moments with one direction

On holiday i go to a beach party with my bestfriend and we see niall horan sitting down bby himself we go over and a amazing memory happens


2. let the party begin

We arrived at the party.The smell of BBQ was drifting in the air,music was blasting.Everyone was smiling having fun;enjoying life-apart from one person.He was sitting down on a old picnic bench by himself.I froze.I gently tapped jill on the shoulder and pointed to the boy,she gasped.We couldn't belive our eyes!It was him the one boy we always dreamed of meeting.But why did he look so sad?

We walked over and sat down next to him we both had a huge grins on our face.Jill was speechless so I had to say the first thing. Hi I said nervously he answered with his cute irish accent-I had always dreamed of hearing that sound in real life.Whats wrong?I asked.He didn't reply.

I gently got a hold of his arm and told him to come and dance.He just smiled and nodded.Jill was still frozen.We began to dance and then what makes you beautiful came on.He laughed and started singing along-it was so cute I smiled at him he smiled back.Jill was standing behind him telling me to lean in for a kiss I told her to go away she went and started talking to a boy.


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