Dream Chaser

According to her family and friends, Maddie Groves has always been a helpless dreamer when it came to music. She wasn't thoroughly obsessed or anything, she didn't learn an instrument, but she did have a great voice though it had only met the ears of her closest friends and family.

However after just turning 16 Maddie's life went a whole 360 degree flip. Her parents moving her out of the states best Catholic Private College and directly into the local public school scheme, filled with cigarette smoke, underage rebels and a whole lot of unwanted drama. However, It's when Maddie thinks her life can't get any worse as she finally realizes may just be the biggest chance of her life when the biggest audition that could make her dreams come true pops up... Literally. An ad on TV with the face of her favorite boy band of all time... One Direction.

But where there comes opportunity there comes drama.
Will Maddie be able to handle the pressure?


11. Broken

The sound of a crash and stumble didn't even faze from the staring trance I had going on staring at the door where Niall had disappeared. Was this a dream? I really like Niall... Hell, I loved Niall... and he'd just left me because I couldn't choose him over my dream. Tears welled up in my eyes once more the stinging as they fell piercingly from my already swollen eyes I sniffed as my lower lip began to wobble uncontrollably, my shoulders shaking as a gut wrenching sob escaped between them. The same lips that had kissed his... The same lips of a girl who was never going to know how it felt to have butterflies in her stomach and her heart beating a million miles an hour, the same girl who would never know again what it felt like to know what it was like to kiss Niall Horan. I sniffed again this time the stumble from behind me causing me to glance over my shoulder to see Janey and Louis laughing and chatting away whilst Zayn was unsuccessfully trying to hide and hear what they were talking about. I could see the top of his red boxers from his pants as he crouched down again rubbing his butt almost 2 meters from where I was sitting up on the ground blood dripping off my elbow.

"Hey Zayn" I said, my voice shaking lamely. I must have shocked him pretty good because he gave a sudden shout of shock before jumping what looked like a meter into the air before spinning around to see me, he gave the biggest sigh of what I guessed was relief when he saw was me.

"Oh hey Maddie..." he said, before his eyes bulged at my face.

"What happened?" he asked coming closer, that was until Janey sped past him knocking him out of the way before kneeling beside me gingerly touching my elbow.

"Oh, no, Oh, no... Are you okay Mads?" she asked me. I looked up at Janey, the warm-heart-ed, always reliable, Janey. My lip quivered before I shook my head tears sliding down my cheeks,

"No..." I cried knowing I sounded like three-year-old who just bumped their knee, but I didn't care. What I cared about was Niall... and now, he'd left me.


Quickly ushering Louis and Zayn away Janey popped my arm around the back of her shoulders before hoisting me off the ground,

"Okay! Now..." she said helping me find the strength to walk beside her as we made our way to the hallway outside. When we entered Lina had already spun around leaving Harry in her midst as she ran to help Janey get me to a bench.

"What happened!?" Lina asked, her voice showing the shock, I took a deep breath sitting down wavered on my second before I shut my eyes tight wanting it all to be a dream... no, a nightmare.

"Niall... broke up with me..." I spilled out between breaths, I opened my eyes shortly after to see the sudden shock on both of their faces before they looked at one another some kind of message being sent through them again like usual. Lina spun her head around giving Harry her I'll-grill-you-later glare otherwise known as the your-so-dead glare. Janey on the other hand had gotten out a wipe from her bag and began dabbing my face increasing the pain as I flinched as it stung the the tear stains before she pulled out a bottle of aloe moisturizer and began smoothing the aloe on top the cool, smooth, liquid soothing my skin as I began to calm down a bit my breaths becoming more and more even, and with no more tears to cry for the moment I was momentarily in the clear. But that didn't mean my broken heart was fixed. Evening thinking about it seemed impossible. I would never get over Niall Horan.


My mum came out from the same doors we had and seeing my face, her own seemed to cloud over with anger in an instant.

"Lina, Janey take Maddie home and all three of you rent a movie and have some popcorn okay?" she asked her voice trying to sound gentle but the quip made it easy to tell she was on edge.

