It's like a dream come true

It's about a girl named Christina and she finds a way to meet one direction............................ If want more read this story about Christina and one direction


3. One direction discovery

After the boring talk about dads job then we went to sleep but someone was calling us.It was mum saying "come down it my talk now".We all went up but max kept falling down and Jake was yarning so loud that max went wide awake.We are down stairs and
Getting ready for the boringness, it's important because it's about school then jake and I was listing then max went back to sleep.she told this and that then we all went to sleep went to sleep bet mum said "wake at 7:00 o'clock"we didn't hear what she said.When we woke up it was nine o'clock mum said "you should of listened.They went so quick and we made it.At school we needed to tell them about our selves.My teacher's name was Miss.Miller she was a kind teacher to me but others think she's a creep.Miss.miller said I had to site next to Maria and Mia the looked really kind.It was break time and Mia and Maria kept me  company and  had two more other friends their names are Sam and Julia  there all girls don't worry.They were talking about this group "ONE DIRECTION"
I had know clue about them then Sam asked me if I know one one direction I    told them the truth "I don't" with an a embarrassed voice.They went mental  Maria said"we need to show her to see a picture of them quick!" Mia said "here you go" and gave the picture.My eyes went wide open with surprise! "There wonderful" I had one i really had in surprise, I showed  my friends the won I liked the most is was Harry styles, they told me  Harry and the rest of the group.I heard lots of interesting things.
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