Dream Chaser

According to her family and friends, Maddie Groves has always been a helpless dreamer when it came to music. She wasn't thoroughly obsessed or anything, she didn't learn an instrument, but she did have a great voice though it had only met the ears of her closest friends and family.

However after just turning 16 Maddie's life went a whole 360 degree flip. Her parents moving her out of the states best Catholic Private College and directly into the local public school scheme, filled with cigarette smoke, underage rebels and a whole lot of unwanted drama. However, It's when Maddie thinks her life can't get any worse as she finally realizes may just be the biggest chance of her life when the biggest audition that could make her dreams come true pops up... Literally. An ad on TV with the face of her favorite boy band of all time... One Direction.

But where there comes opportunity there comes drama.
Will Maddie be able to handle the pressure?


1. The First Day

Cliches, loved them or hate them it didn't matter most of the time because in actual fact my life was full of them... So chewing contently on my over-flowing, syrup-dripping, double-chocolate, pancakes and waffles whilst humming a mixture of One Directions hit songs, I ticked the few cliches I could do without... Like my 'jock' of a brother who'd just barged into the kitchen snatching half of my breakfast off my plate with one huge hand the other waving as he quickly escaped down the hallway - mum shouting as she ran after him in tow (probably following the syrup trail he'd left behind).

"Morning Mads" my dad said, earning himself a glare as I pushed the rest of my breakfast off my plate and into the bin before setting my plate loudly into the washer purposefully turning away before stalking off towards my room. I still hadn't forgiven him for convincing mum to agree to transfer me out of Meredith's Private College and into some local, public high school I hadn't even bothered to remember the name of.

"15 minutes and we're leaving!" my father called out as I turned from the top of the stairs to my room,

"I know!" I'd shouted back before quickly rushing into my room quickly throwing on the thin grey jumper and throwing in my iPhone, pencil case and drawing pad before a rush of cold air came in from the window. I turned, blinking slightly before opening my eyes wide enough to see Lina climbing through the window her crazy red hair shining in the bright sunlight from outside, but not as bright as the large, cheeky grin she had plastered on her face.

"Morning chika" she laughed immediately closing the window behind her and quickly dropping her prestigious-uniform, clad body into the comfort of her favorite bean bag she'd lent to me once and had never come around to taking back. Too surprised to do anything I froze for a second before I heard the loud shouts from my mum downstairs calling me to hurry up.

"Lina, what are you doing here? You're going to be late for school!"  I hissed as my mums voice got angrier,

"Today's Monday - self-vacation day?" Lina joked, checking out the re-arranging I had done to my school desk,

"That doesn't even exist Lina..." I said before noticing her admiring the dozens of Polaroid pictures of herself, our other best-friend Janey, and I.

"Cute right? I had to print them off at this dodgy photo store down the market place but totally worth it right?" I asked getting a little distracted myself before I heard footsteps.


"Madeline... Oh! Lina, it's nice to see you here - here to wish Maddie a nice first day at school I hope?" my mum asked from the door we jumped as she did so.

"Oh sure, Felicity. Defiantly... You know, now that you've reminded me I did bring her a present to celebrate!" Lina replied jumping up with so much enthusiasm - I almost fell over.

"Capsicum spray!" she laughed pulling a can out of her over-sized Prada tote,

"Janey filled me in on mugging statistics yesterday at the area around your school, like I always say 'better safe than...'"

"Sorry, Lina - dear. I'm sure you meant well but Maddie can't bring that to school, can you Maddie?" my mum asked me giving me one of her 'stern' looks, which in my opinion made her forehead grow a little more.

"I suppose not, they have security scans and you know local, high school kids - they probably don't even use capsicum spray just for self protection..." I said, giving my mum a sidewards glance giving her the 'see I knew you shouldn't of transferred me' look. My mum quickly took the hint but tried not to show it as she gave a quick glance at Lina's uniform.

"Lets go now then. Lina we can give you a lift on the way if you like" my mum offered,

"Oh no, but thanks again Felicity" Lina replied quickly,

"Brad's waiting around the corner anyways, his got a week off college to study meaning I've got a chauffeur for the week" she laughed opening the window and starting to wave her arms about like a head-less bat from my guess motioning for her brother to pull up in front of the house (a nice change).