"I've just got some legal things to sort out for a second..." she said before spinning around the walking back in. She must've been 3 seconds in there until she thought we wouldn't hear her demand,

"Where is the director of this show!?" her shout so loud and high-pitched I guessed from the sudden rushing sound of people inside ready to do whatever she deemed or commanded, that my mum Felicity Groves. Was not happy.


Getting up slowly I winced at my elbow to which Janey had already smeared antiseptic on before sticking on a band aid,

"What movie, what movie..." Lina was thinking aloud as she grabbed all our bags threw them over one arm and began twirling a stray wisp of her gorgeous red hair.

"Horror, action and sci-fi don't sound to fun, so lets do romance" she declared looking at both of us her eyes wide with excitement, I gave the first slightly genuine, quirk of a smile I had after the fight all day and it grew slightly wider at the sight of Janey giving her a do-you-have-brains stare with equally wide eyes. It soon disappeared though as down the hall the paparazzi began chatting with someone who then brushed them off. Her heels clicked rhythmically on the floor and her teeth shined as she threw everyone in her presence a cheesy, million-dollar smile. I tried not to flinch as her eyes met mine and I heard Janey make a small cat like growl beside me when that smile changed to a satisfied smirk as Mary Dow pushed a strand of her beautiful, dead-straight, golden-brown hair behind one ear... When she passed us and went into the room beside us before we headed past trying our best not to look inside.

"Niall..." she cooed, and suddenly I felt like my heart was breaking all over again.


*          *          *          *          *

The next morning I woke up slamming down my alarm and looking around to see Janey with her head facing down and off the end of my bed sleeping away whilst Lina sat up and alert on her bean bag... At least that was what I thought before her head snapped forward and her glasses dropped off her face her closed eyes with the words 'Niall' and 'sucks' on either eyelid in black eye liner. I slowly got out of bed wincing as my elbow hit the side of my desk as I crept over to the windows, pushing the curtains apart just a bit before slamming them closed that bit and a little more when I saw the paparazzi still camped outside. Walking out of my bedroom I padded heavily down the stairs before walking into the kitchen to see my dad sipping his morning coffee as he read the paper, he looked up before a wary look of caution spread across his face. Sitting at my usual seat at the island bench he pushed me my toast and I began to butter it just before he spoke,

"Maddie... I just want to let you know, I never meant to punish you in any way when I sent you to Redmonds. The truth is I just felt you were being a little too... sheltered at the Catholic school that's why your mother and I moved you there. I'm sorry for not being around lately but... well, you know I'm here if you ever want to talk about anything" he said gently. Good, old dad. He always knew the right things to say, never to ask more questions but only to say what he felt was necessary. I looked up and forced a small smile,

"It's okay dad, it's not your fault" I said my voice breaking a little before I turned back to my toast my eyes brimming with tears. It was my fault, everything was my fault.


I sat there for a moment staring down at my toast before I heard a sudden thud both my dad and I turning to see Lina stack it before her and Janey rushed down the stairs.

"Good morning girls" my dad said, both of them flashing their I'm-a-little-angel smiles (which I swore worked every time).

"Oh, no, no, no... I'm going to be late for school!" Janey complained running around and trying to gather all her stuff.

"Good morning girls" my mother chimed as she came into the kitchen from the side hallway her reading glasses on as she scanned a few papers she looked up for a moment.

"What on Earth are you two doing?" she asked confusion creeping into her voice,

"Going to school?" Lina said phrasing her answer as more of a question as she kept her eyes lowered and glued on her shoe laces whilst she did the whole bunny-around-the-rabbit-hole routine. She wasn't exactly a quick learner when it came to things like that.

"Oh, didn't I already tell you? I called both your parents and all three of you are just going to stay here for today" my mum announced causing both the girls to turn to her in shock and disbelief.

"I had a calculus test" Janey said,

"Felicity babes you are: The Bomb" Lina exclaimed a huge grin reaching from ear to ear, as she did a little victory dance a snort of laughter emerging from my dad who when I glanced at him had his paper up in front of his face trying to stifle the laughter inside that was shaking the island bench.

