moments with one direction

On holiday i go to a beach party with my bestfriend and we see niall horan sitting down bby himself we go over and a amazing memory happens


3. the moments over

Suddenly,I heard loads of screaming a slow song had just came on and we started slow dancing.It was loads of girls I thought the might have saw Niall,but they hadn't they were chasing after Zayn and Harry the security guard quickly let them in and blocked off all the screaming fans.Jill quickly ran over to Harry and started flirting with him I laughed.But I was happy for her after all he was flirting back.

Zayn ran over to Niall and said that they needed to go to a meeting with Simon urgently.Niall said ok and then her turned around and kissed me I blushed.Then he asked for my number I quickly scribbled it down and gave it to him he said goodbye to me then walked off with Zayn and Harry.

Jill came over to me screaming.She shouted "you just kissed Niall Horan!"                                                                                         I laughed and nodded my head  she told me Harry asked her out a date they were going out tomorrow night I smiled at her and told her Niall asked for my number.

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