Assassination: The Stone Of Ages

An archaeologist/assassin has turned down working with a society for years, called: The Arc.

When the Rossetta Stone is stolen, she joins, hunting down the thieves.

But why did this artifact cause her to join the Society she so despised and turned down? Only time will tell...........


2. Alexis Caesar


I am Alexis Caesar. A trained Assassin with a degree in Archaeology and a gun licence: All I need to be dangerous...

I'm 21, blond hair with deep blue streaks and blue eyes, the same colour as each other. Many men try to chase me, some get too touchy and get threatened with a bullet. Apparently I'm gorgeous, stunning, they are just words: I'd rather be agile, fast and damn right dangerous.

Now, I would like to welcome you to my world:

Skimming through the night-sky like a stone in a lake, Alexis felt the cool winter air pass her by, but she was trained to survive blizzards naked, this was nothing. Buildings crunched as she pounced of the frosty roofs. Then she landed on the edge of a grand hotel in New York, a long way from home. As she strutted towards the stairs leading into the Hotel, she whipped a pistol from the inside of her leather jacket. Her combat boots clanged on the metal steps, not usual for an assassin, a normally quiet being. She didn't care. The Roman mosaic urn would be hers, it was rightfully hers in the first place, she wanted it back.

521A, was the room number, there was 600 rooms and 100 rooms on each floor, she jumps into an elevator and presses the number five which glowed red when she pressed. Ding-Dong, the doors closed and the lift fell immediately to floor 5.

She speed walked along the corridor, counting the door numbers.. 519A.. 520A... Here it is: 521A.

She banged on the door, it opened a moment later.

''Room service..'' She said, slamming the butt of the gun into his head.

She stepped over him and looked at the urn, on a low table, Mine!.

A group of olive skinned men hurried out of another room, all armed with guns and clubs.

''Mint?'' She questioned, almost laughing, she pulled the trigger 4 times and hardly moved, but four theives dropped and the others fired their machine guns, she jumps behind a black leather sofa and shoots, taking out one more theif, two left.

Her hand reached to the other side of her jacket and she produced another pistol and shot with each gun, they fell after their final attempt to kill her failed. Though it injured her, a bullet flew into her shoulder.

''Oh Damnit! Aaaarrghhhhhhh!'' She screamed, ripping the bullet out with the tweezers that were on the side of the bathroom two metres to her left.

An alarm chimed through the hotel, Alexis grabbed the urn and sprinted out of the room and to the room, security guards following. A blast of cold air hit her when the roof welcomed her back, she ran for the edge of the building.

''STOP! Put the gun down!'' They shouted.

''No.. You..'' She yelled back.

She leant back and freefell to the road below.......

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