Dream Chaser

According to her family and friends, Maddie Groves has always been a helpless dreamer when it came to music. She wasn't thoroughly obsessed or anything, she didn't learn an instrument, but she did have a great voice though it had only met the ears of her closest friends and family.

However after just turning 16 Maddie's life went a whole 360 degree flip. Her parents moving her out of the states best Catholic Private College and directly into the local public school scheme, filled with cigarette smoke, underage rebels and a whole lot of unwanted drama. However, It's when Maddie thinks her life can't get any worse as she finally realizes may just be the biggest chance of her life when the biggest audition that could make her dreams come true pops up... Literally. An ad on TV with the face of her favorite boy band of all time... One Direction.

But where there comes opportunity there comes drama.
Will Maddie be able to handle the pressure?


13. Finally

My eyes stung with tears as I they played over the footage of the interview with Freya Rhine again the next morning. The interview was on all channels of TV, even a short afterward shot of footage of Freya in her dressing room crying had been all over the news world not only boosting her popularity but the amount of viewers on her morning show the numbers rising by 98%. I sat at the breakfast table in my pajamas, eating soggy cereal with a large bouquet of Oriental Lilies on the table a card thanking us from the cast and producers of the Late Breakfast show a personal thank you from Freya herself on the back of it.

"Why they keep playing that mushy scene is beyond me" my brother Josh muttered spooning a huge meatball from last nights dinner into his mouth chewing so loudly I could hear the actual biting. Throwing him a glare, my mum switched it off,

"Joshua Groves if you don't stop bullying your sister and put that pasta sauce back into the fridge in the next 3 seconds I will cut off your internet. For a month!" she snapped. I watched as my brother hurriedly dropped the bowl of pasta sauce ran around clueless about what to do next before putting on the glad wrap,

"One..." my mum counted loudly, before he threw it into the fridge slamming it closed,

"Two..." she said, Josh turned throwing me the kind of look siblings do when they think they'll get you later.

"Thr..." my mum said slowly before he sprinted down the hallway and the slamming of his bedroom door echoed down the hallway. That was what I loved about my mum, she always knew how to keep pests like Joshua in his place. If mum wanted him to do something he'd do it, it was the same with me, but then again I didn't go around talking down my older brother.


"So, what do you want to do while we wait for Janey and Lina to come back?" mum asked curiously resting her elbows on the island bench, I watched as she crossed her long, slender fingers between one another her manicured nails shining in the bright light of the kitchen. Janey had gone home the night before to spend time with her dad before visiting her mum whilst grabbing the finals dress she'd apparently had already prepared since the audition. Lina on the other hand was in the middle of having a date with Harry, making up for the missed beach plans we'd had earlier. All whilst, I was stuck at home with nothing to do, no dress to make, no boyfriend who hang out with... I guessed having mum around was a good start.


"How about we watch the Notebook" my mum suggested. She used to call it the ultimate 'breakup movie', after a bad breakup you watched the movie and everything got better. Since I hadn't had many boyfriends in my short lifetime of 16 years, we'd watched it at least once or twice a month when mum got heart broken over her favorite Home and Away star, we'd even watch it when Disney released more lame 'romance' movies just to prove that the Notebook was the only real, romance movie to have ever been created. I nodded.


We both went over and lounged on the couch as she put it on whilst making some instant popcorn in the microwave. Within an hour we were already crying,

"H...He just restored the house... his s...so amazing!" I sniffled,

"A..n..d... hot..." my mum added between blowing her nose. After a few more heart-breaking scenes we sat back watching the credits roll by though it was kind of hard when you had tears non-stop flooding your eyes, and rolling down your cheeks.

"If a 'Lon' had been available back in my day, I would've gone for him" my mum declared for the 100th time.

"Yeah, yeah, but we both know Noah's the obvious choice" I said,

"Yeah" she said. There was a knock at the door and I got up checking it before opening it up for Lina and Janey they both gaped at my face.

"Why are you crying...!?" they said before looking over my shoulder to see my mum pulling out the DVD.

"Oh" they both said in unison having both experienced my mum's and I's 'watching the Notebook' moments before.

"So here's the dress!" Janey smiled swinging a silver laundry bag from behind her back and unzipping it to show a floor-length, lilac purple, ruffle gown. I gaped just before Lina pulled out a pair of matching heels and a box of accessories from her over-sized Prada tote,

"And I went shopping!" she giggled, my eyes welled up again.

"Your both the best..." I said as I leaned in to hug them both, Janey tapped my shoulder before walking past and heading for my room.

"No more crying otherwise you'll have bags like a sloth" she snapped whilst Lina bumped the front door closed before turning around to lock it.

