Assassination: The Stone Of Ages

An archaeologist/assassin has turned down working with a society for years, called: The Arc.

When the Rossetta Stone is stolen, she joins, hunting down the thieves.

But why did this artifact cause her to join the Society she so despised and turned down? Only time will tell...........


3. Escape..

Alexis' assassin training kicked in, along with adreniline.

Her eyes trained at the road below. Watching, in freefall, she unzips her jacket, keeping the urn safe, and she jerks upwards slightly and slows the flight... THERE! A lorry, this was her chance to get away.

Alexis straightened. Hands in front of her, holding the urn, and her legs straight, she rocketed to the to the road.

With a sudden bump, she landed, safely and as quiet as she could get. It reminded her of the mission in '09, dangerous but extremely thrilling, the way she liked it.

She steadied herself on the lorry and waited until it was close to her luxury hotel, she couldn't wait to get back home, her rural mansion in the English Penines, now that was the best life could get to. The hotel approached in the distance, as well as a lamp post that she could slip down, at this time of night, not many were around to witness a woman jumping from a lorry, and if they were out at this time, they'd be too drunk to remember in the morning.

Her arms reached up and the lightbulb yanked into her hand and she forced her legs into the air. She swung round like a gymnast and then her legs wrapped around the black metal post and she slid carefully to the bottom.



''Alexis, you got it back? I don't know how you do it..'' Praised Jaque, a french ''friend'' of hers, he didn't have an accent, but he could switch to french in an instant. Alot of people back home thought they were a couple, which they weren't but they had a very special relationship, one of a kind.

''No, you don't know how I do it, thats right.. If you did, I'd have to shoot you.'' Alexis replied, grinning and hugging the urn against her chest. She was tired, incredibly tired, and Jaque noticed.

''Sleep. I'll wake you in the morning for your flight back.'' He said. Jaque wasn't a butler as such, but he served has an.. apprentice, if you will.. though he is the mechanic and engineer, he could build cars, planes, guns and once on a mission in Peru, he made a gas camper cooker, hes pretty outstanding...

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