With You

Keeley and Niall have been best friends for years, and have fell in love with each other from day one. But when they finally confess their love for each other will the friendship stay the same? Or will they both crumble? Find out in With You! Based on the song by Chris Brown!


7. Intruders

I felt someone rubbing their fingers on my cheek and my eyes fluttered open. The first thing I saw was Niall's beautiful smile.
"Morning babe" He whispered. I smiled back at him, grabbing the hand he rubbed my cheek with; and kissing it.
"Morning" I replied. I sat up and rubbe the sleep from my eyes. Niall sat up as well and rested my head on his shoulder.
"Last night was incredible" He whispered again.
"It was. I'm glad I lost it to you" I whispered back, looking up at Niall and smiling. He smiled back and kissed my cheek.
"What's for breakfast?" I asked. Niall shrugged. Just then we heard the front door slam and I jumped.
"It's ok babe. It's probably just the boys" Niall said. I relaxed and realised I was still naked. I quickly crawled up the bed and hid my body under the covers again before the boys could see me. Niall didn't though and I was guessing because they'd already seen him naked.
"Where are you guys?!" We heard Harry yell from downstairs.
"Up here!" Niall yelled back. I sank my head into my pillow and readied myself for the guys' banter. One by one all the boys piled into the room and one by one they all saw us and wolf whistled. I blushed and flipped over so my body was facing down and my face was hidden in the pillow. I felt the bed move, signalling that all the boys were sitting on the bed. Great. Just what every naked girl needs. Five boys sitting on your bed.
"So...Didn't get top dirty I hope" Harry said, and I could just hear the smirk in his voice.
"Argh!" I growled, but my voice was muffled my pillow.
"Wait! Are you still naked?! HAHAHA" Louis laughed. I flipped myself over again and sat up, holding the covers tightly around myself.
"What's it to you?" I frowned. They all laughed this time and I leaned into Niall's chest, sighing and wishing they would just go away so I could get dressed.
"Why do they have a key to your place?" I asked Niall.
"You have a key" He replied.
"Yes but I have a better excuse as to why I have a key. And I have an excuse as to why they shouldn't have a key"
"And why shouldn't they?" Niall smirked.
"Well in case you didn't notice...I'm naked!" I rolled my eyes.
"Oh I noticed! I'm th reason your naked." Niall wiggled his eye brows and I smirked at him.
"Ok come on lads! Leave her change now!" Liam said, pushing all the boys out of the room.
"Thanks Liam" I mouthed to him as he closed the door. He winked and then we were alone again.
"Urgh! Now I can put some close on" I said and got out of bed.
"I don't see why you have to" Niall smiled cheekily.
"Hmm. Let's see. Oh yeah! There's 4 hormonal crazed boys downstairs!" I giggled.
"Right. Anyway I still have a pair of your close in the wardrobe from my party last year" Niall said.
"That's where they went! I've been looking for them for ages!" I said and quickly changed.
"Thanks babe!" I said after I was dressed. I kissed Niall's cheek and pulled him up so we could go downstairs.
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