Dream Chaser

According to her family and friends, Maddie Groves has always been a helpless dreamer when it came to music. She wasn't thoroughly obsessed or anything, she didn't learn an instrument, but she did have a great voice though it had only met the ears of her closest friends and family.

However after just turning 16 Maddie's life went a whole 360 degree flip. Her parents moving her out of the states best Catholic Private College and directly into the local public school scheme, filled with cigarette smoke, underage rebels and a whole lot of unwanted drama. However, It's when Maddie thinks her life can't get any worse as she finally realizes may just be the biggest chance of her life when the biggest audition that could make her dreams come true pops up... Literally. An ad on TV with the face of her favorite boy band of all time... One Direction.

But where there comes opportunity there comes drama.
Will Maddie be able to handle the pressure?


3. Confusion

I sat beside Janey in completed silence. Of course, it was Janey out of the three of us who was by far the worst driver I knew. The same Janey who drove her dad's new Audi like a race-car-freak: speeding, turning sharp corners, running through the red lights... If I were sitting there in any normal circumstance I'd be doing as I usually did - freaking out. But sadly enough, for once that wasn't the case I was too distracted and overly confused about one thing. Niall. We'd just left the auditions and Janey was driving me home whilst Lina drove to pick up her little sister Maggie from day-care. Niall had just given me his number... And had also given it to Lina.

"Do you think his a player?" Janey asked her voice cutting through the silence, I jumped startled by her voice as if she'd just waken me from a dream.

"I don't know, I wouldn't like to think so..." I said weakly. In actual fact the whole thing wasn't only confusing, and way too distracting but just way to tiring to even think about, yet there I was still thinking about 'it'. 'The Situation'. Niall.

"Maddie hun I just don't think he did it on purpose. Really, he probably gave his number to her so she can text asking again and he can text the number back! A one off..." Janey said, though it was quite obvious that was not the truth of the matter.

"Janey, drop it..." I sighed, the words 'one off' making me think of the numerous amounts of other girls he'd been slipping his number too.

"Seriously Mads. You need to stay positive. Take a break to think for a second and then tell me this..." Janey said before pausing stopping at a red light for once.

"What?" I asked tiredly. Turning around Janey looked me straight in the face.

"You're still going on the date right?" she asked trying to sound curious but the inevitably hopefully tone kicking in as it always did when she was excited about something.

"I guess so..." I said, just because Niall turned out to be a major flirt didn't mean I had to stop being his fan. Millions of girls all over the world would probably kill to be in my shoes. Literally.

"Awesome we can go shopping tomorrow - I'm taking a day off school anyways to see my mum, it's that time of the month. So pick you up at 2pm?" she asked trying her best to sound cheery. I felt a pang of guilt. Here I was getting all emotional and upset over some guy I just met not living up to my dreams or prejudiced personality I thought he'd had, and I forgot all about the 3rd of every month otherwise known as (to Lina and I anyway) as 'visitors day'.  Janey's mum tried throwing herself off a New York skyscraper almost two years ago, luckily it'd only been in construction and she'd only jumped from the 3rd floor but her mum had been in a coma ever since.

"Sure, but can we stop for coffee before?" I asked hopefully turning to glance at her. Her bright smile said it all as she nodded turning quickly,

"Awesome" she said.


Dropping me off at my house Janey quickly advised me not to get too upset over Niall

"There are more important things in life than boys, and I know his super cute or whatever, but seriously Mads 'there are other fish in the sea'" she tried comforting me by quoting my mums exact words, well not exactly hers, she probably shared them with another million mums all over the world. I laughed the first time in the whole day and smiled with thanks as I nodded,

"Yeah, I get it. See you tomorrow" I said, closing the car door to give one small wave as she sped off back down the road. Heading into the house though I fell back into depression mode. So much for cheering me up. But I didn't blame Janey nor could I blame Lina, they always tried their best to make me happy and have fun when I felt down, they were always there when I was sick and helped me when I failed some classes a few years back. That's why they were my two best-friends in the whole world and I knew I wouldn't do anything to change that. Unlocking the door I spotted my idiotic brother stuffing his face with the red jelly mum had prepared the night before for my desert after the audition. He'd barely left anything and shoveling down another spoon full he turned to see me eyes wide in shock and mouth gaping open leaving the jelly to fall back out his mouth into the bowl like some kind of lava lamp. Gross.


