It's like a dream come true

It's about a girl named Christina and she finds a way to meet one direction............................ If want more read this story about Christina and one direction


2. Ready Engaland

After the plane we made it, u got exited a bite and the boys nearly fainted but if the did I'm not there to help them.Jake kept pushing me then I was leaving him asking for dad. Said this is our new home,double story bet a little old bet we can handle it.I ran to the biggest room unpacking my brother ran after me and said" you get the big room agin " with a bite of don't care voice but mum said "no no no this is your dad and my room", my brother smiled and you jake said mum will be sharing the bed room with max nooooo! The said and I was laugh and for you agin Christina you are having the smallest room and mum smiled, I but a grin with less happiness in my body.We celebrated in the best place to have dinner,I think you know what I'm talking about.We payed for the seats then FREE FOOD FOR ALL! Everyone ran up and max kept being pushed.the chicken is the best I said and it was finished, Max was crying but he had a whole plate full of chicken,me and jake put a sad face on.We left and when we went home dad was talking about his job bet no one  was listing even mum.

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