Dream Chaser

According to her family and friends, Maddie Groves has always been a helpless dreamer when it came to music. She wasn't thoroughly obsessed or anything, she didn't learn an instrument, but she did have a great voice though it had only met the ears of her closest friends and family.

However after just turning 16 Maddie's life went a whole 360 degree flip. Her parents moving her out of the states best Catholic Private College and directly into the local public school scheme, filled with cigarette smoke, underage rebels and a whole lot of unwanted drama. However, It's when Maddie thinks her life can't get any worse as she finally realizes may just be the biggest chance of her life when the biggest audition that could make her dreams come true pops up... Literally. An ad on TV with the face of her favorite boy band of all time... One Direction.

But where there comes opportunity there comes drama.
Will Maddie be able to handle the pressure?


12. Truth

We stood there for a moment. Janey, Lina and I... Completely frozen our eyes super-glued to the door Niall had just left.

"Well that hadn't gone as I imagined" Lina muttered, shocking Janey and I also from our shocked states of mind. I gaped unsure of what to say, Lina had actually thought about telling Niall off?

"Yeah, I know right. Our parts were perfect but I guess Niall's just too much of a nice guy to fight back..." Janey mused, stroking her chin as she stared at the door once again seeming to be lost in thought. I closed my mouth, before opening it again still unsure what to say. I felt like some kind of gaping fish (defiantly a goldfish) trying to eat some food. I shut my mouth again before giving a soft sigh,

"So, you'd both planned on telling him off?" I asked, surprised at the low seriousness of my voice. It had seemed to come out so smooth and natural, that I guessed it wasn't too bad since it did let out I was highly skeptical about these two. They were evil masterminds when it came to plans, of course Lina was usually the only one who started the carrying out because she had what Janey and I lacked in. Lina had no fear. At. All.

"No not planned..." Janey said turning to me seriously,

"We'd talked about it when you bonked out last night. Of course, you know Janey the 'goody-two-shoes', never does anything without my lead - not that I mind of course - when Niall began with all that not-apologizing crap I just went into action. I mean, hello... Does he know who's best-friend his talking too?" Lina rambled on furiously fast before calming herself down and straightening her pj's went back over to the table and took a sip of her orange juice.

"Well you two are the best-est friends ever" I said knowing I sounded like a 5th grader, but then again I did so many things so not my age that well, eventually I realized this was just how I was. Janey and Lina both grinned back equally as happy as I was though my chest still hurt a bit from Niall leaving. At least he didn't hate me... But he thought he didn't deserve me?


My mind was wrapped up in Niall once more as Janey and I went back to the island bench to finish our breakfast before my mum came into the kitchen,

"Okay girls so you have an interview this morning on Channel 7. Get dressed and we head off in 10 minutes" my mum snapped sounding way to business-like. I turned to her silently in daze of confusion, over the sudden change in subject from my mental notes about Niall to my mum's snapping about a press conference...

"What show!?" Janey asked, my mum grinned,

"Late Breakfast with Freya Rhine" my mum replied, Lina and Janey squealed as they jumped up and then around both grabbing me before shaking me by the shoulders.

"Did you hear that Maddie!? Did you hear that...!?" Janey was squealing at me, sounding a lot like Lina. I snapped to attention, oh no.

"FREYA RHINE!" Janey was squealing as she ran around in circles waving her arms in the air like a possessed, psychopath. Lina had already calmed down as was staring at Janey along side me our faces covered with both shock and sickening realization, Janey ran and hugged my mum.

"You are the best mum ever Mrs Groves!" she squealed before running up the stairs, slipping half way her face hitting the steps like a brick before she hopped back up and continued her charade before running into my room to get ready. Lina and I looked at my mum,

"What?" my mum asked,

"You know she's a big fan, did you have to tell her here?" I asked her, she gave me a look of confusion,

"Of course everyone's a big fan of, OH..." my mum said suddenly realizing she gave a pained look at the schedule.

"Well, hopefully the driver doesn't mind much noise. Get ready girls" she ordered before walking back down the hall to her office.


Lina and I headed up the stairs our feet heavy I braced myself as I opened my bedroom door. Janey was a little crazy when it came to Freya Rhine. The last time she found out she was going to even see Freya Rhine we'd been only 11 at the time. The ever so serious Janey who'd just finished her Mathematics Extension 3 homework had not only tore apart my brothers school bag, pulled out everything in our fridge and built a city of food on the island bench, but also ran 5 laps around the whole house jumping the fence every time before Lina knocked her out with a pot plant. Janey, had, had a migraine for the rest of the week. Let's just say Janey was a huge Freya Rhine fan, and I mean huge. I felt my mouth drop to see Janey jumping up and down on my bed squealing as she threw my pillows around the room, I now had a clear desk... because she'd already knocked everything all over the floor. My wardrobe was wide open and I thought I spotted my swimming suit from when I was 6 hanging from the lamp shade beside the door.

"Oh boy, I'm glad that's not my room" Lina whistled beside me, I glared at her.

"Thanks" I said before going inside. We both pulled out the only two dresses Janey hadn't thrown around: a baby-pink, puff-skirt dress and an emerald green, chiffon, maxi-dress. I handed Lina the green knowing it'd go well with her hair before I pulled on the pink one whilst watching Janey flop onto her stomach on my bed before she started to laugh hysterically into my mattress not even lifting her face for any air.

"Think she'll stop any time soon?" I asked Lina who shrugged watching her whilst I did. The truth was ever since that day when we were 11 we never mentioned Freya Rhine again, of course, because we knew what would happen in result of it.


