Beach Time <3

Two girls go to the beach and randomly find Niall and Harry <3


2. The Next Morning

-The Next Morning-&nbsp; Niall: Goodmorning love &lt;3 how was your sleep ?&nbsp; You: it was amazing, the feeling wrapped in your arms was the most wonderful thing in the world &lt;3&nbsp; Niall: haha awe I feel special (:&nbsp; Harry: wake up sweety, come on let's have a good breakfast with the others.&nbsp; Me: Harry I'm up(: now let's eat I'm starving &gt;.&lt;&nbsp; Harry: haha okay let's get the food ready !&nbsp; Me and you got the food ready for the two boys . Niall had wanted bacon,eggs, and pancakes . Harry just wanted some French toast .&nbsp; You: Niall can I see you do your Irish dance ?&nbsp; Niall: no its embarrassing :3&nbsp; You: no it not, come on please ?&nbsp; Niall: fine but only because you asked for it (;&nbsp; Niall had done his little Irish dance and you were right there watching him dance .&nbsp; You: NIALL!&nbsp; Niall: what did I do something wrong?&nbsp; You: haha no silly, you dance beautifully ! I love it ! &lt;3&nbsp; Niall: haha maybe I should do this more often, just to see that cute little smile of yours .&nbsp; You: haha awe. If you want to keep it on my face then give me a little kiss .&nbsp; Niall went to you and grabbed your waist and pulled you closer .&nbsp; Niall: how is this for that smile ?&nbsp; Niall had gave you the most passionate kiss you ever had in your entire life.&nbsp; You: it was great love&lt;3&nbsp;
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