Beach Time <3

Two girls go to the beach and randomly find Niall and Harry <3


1. Ready <3

Me and You were getting ready for the beach . We had our towels , lunch, and our umbrella ready . So went to our room to change . You had this Green bikini top && I had an Orange one but we decided not to wear the bikini underwear cause it was to flashy, so we just wore our jean blue short shorts . We had everything ready . So we headed off to the beach . 

-At The Beach- 
Me: Hey it's really getting hot, you wnna just wet our feet ? 
You: sure, let me just put the towels down. 
Me and you went to go wet our feet in the water. 
You: hey check it out I see two hot boys over there 
Me: haha ik right I was about to tell you ! 
You: okay let's stop looking we're making it obvious . 
Me: Lmfao okay . 
So we began to wet each other until you noticed that the two hot guys were coming towards us . 
You:There coming ! 
Me: oh god uhm just keep doing what we were doing . 
You: act natural lol jkay . 
The two guys got closer and closer until we noticed it was Niall and Harry .
Niall: Hey ladies, we seen you from far having fun. We thought maybe we could join .
Harry: uhm yeah it was all my idea just saying . 
Niall had smiled at you and gave you a flirty look . Then Harry winked at me and just started to flirt like him being him . 
You: haha sure (; 
Me: yes of course ! 
Niall: alright then . 
Niall had pushed you in the water completely . You got up soaking wet . He went running and you after him. Harry was about to push me in the water, until I pushed him first . Harry got up soaking wet going after me. Niall had tripped in a bunch of seaweed and you fell right on top of him. 
Niall: haha Oh god you caught me . 
You: haha it looks like I did (: 
Niall: uhm I getting kinda hungry
You: haha oh Niall, uhm I have some Nandos in my basket you want some?
Niall: oh gosh thank the lord we met this lovely beautiful girl. 
You: haha Niall . Let's go eat ? 
Niall: haha yay ! 
You and Niall went to where our umbrella and towels were at eating Nandos and looking at me and Harry. 
Harry had catched up to me and got me by the waist and turned me around and leaned for a kiss . 
You looked at me with a surprised look ! You never thought I'd kiss back. 
Niall: hey I know I just met you, and this is kinda all of a sudden . 
You: but whaaa 
Niall had cut you off by giving you a passionate kiss . Niall pulled away .
You: Niall? 
Niall: haha 
He started to give you little kisses in the neck.
You: Niall stop haha your teasing me!
Niall: Good(; but don't worry I'm not going to. 
You; okay hah . 
-Me and Harry- 
Harry: I'm sorry I just couldn't resist those red lips . 
Me: haha Wow Harry you would . 
Harry: yeah I would . And imma about to do it again. 
-Later On-
Niall and Harry took us to their place and we had watched movies all that night . I had fell asleep in Harry's arms and Harry fell asleep holding me . 
You: Niall there sleeping . 
Niall: Can we do the same ? (: 
You: yeah sure .
Niall didn't want to fall asleep in the couch . So he took you to the room and you had laid right next to him . 
Niall: it's only been one day and I already fell in love with you . 
You: Awe ;') Niall I fell in love to <3 
Niall: can I ask you something ? 
You : yes ! Of course . 
Niall: can you make me a sandwich ? 
You: lol yeah Baloni or Ham ? 
Niall: haha I was just kidding, my question was if you wanted to go out with me ? 
You: yes Niall I would . 
Niall: yes ! Haha okay let's go to sleep now (: 
You: okay love, foodnight. 
Niall: don't say that imma get hungry! 
You: hah okay :3 
Niall: Goodnight <3 
You: Night<3<3  
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