With You

Keeley and Niall have been best friends for years, and have fell in love with each other from day one. But when they finally confess their love for each other will the friendship stay the same? Or will they both crumble? Find out in With You! Based on the song by Chris Brown!


6. The Date

I got home about 4 hours ago and immediately started panicking over my date with Niall tonight. That's gonna take a while to get used to. My DATE with NIALL. My best friend. Weird. I had half an hour to get to Niall's and I was as ready as I could get. I was wearing a simple shirt with my Jack Wills hoodie, and Denim jeans over my TOMS. I grabbed my keys and my iPhone, and got in my mercades. In 20 minutes I was driving up Niall's drive way and my breath got caught in the back of my throat. Here goes nothing. My date with my nest friend. I sighed and got out, locking the car doors and heading up to Niall's door. I ran the door bell and almost immediately I was greeted by his smile again. It never failed to make me go weak in the knees. Niall moved out the way for me to come in and I was basically tripping over my own feet at the sight. Niall set up about a dozen candles all around the living room and there was roses scattered all over the floor; and in the middle of it all was two red cusions and a whole meal set up. I froze and my eyes widened. I immediately regretted not wearing something a bit more flashy. 
"I should've worn something better" I whispered, half to myself.
"No. You look amazing" Niall's whispered voice came from behind me. I yelped slightly becuase he scared me but Niall just chuckled softly. He took my hand and led me over to the cusions, sitting down with me. The whole time I couldn't take my eyes off the roses and meal around me. It looked amazing and so did Niall.
"Be right back babe" Niall whispered before getting up and going to the kitchen. He came back a few minutes later with some glasses and a bottle of red wine. I sucked in a breath and smile devilishly, knowing well how I couldn't resist red wine. Niall smirked and sat back down next to me, handing me a glass and pouring some wine in it and then in his glass. He put the wine bottle down and stared at me for what felt like an eternity., before he finally spoke up.
"Keeley, I know this might ruin everything we have, but I can't stand it anymore. When you played 7 minutes in heaven with Harry, I could have died then and there. Ever since the first day I met you, I couldn't get you off my mind. Your smile, your laugh, everything just stayed glue into my head but I didn't want to say anything incase it ruined my chances of being with you. Since the 3rd of October, 2016, I have loved you. I love you Keeley" Niall said, almost whispering by the end. A tear rolled down your cheek and you hugge Niall tightly.
"I've felt the same since I met you too Niall. Your smile makes my day, especially if it's the first thing I see. Your the sweetest, and cutest person I have ever met and I love you to Niall" I said. Niall smiled and I sucked in another breath, trying to stay calm.
"So. Will you be my girlfriend Keeley?" Niall asked, buting his bottom lip.
"Yes!" I squealed, almost jumping into Niall's lap with delight. Finally. I've been waiting to hear those words for  6 years. This day is the best day of my life. I hugge Niall again and when we pulled away, we stared into each other's eyes before Niall starte leaning in. I leaned in a well and the second our lips touched, sparks were flying and in my head I was having a party and getting wasted. His lips on mine was the best feeling in the world and I wouldn't trade this for all the money in the world. We kissed for a good few minutes before we pulled away, breathless. Out fore heads were resting together while we just stared into each other's eyes. Now I knew what he'd been hiding behind his eyes.
"Make love to me..." I whispered to him, not breaking the eye contact.
"Are you sure babe?" Niall asked. He knew I was a virgin and was being careful about it, but I nodded.
"Yes. I've never been more sure in my life. I love you and I trust you. So please...Make love to me" I said. Niall kissed me again, a little bit harder this time, but it wasn't heated like Harry's ones, this was full of love. Niall put his hands on my shoulders lightly and pushed me back so I was lying on the floor, my head resting against a soft pillow and our eyes never breaking contact.
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