Dream Chaser

According to her family and friends, Maddie Groves has always been a helpless dreamer when it came to music. She wasn't thoroughly obsessed or anything, she didn't learn an instrument, but she did have a great voice though it had only met the ears of her closest friends and family.

However after just turning 16 Maddie's life went a whole 360 degree flip. Her parents moving her out of the states best Catholic Private College and directly into the local public school scheme, filled with cigarette smoke, underage rebels and a whole lot of unwanted drama. However, It's when Maddie thinks her life can't get any worse as she finally realizes may just be the biggest chance of her life when the biggest audition that could make her dreams come true pops up... Literally. An ad on TV with the face of her favorite boy band of all time... One Direction.

But where there comes opportunity there comes drama.
Will Maddie be able to handle the pressure?


9. Love Bug

After finishing my second-round performance I stumbled back into the waiting area to see Lina still waiting with my stuff and Janey staring at the door like she was about to faint two coffees in either hand, one already in Lina's recently free hand which she was sipping from gratefully. They looked at me and my pale white face before we quickly rushed towards each other meeting in the middle of the room. My heart was still pounding at what felt like a million miles an hour,

"How did it go?" Janey panted holding out my coffee, I took it. Still hot. She'd obviously rushed to get here on time. Lina looked to nervous I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head,

"I..." I began unsure of what to say, tell them I was certain I would get through or say I doubted I would...

"I felt my performance was pretty good" I said cautiously resulting them both to sigh in relief,

"And your still tense!? Girl, you need to relax a bit, have more faith in your talent to perform" Lina said, just as the doors opened and the boys filed out for a lunch break. Lina's mouth dropped open and Janey began sipping her coffee looking everywhere but at Zayn whilst I just happened to turn around and be surprised by Niall giving me a hug,

"Hey" he chuckled at my stunned expression.


Looking over his shoulder I noted Zayn looking at Janey with his usual cool demure, like the expression he has in all the One Direction posters, the same expression his millions of fans called 'sexy', though in this case I decided it was called 'whipped'. Janey Norman (one of my best-friends so you remember) was busy checking out her jet black hair in the reflection as it shone beneath the lights of the room, being equally as cool as Zayn was except instead of staring a Zayn she was blowing him off. Niall and I exchanged glances an awkward grin of anticipation spreading across my face, before turning to give the same weird smile to Lina. Unfortunately for me though, her and Harry are too busy whispering in a world of their own of which Lina seems to have come out of her 'shell' I'd until the day before had thought was non-existent, but from the constant moving of her lips as Harry laughed whilst they smiled at one another I knew she would soon get over her shyness for him.

"Look like the love bugs come to town" Louis grumbled obviously feeling left out, Liam elbowed him

"Hey at least your not like Zayn" Liam smirked, causing us all to glance pitying at him trying to nervously pick up conversation with the ever defiant Janey who didn't bother trying to respond,

"He got more action on the stairs" Niall muttered causing everyone to look at him like a what-did-you-just-say, I gave him a belated elbow to the ribs gently before turning to him excitedly,

"How longs your break?" I asked, Liam checked the time

"We officially have 2 minutes to run back in grab a few sandwiches and station ourselves back in those theater seats" he said,

"Hey Zayn! Harry! We're going back in" he called out, Janey suddenly turning around and whispering something in his ear causing him to smile before giving his hand a squeeze before Zayn headed back looking pretty happy, Harry headed over in a slow relaxed pace as he nodded and made commentary on Lina's babbling about traveling around the world and the long-term effects of jet lag, etc before giving her a small peck on the cheek before joining the other guys heading towards the door. Turning to Niall I jumped in shock as he kissed my cheek,

"We need to have a second date sometime, I'll call you later?" he asked sounding hopeful, I nodded way to enthusiastically before they went back inside.


Turning to the other two I realized how right Louis had been, Janey was staring out into space her coffee not even finished whilst Lina bopped up and down on the backs of her heels over flowing with the jittery, excitement she'd felt when she'd been talking with Harry.

"So tomorrows Saturday, how do you girls feel like a day at the beach?" I asked slowly both of them turning to me both beaming,

"Awesome!" Lina exclaimed,

"I think Zayn mentioning something about them having the day off tomorrow so we'll defiantly be able to invite them along" Janey thought aloud. I nodded beaming,

"Okay then, so why don't we head to Le Petite for lunch or something?" Janey suggested, I nodded whilst Lina checked her cell for the time.

"Great idea, they finish in another hour or so - so we'll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy something scrumptious to eat... I'm thinking garden salad and pink lemonade" Lina murmured as we got hold of all our stuff and headed out to the parking lot, noting the fact Janey was coming along I looked around for her dad's car. It was no where in sight.

