Assassination: The Stone Of Ages

An archaeologist/assassin has turned down working with a society for years, called: The Arc.

When the Rossetta Stone is stolen, she joins, hunting down the thieves.

But why did this artifact cause her to join the Society she so despised and turned down? Only time will tell...........


5. The Call..

At the mansion, Alexis browsed the web for news of her murders in the hotel, nobody got to see her face and most of the people who could are now dead, due to suicide or heart attacks, Alexis often made that happen. Maybe it was because she jumped of a huge building.

Some news reports suspected her dead and some thought she made a miraculous escape. They are going to abort the investigation.

She had a missed call, from her father, congratulating her. She organized a meet up when she rang back, her father was an archaeologist aswell, and a security guard at the Natural History museum, he loved it. He mentioned the Rosetta Stone in the voice mail, he said she could come down and see it. That'd be awesome, dad! she said in the message, they were meeting at the museum in two days, to observe the Stone of Ages, three ages infact: Greek, Demotic(The more posh greek language, for the higher up members of that civilisation.) and Egyptian. She was fascinated as a child, and still now!


She sat down with Jaque, nursing a cup of tea. She told him about the Stone and how they would go and see it. His eyes widened as she talked.

''So dad invited us there, are you okay driving?'' She asked, taking a sip of tea.

''It's the Rosetta Stone, I'd drive through the Bermuda Triangle to see it.'' He laughed. Alexis smiled, her perfect white teeth lifting Jaques heart and her laugh warming him up inside.


The phone rang.

Alexis got up and answered it.

''Hello?'' She asked.

''Alexis Caesar, your father is dead. Shot through the head with a sniper rifle. The Rosetta Stone has been stolen, your father gave his life for it, for you to see it.'' The voice answered.

''W-What? My father is alive, I was talking to him an hour ago.. Who are you?'' She questioned the voice.

''He's dead. 19 minutes ago, he was shot, his last wish was for you to get it back and avenge him.'' The voice finished, deep and monotone. Alexis seemed to remember it.

''I SAID WHO IS IT? TELL ME! MY FATHER IS DEAD AND TRY AND TELL ME TO AVENGE HIM! YOUR LYING! WHOVER YOU ARE!'' She roared down the phone. Jaque rose and put a hand on her back. Alexis started to tear up.

''It's... The Arc. If your going to avenge your father, meet us at the Museum tomorrow. At 12 noon.'' A low bleep ended the call.

''Jaque, we're joining the Arc. We set off for London at dawn.'' She said, anger in her voice... 

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