Assassination: The Stone Of Ages

An archaeologist/assassin has turned down working with a society for years, called: The Arc.

When the Rossetta Stone is stolen, she joins, hunting down the thieves.

But why did this artifact cause her to join the Society she so despised and turned down? Only time will tell...........


1. The Arc..

The Arc is a secret society linked to the FBI and the SAS.

A society of Archaeologists and assassins seeking and protecting the worlds most precious relics and treasures, from the treasures in the tomb of Tutankamen to the fire that burned in the Lighthouse of Alexandria, they have it.

The Arc however, is the magic that flows through the earths core powering all the magic that is inside the relics and treasures, but some dark forces plan to capture the force and use it for evil. That is where the Assassins come in..



 An Authors Note:

Hello there fans!

This is my new story that I plan to blow your socks off with, or at least your hat!

This story will include some violence and maybe some romantic scenes, but I haven't planned that far, I'll have to see!!

I want all of your feedback and hope you enjoy it!


Scott Rutherford(Scotty Boy)


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