"Dad, let it out" I said numbly turning back to my toast, before my dad burst out laughing for a few seconds before wiping a tear from his eye setting his newspaper down on the table and grabbing his work bag took one last sip of coffee before Josh came running out of the hallway his bag slung over his shoulder and his hair a mess.

"Dad. Lift" he panted, before they both rushed outside of the house slamming the door behind them.

"Late?" Janey guessed, my mum and I nodded in unison,

"Always" we said.


Janey and Lina had come to join me on the table to eat some breakfast whilst my mum went to chat on the phone, I tried to concentrate on eating but my mind was full of Niall and the sudden turn of events the day before. Why was life so unfair? One second I was the happiest girl alive the next I was being laughed at by fate as if it wanted me to eat dirt and die from the hurt I felt inside. My heart ached as I thought of Mary talking to Niall, what were they talking about? I sure didn't think the subject list was too long... I'd probably been their bait of conversation, I couldn't imagine Niall saying anything bad since he was always such a nice guy but I could surely imagine Mary bagging me out to the boy of my dreams. A cough emerged from beside me startling me back into reality and away from the bothering thoughts of my own minds making, Lina was looking also at the perpetrator - Janey. She lowered her hand from her mouth before taking a long sip of OJ and slowly looked at us,

"Okay, so after Zayn started kissing me suddenly on those stairs that time... Did you think we were together?" she asked, I rolled my eyes turning back to my half-eaten piece of toast, taking a bite.

"Duh, you were both sucking-face like leeches" Lina exclaimed, causing me to choke on my now cold piece of toast I quickly spat it out earning a noise of disgust before I downed a huge gulp of my own orange juice before turning to Lina and Janey. Janey was blushing. Badly,

"Well I like Louis. Zayn's nice and all... But his really egoistic?" she said looking at us both for some kind of agreement that Zayn was an egoist. I guess that wasn't to hard to believe, we both nodded slowly.

"So..." she continued.


The knock at the door shocked us all as we jumped, I walked over to the front door and my eye went to the eye-hole before I felt my heart crack again as a small sob of disbelief escaped my lips. I opened the door and let Niall in before closing it.

"In case you thought I was here to make up with you, your wrong" he said his eyes glued on my face, I didn't even notice the stinging of tears that weren't falling from my eyes as I stared at him back. Niall was staring at me. He was in my house. Niall Horan was... He handed me an envelope,

"I understand that part of what I said was a bit..." he sighed regretfully,

"Unfair. But I think it's for the best that..." he said.


"Your such a liar" Lina said, we turned to her in shock. She got up and strode over slowly,

"You, Niall Horan are one big liar" she said stopping inches away from him she pointed an accusing finger at his chest.

"You..." she said her voice cracking a little before she maintained her cool composure,

"You took my best-friends heart and stepped on it yesterday" she growled angrily, a tear rolled down my cheek as Niall looked down in shame,

"She didn't deserve what you did to her. She didn't deserve any of this crap you and bloody-Mary set up for her" she said. Before I knew it Janey was by her side,

"She was never after your fame Niall..." she said gently, calmly, I looked at my two best-friends in wonder. How they could do this for me was beyond my imagination...

"She loved you and you spat her out..." Lina snapped, causing him to glance at me and the tears glistening as they rolled down my cheeks, I saw the pain, I saw the hurt but I also saw the guilt and the heart-brake. I hadn't been the only one hurt.

"If there's anyone who's going to decide that 'this'..." Lina motioned with sass as she waved her perfectly manicured and pedicured pointer finger like a magic wand,

"It's going to be..."

"Maddie" they both said in unison. Niall nodded slowly he looked up at me, before I saw his expression change.

"I never meant to hurt you Mads..." he said turning back to me,

"And to be honest I want to be with you... But I just don't think I deserve it..." he said slowly. I reached out to touch him, comfort him, let him know I knew what he meant but he pulled away only hurting me more.

"Don't comfort me Maddie. It's all on me. You don't deserve me..." he said making my heart only ache the more,

"You deserve better" he said opening back open the front door, and within the flash of a second the door closed, and Niall... He was gone.

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