- A One Direction Fan Fiction -

Leila Brooks, Natalie Chapman and Jara Martinez are three best friends, about to leave home and become individuals in the world.

Each friend has their own personal goal in life;
Natalie aspires to become a respectable journalist. Jara dreams of making it in the world of sports science and working with some of the most elite athletes. And then there's Leila, who dreams only of finding one famous boy to change her whole world.

But what happens when one friends fairytale becomes a shocking reality?

With the world as she knows it flipped upside down into an alternate reality, will Leila Brooks be able to handle her new life ? Or will the carefully constructed dream come crashing down, along with her confidence in her own aspirations.


5. Sassy Apple Workers & Unknown Boyfriends.

I know what you’re thinking - ‘Oh My Goodness Leila Brooks is probably having a fit, on the floor, gawking like a fish out of water.’ Well, you’re wrong. Kind of. I’ll give it to you - I was definitely shocked. I mean who wouldn’t be after receiving a phone call like that? But I remained what I hoped was calm. Calm, calm, calm, Leila brooks was calm as fuck! Okay, so maybe I wasn’t as calm as I thought I was, and inside, my brain was coming up with multiple solutions to why on earth I’d received such a call, but hey, on the outside I was pretty serene. I was also beginning to think that maybe, probably; Harry Styles hadn’t kidnapped me after all, because well, although he is Harry Styles the cocky player of the boy band he wasn’t exactly known for kidnapping, although he was known for sleeping with them, kind of like Ethan really. Speaking of that crazy mother fucker, who did he think he was ringing me up like that with such random information? ‘Leila, it’s the book, the one I gave you.’ SHUT UP ETHAN, I DON’T LIKE READING, Y U GIVE ME BOOKS 4? LEILA, REMAIN FRICKIN CALM. My plan of attack - decided in a split second - was to take a lovely trip to the good old apple store, plead ignorance about forgetting the pass code on my phone and then call Nat. Nat was always good in these types of situations; she remained calm and had an answer for pretty much everything. I just hoped she’d know what to say to me now, I mean, I don’t know if we’re even friends in this parallel universe.

Finding the apple store took quicker then I originally planned, and I managed to arrive at 9:00am on the dot, the opening time for the store. I was surprised really, I’m never on time anywhere, or manage to have any luck. Maybe there were some perks to this alternate reality? The only time I’d been lucky before hand was when I found a raffle ticket on the floor at my grandma’s bingo night. I ended up being the third prize winner and won myself a rather large turkey. It also happened to be Christmas time and that turkey sat proudly on the dinner table on Christmas day, and I carved it with a sense of pride.  If that ain’t luck I don’t know what it is.  Anyway, so it turns out that explaining to an apple guy that you’ve forgotten your iphone pass code doesn’t go down well. My experience was rather unpleasurable, especially when he had the nerve to huff and roll his eyes, muttering something about people learning to remember their passwords. WELL GUESS WHAT SASSY APPLE GUY - I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT MY FRICKEN PASSWORD IS BECAUSE I BLOODY DID NOT SET IT IN THIS MIND.  Honestly, this man is testing my patience. I’d had a worse than average morning with quite a number of unsuspecting activities *cough* plate throwing at a certain famous boy band member*cough* and if he didn’t appreciate I was in a hurry and clearly had places to be (although I didn’t consciously know where these places were) I would cut him. End of. OH HELL NAH, GHETTO LEILA IS OUT IN FORCE. After telling apple man quite sternly that unless he does what I ask and unlock my phone, I will be sure to make a fool out of him and the entire store to passersby, he returned shortly after and to my pleasure I was able to access the contents. ‘Thanks babe,’ I told him flirtatiously, winking, just for pure amusement as I paid him generously out of what seemed to be the unlimited amount of money in my purse. The look of horror he returned was none other than priceless. I felt a slight sense of accomplishment. Leila Brooks, making situations awkward since 1994. As I walked out of the apple store - smugly I might add - I began looking through my calendar of events, reminders, contacts, messages; anything that may help me gather information about my newly found life. I soon realised I had far too many events to wrap my mind around. Interviews with celebrities, public appearances with Harry - (guess we were a couple or something then) and parties. Now if there’s one thing even the new Leila Brooks wouldn’t be able to manage, it’s a party. I’ll put it in simple terms that even grade two children with their extremely simple minds would understand -  Party + Leila = D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R and not just on the social level.  I was clumsy at the best of times, and being stuck in a crowded, dark and noisy environment was not good for my highly unfortunate levels of uncoordination. Deciding to deal with the overwhelming thought of actually dressing up and appearing at a scene like that later, I managed to find Nat’s number in my phone.  My body relaxed noticeably, relieving previously unrealised tension. My brain did a miniature happy dance and I moved on with my life. I pressed call on the contact icon of Nat and listened impatiently as I waited for her to move her ass and answer her bloody phone. ‘Leila, is that you?! Where are you?! You’re going to be late and this is the most important interview and photo shoot of our careers, this could make me or break me as a journalist, where the hell are you?!’ she practically screamed at me through the phone. WELL HELLO TO YOU TOO, YOU CRAZY BITCH. Seeing as that didn’t sound too friendly I decided to tone it down slightly. ‘Woah Natalie chill your obviously drug overdosed mind and gimme some deets. Where am I supposed to be?’ Nailed it. ‘Oh you’ve got to be kidding me. Leila, I don’t have time for your games, get to work where you’ve been for the past three years of your life and move it! I’m trying to halt Marian but please for the love of God hurry up! The boys are due to arrive any minute. Wait, weren’t you coming with Harry? Leila, why aren’t you with Harry? Are you guys fighting again? MAKE UP AND GET YOUR LATE ASS OVER HERE!’ I sensed some slight tension in her voice. I also decided to spare her the messy details of the rather physical fight Harry and I experienced. ‘Natalie, where do I work?’ I could practically hear her teeth grind as she refrained from flipping out on me. ‘Leila, we don’t have time. Get your ass down here to Top Of The Pops right now before I hunt you down and drag you here myself.’ And that’s how you get information out of raging, stressed out journalists Leila Brooks style. Thankyou, thankyou. I didn’t respond to her last sentence, instead I hung up, feeling as though it would probably benefit the both of us. Myself not speaking is often a gift to the world, no matter how much I’d like to think otherwise.  

