forehead before leaving slowly shutting the door. Slipping back into bed I pulled my duvet over my face and sighed closing my eyes before falling into a deep sleep.


*          *          *          *          *

Arriving at school just in time for last period was probably a bad idea. But after feeling better when I'd woken from my restless slumber hours earlier I'd decided enough was enough of feeling, when it came to feeling sick of school. I had to get back up and going... Kind of. Walking into class late I handed my note to Mr Nicklebottom who put it in the roll, the glares I'd earned as I took my seat seemed as if they wanted to burn holes into my back but ignoring them I pulled out my notebook and silver-studded, gold pencil case I'd been given as a gift from Janey congratulating me on passing the audition and wishing me luck at my new school - It had arrived via mail just as I was making breakfast, a definite highlight of my day so far. Lina's gift however, I'd stuffed in my bag to return to her. The pigeon was way to creepy for me to get used to feeling it and noting the fact they felt and looked like real pigeon feathers and having too (okay, maybe I hadn't of had too) force the beak open with a pacer and ruler to see only rubber scared me so badly I wasn't sure If I would last another moment sleeping whilst knowing  it was somewhere in the room. So I was planning to return it.


Throughout the class my pencil case earned a few curious glances and stares,

"Soon coming up next month we have our annual Floral Ball however nominations for the years representatives to compete in the annual fashion contests are due in soon, does anyone want to sign up?" Mr Nicklebottom asked just before the bell rang, Mary got up and sauntered over to the list taking up three boxes to scrawl her name on the sheet, turning around she gave me a pointed glare before returning to her seat. Getting up I walked over to scan the sheet, there were only 5 names so far, the information on the event, however, showed that one of Janey's favourite designers: Phillip Lim would be sending a representative to help judge. A smile crossed my lips as I thought of the excellent idea to 'hire' Janey as my designer, If we won she would defiantly get a lot of recognition from the representative - her mother had been friends with the designer once but then again Janey wasn't known as being as her mother's daughter, but more known for her own individual style as incredible and anticipated as her mother's had been when she'd first started out. I grabbed the pen and wrote my name neatly underneath Mary's feeling eyes watch me before I went back to my desk the bell ringing just as I sat down.


Packing my school bag a small bump on the back of my shoulder shocked me and I looked up ready to see Mary but instead locked eyes with undoubtedly the cutest guy in class... Nick, I think his name was. His blue eyes crinkled and a smile spread across his face,

"Hey Maddie, sorry about that. Nice pencil case by the way" he said giving me a nod of acknowledgement before leaving. My mouth gaped open in utter shock, before I shut and turning to finish packing my bag caught the furious eyes of a few of Mary's minions, luckily for me Mary was out of sight. Walking outside I wondered how come the guys seemed to friendly compared to the girls. Nick seemed so much more relaxed and accepting compared to Mary, but then again how could you compare a handsome, blue-eyed guy to a scrawny, beady-eyed witch. It just didn't make sense. Turning the corner I felt a hand grip the back of my backpack and swing me around tearing my backpack from my shoulders, spinning around in shock I watched as Mary zipped open my bag sneering at me.


"Why'd you come to school late, huh? Think your so cool?" Mary's voice seemed to echo as I turned around,

"Think you could get all the guy's attention with this stupid pencil case...?" she asked not looking as her hand ruffled around in my bag, her eyes suddenly widened and she pulled out the dead pigeon and screamed dropping it, the other girls screaming, a few of them bolting from the scene. Dropping both my backpack and the pigeon she looked at me with an expression filled with both disgust and horror as I picked up the pigeon by the feet feeling a little queasy myself as I picked up my bag opening the unzipped pocket wider.

"Y..Your d..disgusting...!" Mary exclaimed shakily, a small innocent smile spread across my lips as I pushed the pigeon onto my bag before zipping it up,

"At least I'm not a thief" I replied before turning and walking away. A grin spreading across my lips from ear to ear.

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