"I agree" Lina added before following Janey. Turning around I saw my mum straightening the lounge room before she turned around her eyes dry,

"Go get ready so we can hurry up to the studio" she said. Nodding numbly I ran upstairs, putting on the dress I could barely pay attention as Lina curled my hair and Janey painted my nails. In a few short hours I'd be finding out if I'd made Infinity Girls... I'd be seeing Niall again at the final for probably the last time of my life. I took a shaky breath as Lina covered my eyes unable to even remember what I'd looked like before when she dropped them my mouth dropped open also. I stood up beside the wall-length mirror, my hands smoothing over my gown pressing slightly on the fabric as I turned from side to side loving the way the dress hugged my figure. I put a hand briefly to my hair loving the way it curled subtly yet framed my face, my eyelids shining with gold and my lips shining with a pink layer of Clinique chubby stick. I sighed,

"Ready girls!?" my mum called from down the stairs,

"Ready" I whispered.

*           *          *          *          *

I walked up on stage slowly my hands shaking nervously as I clutched the microphone to my chest, I glanced over my shoulder one last time to see Janey and Lina giving me a thumbs up grinning as they mouthed their 'good lucks' before I stepped on stage facing the crowd my vision temporarily blinded by the flashing lights before I joined the other 6 girls on stage. My heart started to beat so frantically in my chest, it was getting hard to breath. Taking my place on the end we smiled for the camera's as the host from before came onto the stage causing my smile to falter for a moment before I regained my previous composure.

"Welcome to the finals of our search for Infinity Girls...!" the roar from the crowd made me laugh suddenly, unsure if I was the only one I glanced at the other girls giving a grateful sigh to see them all laughing also.

"The first girl to make it into Infinity Girls who's going to be girl number 3 is..." there was a drum roll,

"Hannah McMillan" a cheer rang out as a girl with short pink hair and 3 studs in her right ear but she had the largest blue eyes and the smallest, shy smile almost like an angel as she stepped forward waving to the crowd accepting her flowers.

"The second girl to make it into Infinity Girls who's going to be girl number 2 is..." there was a drum roll,

"Delilah Sanders" an even louder cheer rang out as a girl with long blonde hair stepped forward, she turned and her eyes shone grey in the lights as she grinned braces covering her teeth as she waved to the crowd accepting her flowers.

"And finally, the third girl you've all be waiting for to make it into Infinity Girl's who will not only be a member of the group but become the leader is..." the drum roll went on for too long as I felt a sickening nervousness in my stomach.

"Peony Matthews!" a huge cheer erupted and I felt the nervousness fall away to plain disappointment. I sighed but smiled and clapped for her as a girl with short brown and blue-tipped hair stepped out both hands raised as she waved to the crowd.


I stood there for the next two minutes before getting off stage, tears welled up in my eyes as I got off Janey and Lina running to me.

"There must be some kind of mistake..." Lina was saying but I shook my head they weren't tears of loss but tears of happiness, the bitter sweet kind. I had, had a wonderful experience even though I hadn't gotten a place, hadn't exactly achieved my dreams. My thoughts went to Niall just as the doors beside us were thrown open and Niall fell in with the rest of the guys behind him. He saw my face and suddenly I saw the anger before he rushed on stage,

"I demand there be an apology be made to Maddie Groves!" he announced, my stomach flipped over in shock and horror for Niall. Did he know that he was on live television?

"Niall..." the host began, before the other One Directions got up behind him.

"You sir, are as of now fired!" Harry snapped, causing Lina to jump up and down with excitement. Simon Cowell stepped on stage behind the boys, and coughed whilst taking the hosts microphone.

"Last week there was a lot of controversy over the question asked by our host Damon Sullivan directed to Maddie Groves" Simon began the crowd was booing the host as he was escorted off stage,

"I would like to invite Maddie back onstage to receive our formal apology..." he announced sparking cheers throughout the whole set. I gasped as Louis and Harry grabbed me by the arms Louis slipping Janey a wink as they pulled me on stage, suddenly when my heels hit the stage the crowd was up on their feet.

"Obviously due to the commotion caused by the trouble caused by the media things had to be taken into consideration regarding Infinity Girls, which was why you were removed from the leading position" Simon said sparking boos. I nodded understandably feeling numb though,

"However, PK Studios would like to offer you a contract as a singer..." he began the crowd was going crazy and before I knew it Niall was heading over with another envelope in his hand he held it out and as I reached to take it, he grabbed my wrist drawing me close his lips crushing against mine as I felt my heart flutter, butterflies going crazy in my stomach and my head so caught up in the kiss I guessed I knew what it felt like to be in heaven. The crowds cheers were going crazy somewhere in the back of my mind as he drew me close before pulling away giving a small smile as his blue eyes locked straight into mine,

"I love you too" he whispered. The smile that spread across my face turned into a huge grin as we hugged before turning to wave at the crowd photos snapping everywhere. I glanced over my shoulder to see Janey with her hands wrapped up in Louis's hair as they kissed, I blushed just looking before turning to see Lina talking at her usually way to fast pace before Harry grabbed her face and kissed her, shocking Lina her eyes widening in shock before a smile crossed her lips as she closed her eyes and kissed him back. Turning back to Niall I smiled back at him, he was here with me. I'd gotten the opportunity of my life that was making my dreams come true.

"Are they coming true?" Niall asked,

"What?" I asked,

"Your dreams" he whispered nearing me, I giggled as he brushed a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"Of course they are, all of them are" I replied kissing him back.



The End

*Don't fret there's an epilogue. [COMING SOON]

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