Assassination: The Stone Of Ages

An archaeologist/assassin has turned down working with a society for years, called: The Arc.

When the Rossetta Stone is stolen, she joins, hunting down the thieves.

But why did this artifact cause her to join the Society she so despised and turned down? Only time will tell...........


4. Surprise..

''We're Going Home!!'' Japue chimed. Slapping the wall, making all the noise he could, this probably woke the whole hotel up, at least it got Caesar out of bed.

Alexis stretched and had a steaming hot  shower and noticed the wound on her arm, oozing out blood. Damn it, she thought. She got oit of the shower and pulled on a bath robe, still showing her arm of course.

''Ermmm.. Jaque, I forgot to tell you..'' Alexis said, pointing at the blood. Jaque instantly rumaged through his first aid pack, producing stitches and antiseptic spray.

''This may be painful..'' He warned. The spray rested in the wound, cleaning with pain. A moment later, the needle penetrated her skin, pulling thread, sticking the wound together, after three stitches he cast of and sprayed once more.

''Just like new!'' Alexis praised, smiling and poking the stitches.


Once changed and packed, with the urn in hand luggage, Alexis tore the arms from her jacket, getting rid of the bullet hole. She flexed her muscly arms, making sure the stitches weren't going to pop out mid flight.


The airport was pretty straight forward, in winter, a while before christmas, it wasn't very busy. They waited, Alexis studied the architecture, thick marble supports and glass domes decorating and making the announcements quite loud and people talking loud. This building was remarkable.


The plane was completely full, however unlike the building, Jaque explained all about the engines and plumbing systems, Alexis listened, in case she ever needed information like this.. The trip passed by.

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