Dream Chaser

According to her family and friends, Maddie Groves has always been a helpless dreamer when it came to music. She wasn't thoroughly obsessed or anything, she didn't learn an instrument, but she did have a great voice though it had only met the ears of her closest friends and family.

However after just turning 16 Maddie's life went a whole 360 degree flip. Her parents moving her out of the states best Catholic Private College and directly into the local public school scheme, filled with cigarette smoke, underage rebels and a whole lot of unwanted drama. However, It's when Maddie thinks her life can't get any worse as she finally realizes may just be the biggest chance of her life when the biggest audition that could make her dreams come true pops up... Literally. An ad on TV with the face of her favorite boy band of all time... One Direction.

But where there comes opportunity there comes drama.
Will Maddie be able to handle the pressure?


2. The First Meeting

It was a week after I'd started a Redmonds. School sucked. Big time. But since they'd had a school camp the next few days I'd had the privilege of taking those days off to spend with... well my besties who for them, school had finished a week before. Trust my parents to transfer me right before holidays.


It was Tuesday I decided to jog to Lina aka Selina Silke's house. A shiver emulating through my stomach to the rest of my body sent painfully rigid goose-bumps appearing all over my arms, as my  muscles tensed whilst I jogged up the road towards the hilliest parts of Crab-tree Hill. Selina Silke was without a doubt the most cashed up girl in all of the 'Dover Lands', and boy was she living the life. If you could picture a rich girls mansion you'd probably think they could stop after adding in a tennis court, swimming pool, nice big water feature out the front and those funny looking naked-angel statues lining the super long drive-way kind of thing right? Wrong. Her 'house' was a whole lot worse.


Buzzing the intercom at the front of the 10m black iron gates of Silke Manor I jogged on the spot, hoping the small amount of movement I was doing was going to be good enough to keep at least some warmth pulsing through my veins even in the -1 degree weather.

"Kill me now..." I muttered, after buzzing it again. There was a click and then,

"Oh, good morning Miss Groves. Lovely to see you. Miss Silke is in the lounge area - west wing" the chippy voice of the head general 'maid' said before a course of loud trumpets sounded and the gates began to open. My mouth nearly dropped at the sight of the family chauffeur driving a horse and carriage before pulling up (sure the 1km long driveway was a bit much, but I'd practically spent the morning warming up just to get to it).

"Good morning Miss Silke. I hope you brought your ear plugs" he quipped quite happily,

"Morning Clarky" I replied, as I hopped up beside him just as the sound of what sounded like a thousand chain-saws erupted around us. I nearly jumped out of my skin, Clarky gave a low bellow laugh his huge pot-belly seeming to jump as he did so. I looked around to see around 30 gardeners starting up their electric hedge trimmers. That was another thing about Lina's place, half of the time someone tells you something you don't know whether to believe them or not. They all sound completely like a lie...

"It's gardening week. The Mrs decided last weeks bunnies weren't as good looking as she hoped so this week their going for sea life" he seemed to explain. He wasn't kidding. I watched in half-horror, half-disbelief that all the gardeners started with beheading the perfectly-adorable bunny shaped heads.


Pulling up in front of the house Clarky gave me a small nod as I got off,

"Thanks, Clarke. What room again?" I asked my mind in a bit of a muddle after all the 'activities' going on around the driveway.

"West wing, lounge - I think..." he said, I had already turned and was rubbing my temples before he even finished.

"Good morning, beautiful!" Lina squealed jumping up and down in her pink Victoria's Secret bathrobe, beckoning for me to join her on a lounge from the over lavish lounge room, probably the most 'laid-back' room in the whole mansion - basically just a few chandeliers, 5 white-leather Chester lounges a ginormous lilac noodle-like rug and a 92inch DLP TV custom made to fit to wall they called their 'entertainment centre'. I dropped myself quite tiredly onto one of the lounges and groaned.

"Your house, it the biggest treck ever" I groaned exhausted from all the busy-ness of the place she called home.

"I thought Clarky went down in the chariot thing...?" Lina asked flicking through the 900 channels on her insanely large TV screen.

