- A One Direction Fan Fiction -

Leila Brooks, Natalie Chapman and Jara Martinez are three best friends, about to leave home and become individuals in the world.

Each friend has their own personal goal in life;
Natalie aspires to become a respectable journalist. Jara dreams of making it in the world of sports science and working with some of the most elite athletes. And then there's Leila, who dreams only of finding one famous boy to change her whole world.

But what happens when one friends fairytale becomes a shocking reality?

With the world as she knows it flipped upside down into an alternate reality, will Leila Brooks be able to handle her new life ? Or will the carefully constructed dream come crashing down, along with her confidence in her own aspirations.


6. Fame & Flashbacks.

And so I found myself in one of the most intimidating situations I’d been faced with in a while; sitting opposite One Direction, a mere ten minutes before we interviewed them live.  I was contemplating whether it would be a better idea for the Earth to just collapse in on itself and eat me, in turn saving these seemingly lovely people from the social awkwardness I was about to inflict on them, or to just get the interview over and done with. Oh if only I was lucky enough that the world would grant me such a favour. I guess I’m stuck with the interview. Zayn had just popped off to the bathroom and the rest of the boys were being asked for last minute requests for things such as refreshments or snacks before the interview commenced. Wow, Top Of The Pops pulled out the big guns when interviewing these boys, where were my snacks and refreshments? Oh well, I sighed, I guess it would be acceptable if I ate Harry’s, we are dating after all. I can’t believe I just thought to myself about using my relationship with Harry Styles; however existent or non-existent it may be, to benefit me in the form of food.  Personally, I blame Ethan for my newfound selfishness. There was 5 minutes left before the interview and Zayn decided to join us. Ta babe, glad the toilets are not better than us civilians you left behind. I spent a few minutes admiring the black leather couch the boys and Nat were seated on as it contrasted the white wall behind it. A large ‘Top Of The Pops’ logo was placed behind them. What? So I have an eye for art and juxtaposition, sue me. I was seated in an armchair slightly in front of the couch, holding a couple of papers Natalie had shoved in my hands minutes prior. I assumed they were important questions or something, but my eye hurt and I couldn’t be bothered reading them. Nat was busy shuffling through a large white folder filled with various papers. Calm your shit Nat, your boy Niall is trying to get your attention, practically feeling up your leg and you’re freaking over papers. This is why Harry and I are perfect for each other, he totally gets me. I mean take this morning for instance, I totally trashed his place and threw a remote at his head and he still wanted to kiss me. Oh how sweet life is. I flipped my hair discretely over my shoulder. Why discretely you ask? Well in case you didn’t know, One Direction are prone to becoming overwhelmed when in presence of beautiful girl’s flipping their hair, and unless I’m not mistaken, I am a beautiful girl, and I totally just flipped my hair. My attention was all of a sudden drawn to Louis, who had placed himself on the floor, in front of Liam, who had now put his legs over Louis’ shoulders. GREAT GUYS, GREAT. Way to make the fans unhappy about Larry Stylinson by confusing their small minds with Lilo nonsense. Harry coughed dramatically, and I looked up in time to see that the poor soul was just choking slightly.  Oops, guess he saw my hair flip.  He was practically staring into the depths of my soul, and as creepy as it sounds I totally enjoyed it. It was a confused expression though, one which was as if to say ‘I don’t understand what’s wrong with you.’ Well Harry my darling that makes two of us. I shot him a half-hearted smile before pulling out my iphone and opening the twitter app. Maybe Harry’s obsessive One Direction fandom had some lovely tweets about me that I could boost my self esteem with. As much as I’d quite like to keep it a secret what I read on my twitter account, I will say that I am clearly not loved. Apparently, I was the bitchy One Direction girlfriend that everyone hated. According to certain tweets I was a snobby cow who hated the fandom and was only in a relationship with Harry for his fame and fortune. Well, at least I accomplished something in life other then wasting my parent’s internet tweeting about people I’ll never meet. Oh, I should probably also mention I’m not that heartless. I mean I may be sarcastic, but if you really believe no love is involved in Harry and my relationship then I will pray for your soul, God bless you. Another thing I discovered on this wonderful social networking app was that absolutely everybody was going mad about this interview. Their excitement was and I quote ‘uncontainable’ and they seemed to adore Natalie as if she was the fandoms one and only holy grail. Apparently they were all expecting some adorable Niall and Natalie moments, and for her to be as lovely as always. Well I’ve got a reality check for you naive directioners - the new Leila is out in force, and let me tell you, she is a force to be reckoned with. I tweeted something about the interview that sounded so sweet it made me want to vomit rainbows. ‘Okay, so are we all ready to start?’ Natalie asked sweetly, glancing at each of the boys. Oh, I see how it is. Act innocent in front of the camera. Well Natalie Chapman (soon to be Horan if you play your cards right), two can play at that game. I vowed, from that moment on, that I would make myself the most loved One Direction girlfriend. I mean, I’m hilarious, it will be hard for them not to love me. Nice pep talk Leila, now you’re feeling good let’s get this show on the road. ‘Hello, I’m Leila and this is Natalie, and today we happen to be interviewing none other than the biggest international boy band in the world today, One Direction! And how are we all boys?’ I asked professionally. Although it was slightly formal coming from Harry and Niall’s girlfriends I was chilled as a cucumber. Nat looked kind of mad though, she clearly didn’t think about me interrupting her precious interview. Don’t worry Nat, I have a fan base to win over, you already have their love you selfish cow. Just kidding, love ya babe, hope you and Niall have adorable babies one day. Illiez a milliez. Wow, am I mentally challenged in this life? My question was answered with a bunch of happy smiles and ‘we’re good thanks!’ Not the mentally challenged one guys, the question where I asked the boys how they were doing. THANKS BOYS, MAD EXCLUSIVE. I’m sure you have fans watching this at some ungodly hour of the night to find out that you’re good, because it’s not as if they can check your constant tweets or anything can they? ‘How are you loves?’ Liam asked politely. Ah Liam, forever the gentleman. ‘I’m great thanks!’ Natalie replied happily, a smile lighting up her face. I wish I could say I replied that professionally and calmly as well, but if I did, I’d be lying. I was a nervous wreck, thinking about all the directioners watching this and so, due to my anxiousness, I waved at the camera. With the cheesiest grin on my face. I also managed to stutter out ‘I’m alright thanks.’ Woo, I’m awkward. ‘I’m glad to see you learnt how to wave,’ Louis announced, causing the group to chuckle. ‘Well Lou, it was a hard skill to master, but I managed!’ I replied sarcastically. Everyone laughed again, although I wasn’t proud. I realised my sarcasm was the exact thing I wanted to change to gain the directioner fandom’s love and here I am practically proclaiming myself the ‘Queen of Sarcasm’ every time I speak. I took a deep breath and nodded at Nat, who immediately took control, asking the boys questions with ease. I piped up occasionally, offering a couple of my own questions and to be honest, I think it was a complete success. Now I know I’m not the most reliable source, and had pretty much no idea what I was doing, but it was one of the most successful things I’ve ever accomplished to date; If I said something ridiculous the boys would laugh and act as if I was actually hilarious, and I tried to keep my sarcasm to a bare minimum.  Most questions were basic; a majority of them from the directioner fan base themselves. Nat had gone through and added some of her own in there, and one of them caught my attention.  ‘So will you boys be joining us for the Top Of The Pops Christmas party for the third year in a row this year?’ Natalie asked the boys cheerfully. Wow, how did she do that? Like, act all nice and happy at this hour of the morning. I’m sure some may argue its 11:00am and that’s rather late but for me, any hour before 12:00pm is still far too early for socialising. ‘We wouldn’t miss it for the world,’ Harry answered, looking straight at me as he did, a twinkle in his eye. STOP DOING THAT HARRY, MY HEART IS FLIPPING, GOD ONLY KNOWS WHY. Oh my lord Harry Styles hypnotised my heart.