"Janey how did you get here?" I asked, she shrugged not meeting my eyes. Lina looked at Janey before some silent-message seemed to be sent between their eyes and then she turned her attention to me.

"Her dad grounded her from using his car because when he went to swap the cars at her school someone had put graffiti all over it. It's not that he doesn't trust her, it's just he isn't sure the places where she goes anymore are safe for the car to be. It's going to cost a lot, they called the cops but they don't have any leads..." Lina said, I gave Janey a look of empathy. Who would do something like that...

"You don't think Mary had..." I began cautiously eying my two best-friends wondering if they'd heard any word she'd had an early release or what-not,

"Well they can't keep her in there forever, she's underage" Janey muttered the reminder.


*          *          *          *          *

Arriving at Le Petite we took our usual table out front of the cafe and ordered our food. It seemed since they'd both just recently they'd acquired crushes that both Janey and Lina had decided they were on a diet both eating green salad and sipping pink lemonade whilst I dug into my medium creme-Bologna feeling the thickness of the sauce go down my throat like a lump of lard using the strawberry milkshake to wash it down.


We then spent the next hour or so discussing outfits for my next performance if I were to make it to the finals.

"Defiantly red" Lina said,

"I was thinking more of a nude-beige..." Janey argued thoughtfully,

"How about a teal hinted silver?" I suggested, we were silent for a moment.

"Oh my god it's One Direction!" a scream came from across the street our heads spun around to see Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall heading over. I don't know about Janey or Lina, but since we'd been spending to much time with them I'd kind of forgotten how popular they were. A mass mob had formed and as if on cue the media swarmed them and then us like a bee attracted to pollen, Niall grabbing me by the arm while the other guys surrounded Janey and Lina helping them up the security guards surrounding all of us struggling to fight off the growing mob as we were ushered off across the road and into the back of their limo.


Finally making it to safety a sigh of relief escaped my lips before the car started driving, Lina was frozen stiff with Harry gently trying to snap back to reality with prods in the arm and some gentle talking whilst Janey on the other hand had erupted into a waterfall of tears her head pressed against Zayn's chest as he whispered in her ear how everything was 'going to be okay', spotting the face she was missing one shoe and had a red mark on one arm I guessed things were at the moment anything but.

"Are you okay?" Niall asked, I looked at him in shock having forgotten he was beside me. Looking down I noticed my dress was a little crinkled and feeling my head maybe my hair was a little tousled from all the rushing but otherwise I had everything else I'd had earlier and I seemed pretty fine. I nodded,

"Yeah. I am" I replied. We kept driving in near silence before Harry broken the silence in the surrounding areas, Lina having  snapped out of her shock earlier had been the only person to be making any noise as she chattered quietly to Harry.

"So much for our dates, right Zayn?" he chuckled,

"Yeah, bummer" Zayn sighed Janey having fallen asleep on his shoulder, he stroked her arm comfortingly and something told me missing the date hadn't caused him to feel down but the fact Janey had gotten hurt had instead.


I leaned against Niall's arm comfortably as I watched Liam and Louis scan through their phones before I spotted both their faces pale.

"Maddie, Niall..." Liam whispered looking up, we all turned to him. He leaned forward and showed us his mobile on the cover of News Weekly an article sporting a very unflattering photo of Niall trying to protect me from the media as he led me to the limo. The title...?

"Infinity Girl Contestant Cheats Her Way Through Contest...?" Lina read aloud her eyes widening, everyone was leaning in. Even Zayn before Janey's head dropped and hit the leather seat,

"Oops" he muttered going back to lift Janey's head up gently to rest it on his lap.

"What else is there?" he asked, but scrolling down my stomach flopped at the sight of Mary Dow's school picture beneath it the quote beside it saying

'When she first came to our school she said she'd heard from the 'grape vine' that she was a 'shoe-in for the leader singer of Infinity Girls'. I guess being Niall Horan's girlfriend has it's perks but to me? It just seems plain unfair'.

Everyone sat in silence,

"That's not even true" Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn muttered beneath their breaths in unison. I guess being together for so long made them also like... identical... kind of.

"I wasn't even there when they let you in" Niall added. But no matter what any of them said I was still in shock and unable to respond. Sitting back in the warmth of the limo's pristine leather seats, I was silently freaking out. What if this was the end of my chance to achieving my life long dream? Would they have to disqualify me from the contest? Closing my eyes for a few seconds to long I pondered on these thoughts before opening them again and leaning forward in my seat I looked at the phone and Mary Dow's way to happy face.

"What else is there?" I asked.

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