- A One Direction Fan Fiction -

Leila Brooks, Natalie Chapman and Jara Martinez are three best friends, about to leave home and become individuals in the world.

Each friend has their own personal goal in life;
Natalie aspires to become a respectable journalist. Jara dreams of making it in the world of sports science and working with some of the most elite athletes. And then there's Leila, who dreams only of finding one famous boy to change her whole world.

But what happens when one friends fairytale becomes a shocking reality?

With the world as she knows it flipped upside down into an alternate reality, will Leila Brooks be able to handle her new life ? Or will the carefully constructed dream come crashing down, along with her confidence in her own aspirations.


2. Forceful Parents & Unexpected Actions.

The garden party, as you can imagine, was a complete and utter failure. Well, from my personal point of view anyway. Everything seemed to become totally draining after speaking with Louis. He managed to hold a conversation with myself, Jara and I, something I was surprised at, considering I was barely able to introduce myself. Unfortunately, my Mother decided she hadn’t intervened in my life enough that evening and practically dragged me away from Jara, Nat and Louis so I could talk to the lovely Mrs Walters, AKA, the Mother of the ever charming Ethan Walters, AKA the boy my Mother was convinced I was going to one day marry. Yep, I said it; marry. In her dreams, I thought, there was no way I was marrying this boy. Ethan was the type of boy who was convinced that he could get any girl he wanted, which I guess you can’t really blame him for, considering the majority of the girls at our school practically threw themselves at him on a regular basis, but I knew better then to ever go there. Ethan and I had been close friends during our primary school days, I might even go as far as suggesting we were best friends. We’d even shared the adolescent milestone of being one another’s first kisses at the age of 11, cute I know, i’d normally say so too, if it didn’t want to make me vomit every time I thought about it.  To be honest, I didn’t like to reminisce on the ‘Ethan era’, but I did feel a slight sense of pride at the fact he is wanted my pretty much every female under the age of 21 who had willingly or unwillingly, in the case of myself, attended this social event tonight, and here I am, within touching distance of his royal highness himself.  ‘Hello Leila sweetheart! How are you?’ Mrs Walters greeted me loudly as she crushed me in one of her overwhelming hugs she was infamous for. ‘I’m fine thankyou Mrs Walters, and how are you?’ I replied sensibly. I know what you’re thinking, Leila Brooks, sensible? Well you see, my Mothers elbow had managed to jab me in the rib quite subtly, caring character isn’t she? ‘Oh darling, call me Barbara! We’ll be family one day anyway, no need for such formalities!’ she announced.  By this point I could smell the alcohol on her breath and I was quite sure she’d had plenty enough to drink. Being of the legal age, I began scanning the area for any form of alcoholic beverage I might be able to get my hands on to reduce the severity of awkwardness this confrontation had brought on. If it was possible to slip into an awkwardness induced coma, trust me, i’d been in one right now. Last time I checked, I wasn’t engaged to anyone, let alone someone from the Walter’s family. Laura was only 16 and certainly not engaged to a member of the Walters’ family. This woman must be taking the same crazy pills as my Mother, I concluded. I mean sure, in their wildest dreams, maybe Ethan and I could get married but they’re just dreams, definitely not reality. During this whole scenario Ethan stood next to Barbara, a smug grin on his face. I was glad someone could find amusement in this conversation. I stared at him sternly, urging him to say something, anything. ‘Oh Mother, don’t be ridiculous, Leila’s going to marry a famous celebrity, aren’t you Leila?’ Ethan announced, staring back at me, throwing in a cheeky wink. Really Ethan? Really? ‘Oh Ethan, stop being so silly, you know that only happens in people’s dreams! It’s about time you both stopped living in these make believe worlds of yours and started thinking about your future together!’ his Mother replied casually, finishing off with a wink in my direction. Okay, okay, I cannot be the only person who thinks this family has a strange winking fetish. C’mon guys, winking only ever happens in those soppy romantic comedies, which, by the way, are completely amazing, but nobody winks in real life.  I’d also just like to give a quick thanks for Mrs Walters for crushing my hopes and dreams right then, much appreciated, come visit me when i’m lying in my king-sized bed, depressed and alone with my 43 cats because my self-esteem has been dropped so dramatically by your rude statement.  Our Mother’s began snickering to themselves and I rolled my eyes at their childishness.  ‘Ethan, would you be so kind as to come and get a drink with me?’ I asked formally, pouting my lips for added effect. ‘Um why?’ Ethan responded, looking at me with a puzzled yet slightly amused expression.  ‘It seems as though Leila is officially coming to terms with the fact you two are meant to be! Now off you go darlings, have fun, be safe!’ Mrs Walters stated, walking off with my Mother in tow and a cheesy smile on her face that could only resemble one of a Cheshire cat. ‘What was all that about? Now I’m going to have to go home at the end of the evening with her convinced that we are going to get married and live happily ever,’ Ethan moaned, using hand quotation marks at the happily ever after bit. ‘It’s called an escape route dickhead; thank me next time will you,’ I replied sarcastically. The nerve of some people! ‘Yeah... great escape route,’ he sighed, ruffling his hands through his blonde locks.  ‘Better than anything you could have done,’ I replied, my mind focused on trying to find a drink. ‘Ok I guess you right, at least we’re not surrounded with the disaster zone that is my mother.’  Disaster zone that is your mother... Good one Ethan, you got that right. ‘So anyway, you know how I went to London last week yeah?’ he asked me.  What on earth was going on? Was he trying to make conversation with me? Last time I checked my escape route involved escaping, and then not speaking to Ethan for the rest of the night. ‘Yes?’ I replied tiredly. ‘Well I saw this in one of the stores and it made me think of you, I wasn’t exactly sure whether I was going to give it to you and well I guess after the performance my Mother just put on, I think I owe you one,’ he rambled, oh how cute Ethan’s nervous. He quickly reached into the back pocket of his blue jeans and pulled out a small, leather book and handed it to me. ‘Anyway I’ll see you soon Leila,’ he said awkwardly, shooting me a quick wave goodbye as he walked off in the direction of some of his friends. What on earth was that? For a moment there he actually seemed like the Ethan I was friends with in primary school. And since when did he purchase me presents? I rolled the book over in my hands and examined it. It was pretty old, and the cover was in a tatty condition. I flipped the cover over to reveal the front page and read the carefully printed title;

‘Your Dreams Can Come True.’
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