moments with one direction

On holiday i go to a beach party with my bestfriend and we see niall horan sitting down bby himself we go over and a amazing memory happens


4. happiness all around

We got back to the hotel room.We were both so happy it was unreal.My phone began to ring it was Niall he wanted to see me tomorrow night just in my hotel room I told him where we were staying.

It had been a long day the next day I got burned and someone stole Jill's phone luckily it was only her old one.When we got in to the room Jill started rushing around to get ready for her date with Harry.I didn't know what me and Niall were even doing so I just did my hair and make-up and started reading a magazine.

Jill had just left when Niall came he kissed me again I was so happy we sat on the bed and watched a film in foreign with sub-titles although I didn't get it he seemed to be enjoying it so I sat there watching it whilst hugging him.

Once the movie was over I had to tell him some bad news but had no idea on how.

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