We headed down the stairs before Lina quickly gave me a hug pressing her hand against my bag as she did so.

"Have fun honey, and don't catch rabies please - I'm allergic" she joked in a whisper, when my mums back was turned before hopping into the passenger seat of her brothers black Mercedes.

"Call me when you need to bail!" she called over her shoulder before they drove off,

"That girl has way to much freedom" my mother muttered under her breath, whilst unlocking the Jeep and opening the back door to set in her brief case before getting into the drivers seat.

"Get in Mads" she said, giving a quick wave to my dad  as he drove off in his work car honking his own little 'good-bye' before disappearing around the corner.

"Do I really have to go to this new school?" I asked,

"Redmonds High School is a very nice school..." my mum began for the 54th time...


*          *          *          *          *

"They have bars on the windows" I said for the third time as my mum found a parking spot in the staff parking area before she got out grabbed her purse and brief case and motioned for me to also. I sat still in my seat, not moving - an inch.

"They have weeds everywhere...." I grimaced, longing for the plastic smelling, pristine mowed lawns of Meredith College.

"Oh come on it's not that bad!" my mum tried assuring me,

"Look, they have a nice office area..." she said motioning to the office I followed her gesture just in time to see a bird fly into the window and drop - like a pin.

"Did that bird just die?" I asked my voice turning slightly as I felt myself go a little hysterical.

"Maddie, please..."

"Did that bird just die?" I repeated myself my voice itching a little higher,

"Maddie, get out" my mum said.


Walking down the driveway to the office I stared at the dead bird,'

"This is literally, a slaughter house..." I muttered as we went inside the glass doors. A sudden bump sent me back a few steps before I met the steady glare of a girl probably my age with luminous grey-blue eyes and rich brown hair.

"Get out of my way" she said,


"I don't need your petty apologies. Get. OUT OF MY WAY" she repeated herself this time each word louder,

"Hey, it was obviously an accident..." my mum tried to intervene,

"Move" she said instantly cutting my mum off, I was shocked.

"Move. Now" she said her voice showing her irritation before she sighed and pushed my out of the way with her shoulder barging past before leaving the office I couldn't help but notice a one-direction bracelet around her wrist.


"Sorry, about that. Mary Dow's just overly stressed, it's the study you see. Bright girl, top of the class - it's the class presidency that's bugging her at the moment..." the office lady started gossiping away with mum, who seemed to go along with it so well it was almost as if she'd forgotten the whole incident just because the girl apparently (according to their conversation) was some kind of child-genius. My mind reeled back at a hundred miles an hour... I was looking at a dead bird, walked through  some doors and then some random girl - I don't even know - tries to chew my head off as if she's blind-folded even going as far as to being able to talk back to my mum. That girl, Mary-Dum or whatever her name was, had issues.

"... anyway here's your timetable just pass your bag for a quick security scan and then you can go off!" she said holding out her hand, I quickly slipped off my bag and handed it to her scanning my timetable as she went off to scan it.

"English, Maths, Arts... Yes, music!" I whispered happily under my breath - possibly the only good thing to happen all day,

"... so we'll have to be holding this..." the lady was saying as I looked up, my mum was glaring at me I blinked before looking at what was in the lady's hand and almost laughed before the lady gave me a serious glare.

"I wasn't going to bring that, seriously. I didn't even know it was in my bag..." I said, knowing exactly how guilty I sounded.

"Maddie, I'm dis-appointed..." my mum was saying as if she were hurt,

"You can keep it" I said to the office lady who's eyes almost lit up (hopefully just a trick of the light),

"Really?" she asked as if wary due to dis-belief,

"Yeah, sure" I said,

"So you really don't want it? Weren't you going to use it?" the lady asked,

"If you don't need to protect yourself in high school then what else would I need capsicum spray for?" my mum asked, the lady and I exchanged glances before she handed over my bag putting the can of spray into a cupboard.

"Collect it after school"

"Is that all, then?"  I asked,

"Sure is. Welcome to Redmonds High School" she said,

hugging my mum good-bye I felt the cutting of the safety net I'd so happily had around me to stop me from freaking out. Stepping out into the courtyard just as the bell rang for lunch I froze as I felt the pull of my foot towards the ground I looked down. Gum. It was these kind of days I knew there was something defiantly known as: getting off on the wrong foot.

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