Turning up at the incredibly intimidating head office of Top Of The Pops magazine in central London nearly 25 minutes later, I followed someone who looked like they knew where they were going and cleverly stalked her, before I was quite literally ambushed by a frantic Natalie. ‘Leila you almost gave me a heart attack. You’re supposed to be the sensible one, you’re my boss! Why are you late? You look like death. Oh My God, are you and Harry fighting again? You can’t keep doing this, tell me everything. Actually, don’t bother. We only have 10 minutes before the interview and we have to transform your appearance to something decent,’ Natalie exhaled in one loooong breath. I actually smiled, realising she was still quite the same as my best friend, although older, prettier and not as calm in situations as she used to be. She was quite obviously nervous, although God knows why, if there was anyone who should be nervous it seemed like it should be myself. Apparently I looked like death, and if that wasn’t enough to convince you, it was only this morning that I had thrown plates at Harry Styles. What if he sued me?! I hadn’t even thought of that before now. It seemed I had a lot of money, but I couldn’t form a case good enough to win a law suit. ‘Um, Nat, are you okay? You’re not actually going to have a heart attack are you?’ I asked quietly, her dramatic approach to things becoming quite intense and slightly worrying.  I chose not to say anything more after I received a warning glare from her. Maybe in this alternate universe she was prone to stress or anxiety attacks related to my tardiness. ‘No, I’m not actually going to have a heart attack,’ she sighed, ‘but you freaked me out completely Leila!’ Natalie had lead me to the beauty rooms, surrounded by makeup, clothes, shoes, jewellery and just anything in general that seemed to enhance appearance. I was seated in front of a beauty table, watching my reflection in the large mirror as Nat fishtailed my crazy bed hair. Seems the taming I attempted earlier this morning became irrelevant once I decided to start world war three in my kidnapper’s kitchen. Well, Harry Styles’ kitchen. As the day wore on I was beginning to witness more and more things that lead me to believe that maybe Harry and I were in fact dating, and that in some weird, messed up way, we were in love? I wasn’t sure what to believe, especially since I’d been plunged into an abnormal reality so I dropped the idea totally, focusing on the task at hand - beautifying my already gorgeous self. ‘Leila, weren’t you wearing those clothes yesterday when you left mine and Niall’s with Harry?’ Natalie moaned tiredly. ‘Leila, this is like the most important interview of our lifetimes and you’re wearing yesterday’s sex clothes. I can’t believe this!’ she rolled her eyes as she headed straight for the large wardrobes, pulling out various trendy outfits. ‘You keep saying it’s so important Nat, who are we interviewing?’ I asked, fed up with putting up a facade, pretending to know everything that was happening around me. My patience was growing weak and I was becoming agitated. ‘Leila, you cannot be serious right now?’ GURL, WHY WOULD I ASK IF IM NOT SERIOUS, PLUS WHY YOU KEEP SAYING MY NAME, IM NOT DUMB ENOUGH TO FORGET THAT PIECE OF CRITICAL INFORMATION. Wait, can we rewind a moment, did she say ‘mine and Niall’s’? This bitch is dating Niall Horan? Well good for her! She finally got someone better then Nick Ajak. Halle-fkn-lujha! ‘Natalie, I honestly do not know what’s going on right now, I don’t remember any of this. This isn’t my life, and I know you’re not going to believe what I’m about to say, but please just listen. This is an abnormal reality for me, I don’t know what happened, but I woke up this morning in Harry’s bed and I thought I’d been kidnapped. I have no idea what interview is happening and I sure as hell have no idea what to say when it does happen. Just tell me what to do and we’ll get through this and afterwards I’ll tell you everything over lunch or something, but please, just help me!’ I felt like I was on the verge of angry tears. Those ones you get when you feel as if there’s no hope and all the frustration in the world is piled on top of you. ‘Leila, I’m gullible, but I’m not that gullible. Obviously you haven’t prepared for the interview with One Direction, but lucky for you I have. I’ll do all the talking and you just need to act lovey dovey with Harry, mumble a few promising words about your relationship and smile and laugh occasionally. We’ll talk about the abnormal reality bit later on, right now my brain is channelled in one direction,’ she stated, before giggling at her joke. ‘Nice one Nat,’ I chuckled, rolling my eyes at the typical lame joker she is. ‘Here, put these on,’ she said quickly, throwing a pair of skin coloured tights, a high waisted cream, panelled skirt and a baby pink shirt with a peter pan collar at me as she glanced at the time on the clock on the wall. ‘Shit! We have five minutes, change quickly!’  I ran into one of the three change rooms the beauty room housed and changed faster than lightning.  ‘It’s a little bit frightening, we might as well be playing with lightning,’ I sang softly to myself as I changed. ‘LEILA, WE DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THE WANTED, IT’S ONE DIRECTION IN THREE MINUTES, MOVE MOVE MOVE!’ Nat yelled from where she was freshening up her make up for the interview at the beauty table. ‘Sorry, I thought I was your boss,’ I mumbled, low enough so she couldn’t hear. I stumbled out of the change room just in time to catch a pair of cream 6 inch heels, and a plain silver cuff bracelet I threw on before running after Nat in her quick dash to the elevator. Right then, at that moment was when I should’ve made my escape. Ran as far away from this place as possible, because I knew that the second I’d step foot in that elevator my breathing would speed up, my heart would pound harder and I’d feel anxious. How was I supposed to face Harry after the insanity I left him in? What was I supposed to say? ‘Soz Haz, fought ya kidnapped me, lol, guess not, luv yew.’ YEAH, I DON’T THINK SO. My mind towed back and forth, and in the end it was never my choice. Before I made a decision Natalie dragged me into the elevator forcefully, assuring I wouldn’t miss a thing, I suppose. The ride was quick and filled with the heart beating and quick breathing i'd expected. Soon enough the doors for the elevator pinged open, revealing the face of the young man I had pummelled with shit earlier. This had to be very close to the top of the list of horrible things I’ve ever experienced. ‘Um, hi,’ I said awkwardly.  Well done Leila, great way to start this off, A+, top effort. NAHT. Seem strong Leila, you threw stuff at him earlier, you’re strong, you can do this! I was about to announce some sarcastic comment when I noticed Harry’s rather noticeable purple bruise right in the centre of his forehead. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one who’d seen it. ‘What on earth happened to your forehead?!’ Natalie exclaimed, ‘MAKE UP, WE NEED MAKE UP OVER HERE, STAT!’ she called and immediately a young girl rushed over, make up case in hand and began powdering my forehead and my cheeks. ‘Not her, Harry, his head!’ Nat ordered the make-up artist sternly. I was a little hurt she thought I was the one who needed make-up, but then again, I did look like death and her brush was so soft and delicate on my face I thought I might die of pleasure.  Harry’s forehead began to receive attention and slowly the ugly reminder of this morning’s activities disappeared. Not going to lie, I was a little jealous of the attention the make-up artist was showing him, but I put it down to the euphoria the brush created against my face and how it was so rudely ordered away from me. Harry began to chuckle and looked me directly in the eye, winking at me. WINKING AT ME. Please Harry, I’m a fragile soul. This winking made me feel sexually victimised, as if it was some form of sexual analogy I hadn’t received the memo for. All my mind could think of once I saw a wink was that he was naked earlier, and I saw his penis. I SAW IT WITH MY BARE EYES. And although I was a little scarred, it wasn’t a totally bad sight, definitely not a small sight either.  ‘Don’t worry Nat, you don’t want to know,’ he answered, staring at me still with a cocky grin. Jeez, this boy found a reason to be cocky about everything. Hey, look at me, my girlfriend threw a TV remote at me and now I have a huge bruise worthy of makeup but it’s all cool because I’m Harry Styles, I’m amazing - insert cocky grin here. ‘Really Harry?’ she sighed, watching Niall over Harry’s shoulder. ‘Really,’ Harry replied, ‘Although Leila knows all about it, don’t you?’ he asked cheekily. ‘Nope, pretty sure I don’t,’ I replied confidently, avoiding eye contact. ‘No, I’m quite sure you do,’ he said slowly, forcing me to look into his eyes as he tilted my head up with his fingers. His eyes were undeniably gorgeous and sparkling. Oh my, they were like the ocean, but green! NO LEILA, DO NOT GET SIDETRACKED. This is your fake boyfriend, you do not find him attractive or love him, he is merely a prop in this fake life of yours. ‘I’ll let you guys catch up whilst I say hi to the other boys and set them up for the interview,’ Nat announced with a smirk, winking at me as she walked away. WHAT WAS WITH PEOPLE WINKING AT ME? WAS THIS VERSION OF LEILA SOME KIND OF SEXUAL PREDAOR THAT RECIEVED WINKS FROM PEOPLE ALL THE TIME?! I must just be great in bed, and everyone knows it. ‘So, I was thinking babe, that maybe we could just forget whatever happened this morning?’ Harry asked, sliding his arm loosely around my shoulders.  I could feel my face grow red with heat as our skin touched. Remain calm Leila, he thinks you’re dating. Channel year 8 drama classes - show no weakness in your act, go with it, it’s no big de-holy shit he smelt good.  No Leila, What on earth is wrong with you?! ‘Oh, um, yeah, sorry about that, don’t know what came over me,’ I replied casually, flipping my hair. Not a bad effort Leila, just pray he’s overwhelmed, it could buy you a few seconds. You know what? I really need to stop talking to myself, like immediately, before people start to think I’m clinically insane or something. ‘I’ve been away for two months and you’re still definitely not a morning person!’ he announced cheekily, unwrapping his arm from around my shoulder and shuffling to position himself in front of me, a little too close for comfort. There was no way I’d be able to dodge around him, and I was definitely not going to get away without looking into his eyes. I was a good 10 centimetres shorter then Harry, although now I was wearing heels, we were nearly level height and to speak I had to look directly at him, his head of gorgeous curls blocking my view from the rest of the group. ‘That was never going to change,’ I replied simply. ‘We should get to the interview,’ he whispered, almost seductively. OH YES HARRY, LET’S GO AND SIT CLOSE TO EACH OTHER ON A COUCH WITH NAT AND THE BOYS, AND POSSIBLY HOLD HANDS, HOW SEXUAL. Really Harry, I mean, there are things you can say seductively and then there are things which are meant to be left in a normal tone of voice. ‘Mmm,’ I murmured, a little intoxicated from his clean-cut, yet sweet smell. I took the chance to walk around him, but Harry wasn’t having it. He grabbed onto my wrist gently, pulling me close and before I had a moment to protest he attempted a kiss. My reflexes were too quick however, and as I saw him lean in I turned my head to the side, allowing his soft lips to meet my right cheek. I smiled up at him, but the look in his eyes wasn’t the same, I could’ve sworn I noticed a flicker of pain. I had no idea how long I could keep this up for.

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