"Oh he did... And what is up with the horses and chariot thing anyway!? Don't you have like 6 cars or something?" I asked turning to her raising an eyebrow, my voice going a little higher, any higher I would've seemed insane.

"You will NEVER guess what I just heard...!" a voice called out from the lounge room entrance, I turned to look over my shoulder before gaping as I saw our other best-friend Janey Norman striding over in a white tank, faded-black jeans and  her new insanely high 6-inch McQueen heels. In one hand she held a rumpled sheet of paper and in the other she clutched onto her takeaway Starbucks coffee cup - typical Janey the coffee addict.

"Guess what!?" she asked us her eyes widening till they were the size of golf-balls, if there had been any chance I knew she wasn't serious I would've burst out laughing. Only thing is, she was serious.

"Guess..." she ordered us, I was in too much of a faze to try before seeing Janey fix her glance on Lina an irritated look spreading across her face.

"Lina" she said, to the as-usual oblivious Selina who was still flicking through the channels.

"TURN IT OFF!" Janey shouted, Lina doing so before turning around.

"Oh, hey Janey-babes! What is it?" she asked. I tried not to laugh at Janey's face as it turned purple like it usually did when she was angry, furious or about to explode.

"Oh wait..." Janey said, suddenly freezing in her steps almost at the back of the lounge I was on before looking at her watch before jumping up and down quickly making her way to one of the other lounges.

"CHANNEL 10!" she squealed,

"CHANNEL 10!" she repeated, almost immediately.


Lina flicked on the television and changed it to Channel 10 just as our favourite band popped up...

"They're so cute" Lina breathed,

"Omigod, did Zayn get a hair cut?" Lina gasped,

"Shh...t..." Janey shushed her as Niall came one. I nearly melted. He was defiantly my favourite of the pop-star group. Funny, cute... Irish... As these thoughts ran through my mind suddenly the words Sydney and Audition popped up and I was up in my seat eyes widening as a huge grin spread upon my lips.

"No way..." I breathed.

"I hope it's a popularity competition where twitter votes count, I have like a-million-and-something followers, so like... yeah..." Lina said before Janey shushed her again.

"Do you think you've got the music talent? If you're a singer and want to achieve your biggest dreams by becoming a member of the new pop-sensation: Infinity Girls - then you have just become one lucky person. Auditions are going to be held..." the TV blared, Janey already scribbling down all the details on the crumpled piece of paper she was holding, Lina tapping away furiously on her mobile probably setting a memo to her meticulous schedule she always kept near by in case of emergency. I was just frozen.

"... so you can send in your audition online or just come and AUDITION LIVE in front of the already escalating boy-band pop sensation: One Direction! Auditions close 31st of..."

"You have to audition" Janey announced, reaching over and turning the TV on mute as she turned her full attention towards me her eyes wide with excitement. I opened my mouth to reply but no words came out as my mouth went dry. A sudden realization of what the whole fiasco - I.e. Janey's excitement had been about - was that she wanted me to audition for this new 'super group'... I shut my mouth and made a small face. I felt sick.

"Exactly, what I was thinking! I can buy your super-killer-audition outfit, we can put up posters..." Lina was chatting away.

"I'll drive you in my dads new Audi - super cute. We can pick up some coffee on the way of course..." Janey began slowly planning everything out in dot-points on the back of her sheet,

"Hold on, since when did I SAY I was auditioning?" I squeaked, finally finding my voice (or what was left of it anyways).

"But you HAVE to! If you don't I can't possibly say the only person I know who's famous is Angelina Jolie, do you? I need you to, not only because I have way to many friends to talk too, but way to higher standards to keep up with..." Lina exploded before chattering away senselessly as she usually did in pressuring situations such as this one.

"I hear you all the time humming those idiotically, catchy songs of yours. Don't think I don't hear you humming along to 1D either Mads. And Niall? You practically drool..." Janey began to explain over the top of Lina's chattering.

"Okay, okay, I get it. But honestly, what do you think I'll do? Sing my way in, I can barely sing in the school choir. What makes you think I can sing in front of 'them'?" I asked giving both of my best-friends the look we knew all to well.