Someone has to find him, and be quick about it!’ my boss Marian demanded, frantically pacing around the room. Right now, she was slightly worse for wear and to be honest, I couldn’t blame her. She had been put in charge of the 2012 Top Of The Pops Christmas Party and to be quite frank her entire future at this magazine was riding on the success of this one night. I had only been at Top Of The Pops for around two months, and I could already tell that this was one of their biggest events of the year. Celebrities from all over who had been associated with the magazine were invited to this party, more for publicity than anything else, but that didn’t matter - they all mingled effortlessly, happy to converse casually with others. I had personally been enjoying myself the whole night, managing to not embarrass myself too much in front of Cher Lloyd, who, contrary to popular belief was actually lovely and not the scary wannabe hip-hop artist everyone made her out to be. When I say the whole night, that’s a slight over-exaggeration. I’d been enjoying the past few hours I’d spent there until Marian practically cornered me demanding that I find Harry Styles in less than five minutes before she lost her entire career. I, being the proper little intern that I was, reassured her that I’d find Harry, I mean, it’s not as if it would be hard to find one of the most attractive people in attendance tonight, surely someone would’ve seen him ? My first idea in tracking down Harry was to approach his equally attractive band members, in the hope that they could shed some light as to his whereabouts.  ‘He’ll turn up,’ Niall, the blonde, Irish, carefree member of One Direction announced, shrugging his shoulders casually. I turned to face the rest of boys, about to ask their ideas on where Styles could be, but all I received were nods, agreeing with Niall’s statement. I frowned, my forehead creasing with worry as I thanked the boys politely for their awful help and set off in the direction that I hoped the curly haired fucker would be. Said curly haired fucker being Harry Styles, for those of you who didn’t quite get that. ‘Stupid boy-bander thinking that he can just run off and do all sorts of inappropriate things when he’s supposed to be performing in under five minutes. This is my end of year work function, I should be able to enjoy it, not have the responsibility of hunting down a cheeky, girl-snogging celebrity!’ I muttered to myself as I weaved through the groups of people who were generally having a good time. After two minutes of scouring the area I started to become worried. ‘Probably going at it with one of the reception hoes, the dirty bastard,’ I concluded, continuing on with my previous rant because I’m quite obviously clinically insane and Harry Styles’ escapades were not helping. Plus I had been totally flirting with a hot ass Hollister Model before Marian had so rudely interrupted. ‘I do believe my name is actually Harry Styles, but ‘dirty bastard’ works too,’ I husky voice murmured in my ear sending chills down my spine.  I spun around, staring at him almost in shock. ‘Styles, where have you been, you’re on in less than five minutes and if you don’t get your ass over to Marian right now, God so help me I will drag you there myself.’ ‘Hey hey babe, calm down, I’ll go with you if you listen to my secret I have to tell you?’ he said, his voice soothing nerves I didn’t even know I had. I shot him a puzzled look, waiting for his secret. If he’s about to come out of the closet and say he’s gay I totally knew it all along. ‘Sure thing, shoot boy-bander who looks like he’s 12, gimme the deets,’ I told him, my voice dripping with sarcasm. ‘I’m actually lost,’ he chuckled, ‘I’m looking for the bathroom.’ ‘Well woop-de-fucking-doo,’ I replied. I honestly cannot believe his super exciting secret was that he couldn’t find the mother fucking toilets. ‘And I’d also like to point out I’m 18, not 12 thankyou very much,’ he said, ‘I’m 100 percent legal!’ he added with a wink. ‘Well you could’ve fooled me,’ I laughed, ‘Just make sure you keep your ID on you all night, just encase you do decide to hit up the bar,’ I told him, smiling sarcastically. As soon as I said it, I thought of my mum’s constant comments on my attitude towards people. ‘You know Leila, your sarcasm is the reason you’re single, no one likes a smart ass,’ she told me one day at breakfast. Exactly, breakfast. She ruined the most important meal of the day with her snobby comment on my perfectly appreciated sense of humour. I wish she could see me now, engaging in conversation, however banterous it may be, with Harry Styles. ‘Oh I’ll be sure too, especially when I buy you a drink,’ he chuckled, following me obediently. Harry Styles my puppy dog - sounded quite good, if it didn’t also sound totally deranged and creepy. ‘Oh no, no drinks for me Styles, not when I have Marian to help tonight,’ I replied sharply, trying not to laugh at the thought of me pulling him along on the end of a leash. ‘Styles hey? Weren’t you ever taught that you can only call someone by nickname after you’ve met them at least twice?’ he responded smugly. ‘Especially since I don’t have the pleasure of knowing your name.’ Oh more flirting, just what I needed. ‘Sorry, Harry,’ I corrected myself. ‘I’m Leila, Leila Brooks.’  ‘Leila,’ he repeated thoughtfully. ‘Yes braniac, Leila, now let’s get a move on!’ We hurried through the crowded space and found Marian just in time. Marian thanked me quickly, her expression looking infinitely relieved. As she filled the boys in on a quick update on their performance I couldn’t help but notice that Harry didn’t take his eyes off me for a second.  I was beginning to think he had some sort of mental disability before he smiled smugly and was ushed off, onto the platform situated at the front of the room with the rest of the band. Personally, I was spending the majority of the time admiring Harry’s curls bouncing around on his unusually perfectly formed head during the performance, but I did manage to notice his voice was similar to that of an angels.  I could get used to listening to that everyday, I thought to myself as I relaxed into the party atmosphere and enjoyed the rest of the night.

