Spring romance


1. Contemprorary magic

Spring. The season when everything glooms and blooms. When the whole world wakes up and starts to live again. When we leave the hats and gloves at home and start wearing lighter clothes. Spring is the time for change, the time for something new. For Ashley and Ben - the time for new love. They are sitting in the park right now, he is holding many pink balloons filled with hellium which would fly away if you just let them. Just like the balloons Ashley would fly away in a second. She is so happy. Ben is with her. They are together, and in this moment everything is idealy perfect. She feels so blessed just to have this one afternoon alone with him. After all this time, after everything that happened. But it's all gone now, because none of it matters. It's just Ben and Ashley. Nothing else is included in the picture.

A kid is passing by, she is eating an ice cream, but in a second the ice cream falls on the ground. The kid starts crying, tears are falling down her cheeks and she is shouting with all the voice she has. Everyone is disturbed, but not Ben, not Ashley. They simply just remain in their own dreamy world. Closed in a bubble as some people would describe it. People say it's like that when you are inlove. I don't know, I never was in love, but looking at them I think people are right. Lovers really do care about themselves only. And when they are together nothing can separate them. Like they have this hidden bond that is stronger than anything. It's magic. It's the only thing that cannot be explained by science. Love. It's going against your biological instinct. To care about someone else more than you care about yourself. If you ask me this sounds like a witch waved her magical wand. It's like it came out of a fairytale, like it came out of the Harry Potter books. If you ask me this is the only thing in our ordinary lives that can be taken out of there. Everything else can be explained, everything else has a reason.

Of course love is also hard, as people say. It's not always a sweet fairytale. If you get it wrong it can be horrible. It can destroy a whole friendship or even a whole family. If you are a wizard who did not do his homework you can create a huge mess in class. Like magic, love needs experience. The more you practise it the better you get.

But Ashley and Ben are just starting, they have a lot of mistakes to make. They have lots of time the perfect this spell. And at the end I am sure they will be qualified even to teach it.

After all they started at nowhere. They started even before that magical afternoon. They started one year ago in another park. They were at a birthday party and she was in charge of decoration, he was just helping. Well, the party got cancelled and he was stuck with ten pink balloons filled with hellium. This is when they met. When it all started. For them pink balloons=Love. They started as two people who don't even know magic and now they are studying it.

And don't be fooled. I mean every type of love. Sister love, friend love, parent love, childlove. They all have one thing in common - LOVE.

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