"You can borrow my confidence coach, no charge" Lina offered.

"Maddie please! You're really good! So what you can't sing with a choir? You're voice wasn't made for some funeral background singing, you have a voice for this" Janey said pointing at the crumpled piece of paper.

"Coffee stains?" Lina asked peering skeptically, Janey rolled her eyes.

"For a world-wide career. And hey, you never know how it'll go unless you try right? At least audition once live and see how it goes, and hey, it you don't make it my mum knows a great lawyer who can stop the footage from going viral or on TV" Janey clarified. I bit my lower lip, uncertain on what to do. Sure I loved music, I'd always dreamed of it. But the new school sucked and life as I knew it had slapped me in the face quite a few times the last few weeks which is probably why I wasn't confident in building... well, confidence.

"Sure, I guess" I muttered, admitting defeat.

"Awesome, we can go buy your outfit tomorrow at Barneys and all you have to do is relax and go with the flow!" Janey laughed sitting back in the Chester lounge triumphantly and lifting her coffee to take a grateful sip.

"Do you reckon Harry will be there?" Lina whispered. Janey and I turned to look at the only ever outspoken, little rich girl we knew as well as anyone could as best-friends. Lina? Whispering?

"I don't know I guess so..." Janey said eying her face skeptically. I raised an eyebrow as she lowered her head to smile at her phone.

"Okay. Cool" was her only reply. Janey and I exchanged glances smirks spreading upon our lips, whilst without our knowing Lina's face went red with embarrassment.


*          *          *          *          *

"Does it look too tight?" I asked for the fifth time as I walked into Channel 10 Studios my black Nine West heel clad feet aching as I tried to get used to the height of the 4-inch heels, whilst trying to catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror only able to see the blur of the canary yellow dress.

"It fans out at the bottom, I don't know what you're worry about" Lina muttered, surveying her own flawless curves in the mirror her cream bondage dress fitting her perfectly.

"It's not the bottom I'm worried about" I muttered my reply, tugging up the strapless bodice of the dress as a few similarly dressed girls sauntered past us and out the doors huge smiles on their faces as if they'd already landed the auditions.

"Where on Earth is Janey?" I hissed watching as each number was called out. We'd been staked outside the audition room with about another 200 hopeful girls for the last 3 hours without our little miss 'organizer'.

"If she's not running late I'm so slashing her tires after this" Lina hissed under her breath as the next girl called up walked past us blonde hair swinging in the process,

"Why would you do that?" I asked her in some-what horror,

"She said she'd give us a lift in her dads new Audi. I had to drive us here in the Jeep" Lina said cringing - why she never liked those cars is beyond me.


Suddenly the doors burst open and a familiar loud, rhythmic clicking, pair of heels came towards us we looked up to see Janey dressed in her usual plain tank and jeans but sporting her new Oscar de la Renta heels like the pro fashion queen she was. She held three coffees in one hand and a mars bar in the other we made room and by the time she turned and elegantly landed her soft tush on the seat in between us I'd only realized how hungry I was.

"Here you go girls..." she said handing us both a coffee each, I quickly took mine before she opened up the Mars bar and went to eat it. Lina put a hand out and stopped her,

"You're not seriously going to eat that in front of us are you?" she asked,

"Yeah, why not?" Janey asked, my stomach grumbled. Heads turned and I blushed furiously before leaning closer,

"Hey I'm the one auditioning here so I need the most fuel. Hand it over" I hissed holding out my empty palm for her to give me the chocolate bar.

"Fuel? What are you a car? Talking about fuel, who spent their own money on fuel to get us here - so who needs the fuel more? Me!" Lina replied, Janey sighed.

"We can split it...." she said,

"In two?" Lina asked eyes brightening,

"Three" Janey replied, before stopping to see us both glaring at her.

"Okay, okay. How about..."

"Number 307# Maddie Groves" the speaker announced, I turned to the girls in panic who in return did the same.

