- A One Direction Fan Fiction -

Leila Brooks, Natalie Chapman and Jara Martinez are three best friends, about to leave home and become individuals in the world.

Each friend has their own personal goal in life;
Natalie aspires to become a respectable journalist. Jara dreams of making it in the world of sports science and working with some of the most elite athletes. And then there's Leila, who dreams only of finding one famous boy to change her whole world.

But what happens when one friends fairytale becomes a shocking reality?

With the world as she knows it flipped upside down into an alternate reality, will Leila Brooks be able to handle her new life ? Or will the carefully constructed dream come crashing down, along with her confidence in her own aspirations.


3. Annoying Siblings & Surprising Books.

Staring at the old leather book, thoughts of my conversation with Ethan were present in my mind. I reached to turn a page, but stopped myself. If my Mother caught me reading and not talking to my ‘one true love’ or making the effort to at least socialise with other guests, she probably would’ve had a fit. Shoving the book forcefully into my bag, I scanned the crowded lawn for my best friends, who happened to have already spotted me and were heading my way. ‘Hola!’ Natalie cried in her best fake accent, wrapping her arm loosely around my shoulder, her glass filled with some form of alcoholic beverage shaking in her hands. ‘Gimme!’ I moaned, snatching the half full cup and downing it in one.  This was going to be a long night. ‘That was mine,‘ Natalie stated angrily, shooting me a death glare which I, in typical Leila fashion, brushed off, shrugging as the alcohol made its way into my system providing a slight improvement to my body warmth. ‘So, where’d your new friend go?’ I asked, searching the garden for Louis’ face. ‘Well, we said goodbye because Nick came over and it was fair to say things got pretty uncomfortable,’ Jara replied, motioning to Nat who had pretended not to hear. Noticing both Jara and I watching her she spoke up. ‘It was a mistake okay!’ she announced. The whole evening seemed to drag on forever, when in fact it was probably only a few hours. It felt like a decade had passed before my Dad finally came and announced the four words i’d been waiting to hear all night; it’s time to go. The drive home was almost as painful as the whole night put together. Angel child Lauren decided to share her experiences with Sophie and their wonderful times playing with the Cobalt’s new Labrador puppy. Yes that’s right, she didn’t spend the evening talking to boys like normal 16 year olds, she invested her social time in playing with a puppy. Thrilling, I know. My skilled Father managed to steer us home and by the time the engine was off and the car was safely parked in the driveway I was already out of the car and briskly walking towards the front door of home sweet home. I was about to enter when I realised my parents had the key.  ‘Anytime today!’ I called out sarcastically, waiting another half a century for the pair to make their way up to the door. Tonight felt as though laying in a park for my entire life and watching the grass grow would’ve passed quicker. Exaggeration? I think not. The door was finally opened. You’d think it was rocket science or something, I mean really. Anyway, the door was finally opened and I ran up the stairs, similar to the way I came down them earlier - with ninja like similarities.  I heard my Dad politely call up goodnight and my Mum yelling at me to be careful and not run up the stairs. Well Mother, last time I checked God blessed me with legs to run upstairs, therefore I shall use them.  Finally making my way into my bedroom I stripped off, out of the ugly floral dress and changed into my pyjamas. I contemplated chucking the dress straight in the bin where its whole existence belonged, but thought otherwise. I didn’t want to feel the wrath of my Mother. ‘Goodnight Laura,’ I called out casually as I passed her bedroom on the way back from brushing my teeth. ‘Goodnight stupid,’ she yelled back.  ... And she’s known as the smart one how again? As I entered my bedroom for the final time that night I smiled to myself, realising that this day was finally over. As I flicked off the master light I made my way over to the wooden desk, turning on my lava lamp and pulling out the small, tatty brown book from my bag. I flipped the pages and began to read, lightly skimming over the information the pages contained. At first I thought it was stupid. A book cannot possibly hold the ability to make your dreams come true; you have to work for things in life. A fulfilled dream is only rewarded to those who pursue them, putting their heart and soul into making them happen. It hardly seemed fair that the people who had evidently owned the book before me had written down their dream and one day it happened - they woke up and they weren’t the same person anymore. Apparently, they were living a fantasy, one they’d always dreamed of. I began to delve further into the stories of make believe that consumed the old pages. If anything, they were more entertaining than realistic. Each couple of pages were dedicated to different people, who had written down their biggest dreams and aspirations. As I flicked through, the more strange and twisted these dream’s became and I started to become scared. Pages started producing huge messages of warning and urgency, telling you the book was not as it seemed, to not write your dream down. I flipped through more pages and the warning signs faded, as well as my worry. It seemed that for every warning there were ten or so dreams coming true. I was beginning to wonder if the book was really what it claimed to be - more than just your average dream journal. That was when I reached one.  The blank page stared up at me, condescending and intimidating. ‘What’s your dream?’ the heading read in a beautifully printed cursive font. I took a deep breath, picking up a pen laying on the desk next to me. ‘My dream is to move to London with my two best friends - Natalie Chapman and Jara Martinez. I want to become a well respected graphics designer and more importantly, have a gorgeous, famous boyfriend that loves me, for me.’ I exhaled deeply and put the pen back on the desk. Closing the book I felt a strange sense of fulfilment. I fell asleep with a smile on my face, knowing that tomorrow was going to be a better day.

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