To tired to do anything about the mess my brother had left and the mess he was probably going to make I slowly made my way up the stairs my legs feeling like I'd put on a million pounds ever since walking in the door. Dragging my feet to my bedroom I threw open the door and threw my bag on the ground slamming the door carelessly behind me before flopping onto my bed exhausted. Starfish style. Rolling onto my back I struggled to kick off the heels I'd only then realized were causing my feet to swell up, wincing as I kicked off the last one Janey's words 'with pain comes beauty'  ran through my head, and to think she lived that motto of hers daily. She was insane.


I'd closed my eyes and pulled the pink duvet over myself preparing myself for some 'shut-eye' before I heard a tap at the window. Ignoring it I turned to my other side before I heard it again. The tap. Then another. Another... and then another... Getting up I threw off the duvet, wrenched open the window and prepared my glare for whoever decided to climb up my window stalker style because I knew for a fact Lina never climbed up past 9am.

"Hey beautiful" that cheesy Irish accent said. Off guard my glare instantly fell and changed to an expression mixed of shock and horror. Niall Horan, was outside my window. I put a hand over my mouth as if to stop a scream, though secretly on the inside I was screaming alright. Like a mad woman.

"Want to let me in?" he asked putting his hands into the pockets of his faded denim jeans snapping me back into reality.

"Uh..uh.. sure" I stuttered leaning back and moving the curtains further a part as he climbed in the window.

"So your friend called and told me about what happened..." he began,

"Lina called you?" I cut in, obviously still in shock.

"Yeah..." he said glancing away seeming a little nervous I waited in anticipation for him to continue as he lifted one hand and nervously ran it through his hair.

"Look I really was just going to give her Harry's number later, I was kind of in a rush so..." my face fell into a state of disbelief. Well who would've guessed.

"So you weren't hitting on her?" I asked nonchalantly, already guessing the answer.

"Nope..." he said glancing up to see my face giving a small sly smile,

"I was hitting on you though" he replied his blue eyes shining in the moonlight shining in through the window. Oh. My. Word. I was blushing. Furiously, I lowered my head trying to hide my shyness unsure of what to say. Was I flattered? Damn, I was beyond flattered. Inside I could feel my heart beating a-million miles an hour, I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out.

"Are you not into me?" Niall asked, suddenly breaking the silence. I looked up in shock,

"Oh, god no. I am SO into you!" I assured him without a second thought meeting his eyes instantly the shock registering on both our faces. Now I was sure my face was blazing red I saw his mouth curve into a small smile obviously trying not to laugh, I turned my eyes from his too embarrassed to say anything straight away.

"It's just... Your so famous and all, and I'm just... me..." I said carefully thinking about each word before I said it for once. If only I'd done that sooner.

"Why were you hitting on me anyway?" I asked,

"You're cute..." Niall stated without hesitation, both our faces burning red now but our eyes meeting they didn't break away this time.

"And you looked kind of... mysterious but funny at the same time... You were really friendly it seemed at the audition, I could tell when I saw the guys faces when I walked in..." he continued slowly before pausing.

"'Friendly'? So you wanted to be my friend..." I said, my heart sinking,

"No, not your friend..." Niall replied too quickly, I gave a disappointed sigh. Not even a friend.

"Then why talk to me?" I asked looking up at him not expecting anything miraculous. The butterflies were gone. My heart felt like it had decided to stop beating for me and I felt sick in the stomach. This was probably going to end bad.

"I wanted to do this..." Niall said slowly.


Before I knew it Niall had leaned in his lips pressing on mine, my eyes opened wide in shock at the sight of his eyes closed. I stopped thinking all together as I shut my eyes and melted for a second my heart racing once more like it was about to jump out of my chest, I couldn't think of anything. Literally. My mind had gone blank. Pulling back Niall gave me a small embarrassed but incredibly adorable smile, I blushed unable to control the freakishly happy grin that spread across my face. Without a doubt I probably looked like a major idiot right now.

"So you want to kiss a stranger?" I barely squeaked out, he shook his head.

"Then why?" I asked my voice dropping to a whisper of curiosity and bewilderment,

"Your special..." he whispered. Suddenly there was a click at the door we both turned in an instant shock spreading across our faces as my mum popped her head in,

"Hey Maddie, how did your audition go..." mum said, her words drifting off as she stopped dead to look at Niall and I.

"Maddie, what's going on?" she asked.

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