"... Last and final call, number 307# Maddie Groves..." the speaker called out once more, I got up and hurried on towards the audition room and walked through the door.


"Your name, age, and song you'll be singing. 3, 2, 1, Go!" the camera man motioned,

"Hi I'm Maddie Groves, I'm 15 turning sixteen in two weeks time, I'll be singing 'Forever Young'..."

"Why Forever Young and not one of our songs?" Harry piped up, I blushed furiously which was unexpected since they were all there except for my favorite (Niall) looking up in shock I opened my mouth unable to speak before closing it after a few seconds I found my voice.

"...I... I, um... Well, you did a cover for that song and I'm a really big fan of..."

"Us" Liam chuckled nodding, I bit my lip.

"Um, yeah you guys and also I'm a big fan of...

"Zayn right? Gets all the girls these days..." Harry chuckled giving Zayn a playful punch,

"Um, yeah but I'm a big fan of Alphaville they've got awesome lyrics"

"Okay then lets hear it..."


Three minutes and a couple of seconds past and hitting the last note I finally took a breath and gave a sigh of relief I'd hit every note I'd planned to, even with the reasons Niall wasn't there running furiously through my mind.

"Awesome..." Liam nodded, seeming to be writing stuff on his work pad but probably drawing,

"What were you thinking of when you were singing that?" Harry asked,

"Niall" I blurted out so suddenly my eyes suddenly widened with shock as I lifted a hand and slapped it over my mouth way to late I blushed furiously as all the guys began cracking up.

"Where is he anyway?" I asked nervously,

"I think he wanted a lunch break...?" Louis said a small smile playing on his lips.

"Dude his so lazy..."

"So anyway, that was awesome... Why do you want to be a part of Infinity Girls?" Louis asked,

"I umm..." I stuttered. A rumble came out of nowhere... Well not nowhere, my stomach.

"Oh gosh..." Harry said, tightly pressing his lips together trying not to laugh. I sighed blushing once more furiously probably looking like a red-tomato. Why did all the bad things have to happen to me?

"It's okay just laugh it out" I said ushering them as if it were as easy as ripping a band-aid off skin. They did so. For 5 minutes.

"Okay..." Louis said once they'd calmed down,

"You're in" Zayn said,

"I'm what?" I asked completely shocked my mouth dropping almost as wide as the grand-canyon,

"In to the next round. What does it feel like?" Harry asked,

"I'm just... really hungry" I admitted blushing as my stomach made another noise,

"Okay then, off you go. Thanks for auditioning" Liam laughed I gave a small wave before leaving a few claps and words of congratulations being called out as I did so I opened the door to smack straight into something jumping about three steps back before a steady arm wrapped around my waist holding me steady.

"Oh, hey. Careful there" an all to familiar accent breathed, I looked up and almost died.

"Omigosh, no way..." I gasped,

"Hey, yeah... I'm Niall" Niall said giving a small cheesy grin letting me go as I stood up steadily. My stomach made another noise, I blushed as he chuckled.

"Hungry right?" he asked, I nodded at a loss for words.

"Here's a ticket for free food at the cafeteria on level 3..." he whispered slipping it into my hand, I was too frozen on the spot.

"Oh and by the way on the other sides my number... Maybe we can catch up sometime. For lunch, you know? How about here next week Wednesday? See you then" Niall whispered before walking away. I stood in the same spot not breathing, not blinking just holding the ticket and gaping as if I was about to go crazy. Niall had just asked me out!?

I stepped out from the audition room doors to see the awaiting faces of Janey and Lina.  Expecting to see their nervous faces instead I saw tears streaming down Lina's, and bewilderment plastered upon Janey's.

"What's wrong?" I asked my brow furrowing with concern,

"I just asked Niall for Harry's number" Lina sobbed,

"And what happened?" I asked,

"He gave me his own number!" Lina squealed earning glares from all the other 200-and-something jealous girls in the room. I looked at the ticket in my hand and suddenly felt the sick feeling that something wasn't right.

"So not Harry's..." I said slowly.

"Nope. She was given Niall's number" Janey answered giving me a worried glance.




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