Pulling on our heels I glanced up from my shoes still holding my breath before seeing Janey sitting quietly on the edge of the bed adjusting the straps of her wedged heels before looking up to the both of us. She was quiet. Lina and I stared back before she opened her mouth, my hands instinctively went to my ears before she burst out laughing.

"Oh gosh, Mads, you nearly had a heart attack!" she laughed, as I put my hands down I gave a sigh of relief. She was back to normal, kind of.

"Sorry about your room... I'll tidy it up after the interview?" she offered, I smiled tiredly and gave her a nod to which she beamed bright.


"Hey girls, the cars here!" my mum called out, we got up grabbed out bags and headed down the stairs.

"Do you think she'll give us her autograph?" Janey whispered as we left the house.

*          *          *          *          *

I stood only meters away from Freya Rhine, I tried not to fiddle with the hem of my dress but then again I was struggling not to stare at the perfectness of her platinum blonde bob, smooth porcelain skin, shiny peach-pink lips, and crease-less white maxi dress.

"Welcome to the Late Breakfast show with me! Freya Rhine" she beamed at the camera her pristine-white teeth shining in the bright lights of the cameras the crowd just beyond us sitting up in attention at the beautiful woman.

"With me this morning I have the girl who not only bagged one of the hottest teen-stars in the world, but also bagged herself a spot in the finals for Infinity Girls which just started airing last week! Please, welcome, Maddie Groves!" she said clapping along with the audience as I nervously stepped onto the set and taking a deep breath eased my way onto the stage with surprising elegance. I smiled sitting down and leaning back as the clapping died down.

"So Maddie, it's been all over the papers, it's in the tabloids, paparazzi are literally at your door - dying to know what is really going on with you and the mega-teen superstar Niall Horan. Care to fill us in?" she asked, I took a deep breath before facing her.

"Well Freya, ever since I was a little girl I always dreamed of being a singer..." I began I could sense the sudden boredom but continued,

"When Infinity Girls the contest came up my two best-friends encouraged me to sign up..." I said,

"So you didn't plan on signing up for it on your own?" Freya interrupted catching me off guard. Regaining my composure I shook my head a small smile crossing my lips,

"No, to be honest I hadn't even known about it, my best-friend Janey..." I continued,

"Janey...?" Freya asked,

"Janey Norman" I filled in, her eyes went wide,

"Any relation to Tiffany Norman?" she asked,

"The daughter" I replied, she nodded wide-eyed before gesturing for me to continue,

"So I signed up, Janey made me a dress. Both of them went with me to audition..." I continued,

"Both?" Freya asked, I was started to get kind of annoyed.

"Janey Norman and Selina Silke" I said earning another look of surprise, she obviously knew my two best-friends were of widely known pedigree families.

"When did you meet Niall?" she asked.

"Well the audition went embarrassingly well though all of the other members were there all of them except Niall, I met him on the way out, he gave me a small kiss and slipped me his number. The rest... well. Yeah followed all that" I said.


Freya nodded in complete and utter awe of the simplicity of it all. What had she been expecting? Some kind of whirl-wind romance like out of the ridiculous book 50 Shades of Grey? I was only 16 for goodness sake!

"And how is it with Niall, after what happened on last nights show. Your last performance was just incredible as were all your performances... But, well, this time you really did blow the socks off everyone. How did Niall take the rude manner of the host questioning you like that? It wasn't on the script you know, originally. Someone had sneaked it into the script..." Freya was saying. I froze, really? Someone had planted that 'question'!? My mind reeled backwards, who would've done something like that...

"Maddie?" Freya asked snapping me out of my line of thought, I looked at her and gave a small sigh.

"He decided I wasn't right for him since I couldn't pick him over the contest, not that I ever chose it over him... Niall made his own mind up" I said gently, the hurt cutting into my voice.

"How did it feel...?" Freya asked her question stopping as if she were being careful not to tread on any feelings that may have sparked a bad response. I looked up the hurt showing in my eyes as I forced a small but sad smile,

"I felt like everything was falling down around me... I'd only ever dreamed of being a singer one day, and Niall had just... Chosen me along the way to become his girlfriend. Some say I was in it for the fame, he even mentioned it when he began breaking it off..." I said my voice choking up for a second. I pushed down the sob that pushed up my throat and looked up a tear running down my face as a gentle smile crossed me lips as I looked Freya Rhine in the eyes.

"But I was never in it for the fame. I was swept up in the dream contest of my life, and along the way had met the boy of my dreams. When it was over only then had I realized, well, I loved him... But I never regretted falling in love with Niall Horan, nor do I regret not being able to choose him over the contest. Sometimes I think back, even if it was only yesterday, and I ask myself: is this really what's meant to happen?" I asked giving a soft laugh as I wiped the tear from my cheek glancing at the crowd to see most of them crying already, I gave a small grateful smile at their ability to empathize with me.

"But our romance wasn't a whirl-wind, love story, it was a far cry from a fairy tale and sure there may have been a 'wicked witch' who tried to ruin everything here and then but there was no one to blame. Niall was just that boy, and I was just that girl, we fell in love and dived in head first. It had ended before I'd even been able to say 'Niall, I love you'" I finished my eyes meeting the camera.


A clap arose from the crowd and suddenly the set was filled with tears and applause I gave a small happy laugh after having confessed on live TV that I loved Niall, Janey and Lina made their way on stage to sit down beside me and hug me on either side. Freya was wiping a tear from her eye before she readjusted herself,

"So, Niall Horan, where ever you are, I hope your watching this..." she said,

"This is Freya Rhine on the Late Breakfast Show, we'll be back after these few advertisements"

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