Suddenly my mind was brought back to reality and I remembered my position in the interview. I realised I must have just had a flashback, it felt like a dream, but it was so real at the same time. Maybe, it was a memory of Leila’s life, the one that I’d woken up in? If it was, I was pretty sure I had just remembered the moment Harry Styles and I met. ‘I’m glad,’ I announced, referring to Harry’s answer to attending the Top Of The Pops Christmas Party this year. ‘That’s where we met, isn’t it?’ I asked, to double check, completely forgetting that now probably wasn’t the time to be confirming life milestones. It was hardly professional in a live interview. ‘Yes babe, it was,’ Harry replied softly, a grin filling his face. I assumed he was now too, remembering the encounter I had just experienced. His expression had changed from a simple grin to completely elated, and I realised that this was the happiest I’d seen him, in the half a day I’d known him in this whole alternate life. Cute realisation I know. Speaking of this alternate life, it was totally confusing the hell out of me. I was only beginning to wrap my head around the fact that the clock to my left, displaying both the date and the time, showed that it was 2015. Yesterday, when I went to sleep, I was 18 and it was definitely 2012. It was as if I’d gone to sleep for three years, but while I was asleep, I’d been living another life. Does that mean now I’m 21? I totally slept through my 21st birthday. I kept it in mind to ask the boys how that one went down later. A chorus of ‘aw's' erupted from all the boys and Nat, as Zayn ruffled Harry’s hair. Take that you bratty little fandom. ‘Well isn’t this just adorable,’ Louis announced with what I was sensing to be a hint of sarcasm. ‘Am I sensing some jealousy, Louis?’ Natalie asked jokingly, giggling to herself as Niall wrapped an arm around her. Well wasn’t this interview getting all lovey dovey. ‘Yeah Louis, are you possibly jealous?’ Harry joined in the jeering. ‘As a matter of fact I am, I miss my haz,’ he cried dramatically. Without hesitation he jumped up from where he was sitting and began smothering Harry in fake kisses, causing the rest of us to erupt into laughter, except me. Leila lived by the official hands off policy. JUST KIDDING, IF I DID HARRY WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO FEEL ME UP. ‘Guys, I have more questions for you to answer!’ I yelled happily, waving the pages of paper I’d been holding the whole interview in the air. My totally chilled out vibe seemed to have rubbed off on everyone, as they began to regain sanity and find a place to sit. Ladies and gentlemen Leila Brooks is a situation chiller, cool as a penguin or an arctic fish. ‘Leila, we’ve already asked so many questions!’ Natalie reminded me. It almost sounded as if she felt sorry for me because I didn’t realise that their brains could not contain a large amount of questions. SORRY NAT, I THOUGHT IF THEY COULD REMEMBER SONG LYRICS, THEN THEY HAVE THE BRAIN CAPACITY TO THINK OF AN ANSWER FOR A COUPLE MORE QUESTIONS. I kept my cool, laughing casually and throwing the paper over my shoulder. Guess we don’t need that anymore. I heard a rather disapproving sound and I turned around to see I’d managed to hit the camera guy who was filming us live with the paper. He looked pretty peeved so I shot him a quick wink and a trademark Leila smile and returned back to the interview, not bothering to see his reaction. Natalie managed to wrap up the interview, and unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on how you looked at it) the boys had to leave pretty much straight away to attend a photo shoot. ‘I’ll give you a call about going out for dinner or something tomorrow night babe,’ Harry told me grinning. Paul, the boys head of security, or PHiggz as I liked to call him, was trying to usher him and the rest of the boys out of the interview room but Harry was having none of it. He took his time giving me a hug and a peck on the lips and over his shoulder, I saw Niall doing the same with Natalie. PHiggz seemed to be getting impatient so gave Harry a playful shove towards the door. No worries Paul, I got yo back. Once they were all safely on their way down the corridor I allowed myself to think about the kiss that just occurred. I hadn’t even thought of it at the time, it just seemed so natural for us to do but now I was thinking of it, I totally just kissed Harry Styles. Sure it wasn’t that special, I mean a quick peck on the lips was kind of primary school, but it was Harry fucking Styles. I could get used to this! What on Earth was wrong with me? This morning I was flipping shit, repulsed by the thought of him and now, somehow my feelings have totally reversed, a tingling feeling on my lips causing me to smile. I had an urge to kiss him again.

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