With You

Keeley and Niall have been best friends for years, and have fell in love with each other from day one. But when they finally confess their love for each other will the friendship stay the same? Or will they both crumble? Find out in With You! Based on the song by Chris Brown!


2. The Beach

Once we got to the beach, I saw 4 tall and seriously good looking guys. They were all so flawless and hot like Niall. Niall grinned and we got out, heading over to them. I remembered I was wearing a bikini and tried to cover myself up with my towel but Niall took it pff me and ran towards to 4 hot guys. I cursed at him and ran after him. When he got to the 4 guys he dropped the towel and sat down on a chair that had been set up, and caught his breath back. I sat on the sand and pouted at Niall while he just smirked.
"You suck Niall" I said.
"I know. But you love me anyway. I told you that you look amazing anyway. And you do" Niall said, grinning like an idiot again. I rolled my eyes and took my towel off the floor, shaking all the sand off it, and then wrapping it around my shoulders. 
"Alright then miss grumpy. That's Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn" Niall smirked, pointing to each of the boys. They all said hi and they definitely weren't Irish.
"You guys are British" I commented, looking up at them standing around me.
"Yes we are love" The tall, curly haired boy said. 
"And your australian...?" He asked.
"Yup! Moved here about 6 years ago coz I was sick of Aus and I met Niall at the airport and we've been friends ever since" I explained.
"Best friends" Niall corrected me.
"Yeah. Best friends" I smiled at Niall. 
"You guys look really close. I'm Harry" The curly haired boy said again.
"I'm Keeley" I said, taking Harry's hand as he offered to help me up from my sulking position.
"Pretty name" Harry said. I blushed and Niall coughed awkwardly and Harry did this sort of hair flip thing and I felt my knees go weak. It was so hot.
"Come on Harold! Let's go in the water!" This cute-looking older guy said.
"Ok!" Harry replied and winked at me before taking his shirt off and running in the water with the cute boy.
"That's Louis, they're like best friends and have a bromance called Larry Stylinson" A tall boy with dark eyes and a quiff said. I smiled at him and looked over to the two boys splashing around in the water, laughing at Harry because he fell over.
"I'm Zayn" The dark eyed boy said. I smiled at him and bit my bottom lip, getting lost in his deep brown eyes.
"It's too quiet" I said, snapping myself out of the trance Zayn had on me. I grabbed my iPhone and plugged it into a small speaker Niall brought, pressing play. The first song that came on was Nothin Really Matters by David Guetta and Will I Am. Niall got up off his chair and pulled me with him to dance. I squealed and laughed as Niall started singing a long.
"Watchin the world. Watchin them all go insane." Niall spun me around and continued singing with a beautiful voice I never even knew he had.
"Look at em all. Look at em do evil things. So I go out and dance. Party my problems away. Look at me now. Look at me dancing again. In a club nothing really matters. In a club nothing really matters. In a club nothing really matters. In a club nothing really matters" Niall smiled widely and grabbed my hands, dancing around on the sand with me while we laughed. When it got to the breakdown bit, Niall picked me up by my waist and spun us around and we went loony dancing really weirdly and laughing. I managed to get out of Niall's tight grasp on my waist and run away from him, while he chased after me, hot on my heels. The tall, gold-haired boy motioned for me to go to him so I did. I ran straight into him and he pushed me behind him, covering me up completely fom Niall. I hugged him from behind as Niall tried getting to me but failed and gave up after a few minutes. I sighed and released my grip on the boy and sat next to Niall on his chair, hugging him side-on and giggling at his failed attempt to get to me. 
"I'm Liam by the way" The gold-haired boy said. 
"And your not wanted by the way" Niall grizzled and I laughed.
"Your just jealous" I said and poked my tongue out at Niall.
"Meh" Niall groaned. He fell backwards against the chair and closed his eyes against the sunlight. I took my sunnies off and put them on Niall's eyes instead. I saw Harry sneaking up the beach towards me and put his finger to his lips, signalling for me to be quiet. I grinned and tried to hold in a giggle. Harry got to me un-noticed by Niall and picked me up, throwing me over his shoulders. I squealed and Niall's head shot up, glasses falling off as he quickly got up an ran towards Harry, who was almost in the water with me.
"Niall!" I half squealed, half laughed. Niall was gaining speed and fast. He almost had me but Harry sped up as well and threw me intothe water. I went under and came back up, laughing like an idiot while trying to swim out further and away from Harry. Niall caught up to me though and went under me, coming back up with me on his shoulders. He swam back to shore and got out of the water, me still on his shoulders. Niall ran over to his chair and knelt down so I could get off. As soon as I was off, I sat on his chair and he started tickling me, knowing well of how ticklish I am. I squealed and Niall eventually stopped. We both stared into each other's eyes and got lost completely. Suddenly, Niall started leaning towards me when someone coughed awkwardly and we both snapped our heads up. Niall scratched the back of my head and I grabbed my iPhone hesitantly, my cheeks bright red. 
"Um...So what's for lunch?" I asked.
"We brought some Nando's with us. Dig in!" Liam said as he opened an esky full of Nando's. Me and Niall smiled brightly. Nando's was our favourite food. We were the first ones in the esky to grab food, and we sat down, forgetting the little show we put on before. Everyone laughed and withing 20 minutes we were all finished and decided to play volley ball.
"I want Keeley in my team!" Harry yelled. I burst into laughter and smirked at Harry.
"I want to be in Liam's team!" I whined, winking at Liam. He looked the fittest so I wanted to be in his team to win.
"It's settled then! Me, Keeley and Liam. And Louis, Zayn and Niall!" Harry said happily, grabbing me by the arm and pulling me over to the other side of the net we set up. Liam followed after. 
"Niall's serve!" I shouted, grabbing the ball an throwing it to Niall, knowing how bad he sucked at serving. He gave me a death glare and I just laughed it off. Niall hit the ball but it went into the net and I laughed.
"Oh my god! That was your biggest hit ever!! I'm so proud Nialler!" I squealed and laughed at him. He glared at me again and we won the first point.

It's been 20 minutes and so far we're in the lead on 38 points and Niall's team is on 32. We decided to call it a game and we went back to our seat to rest for a bit. I put my sunnies on again and put my towel out for me to lye on so I could get a tan. After who knows how long, I felt tired and started drifting off to sleep.

"Keeley, babe. Wake up hon" I heard a voice say. I winced as I opened my eyes, still tired.
"Harry...?" I said, sitting up. I was in an apartment I didn't recognize and Harry was shirtless.
"Yeah babe. You fell asleep at the beach so we brought you to mine and Louis' place and the other lads are in my pool. I thought I should wake you up since you've been asleep for about 4 hours. It's dark now" Harry explained. I was starting to wake up and so I stood up, realising I was in another pair of my clothes. My eyes widened and I started freaking out.
"Don't worry babe. Niall went to your house and changed you, none of us saw anything I swear!" Harry chuckled. I grabbed my chest in relief and Harry led me out to the pool.
"Are you gonna go swimming or just chill?" Harry asked as we headed outside.
"I think I'll just chill. Thanks Harry" I said. When we got to the pool everyone saw me and yelled my name, making me laugh.
"I'm not swimming!" I yelled back at them, sitting down on a poolside chair and enjoying myself. It's hard not to when there's 4 hot guys shirtless and my sexy Nialler shirtless. I just watched them all splash around for about half an hour until they all called it a day and dried off, heading inside again, me following behind.
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