It's like a dream come true

It's about a girl named Christina and she finds a way to meet one direction............................ If want more read this story about Christina and one direction


4. My start to see one direction

At school we had an assembly it was about  this talent show everyone is existed then ever seen when I've been here our principal said " one or two or more might be meeting or getting tickets.The judges will be me Mrs.miller and Mel B and myself.Everyone went nuts and some people said she the hardest person to empress."That is all and by the way it's on wednesday" then what day is it today someone shouted "Monday school time no more by"it was lunched time and we all talked about the show "what song should we sing or I sing"said Julia said I'm not going to the show."WHAT" we all said. "I'm not coming to the talent show" said Julia with a upset voice."When are you leaving" said Maria "today" said Julia  "JULIA its it's time to leave" said Julia's mum."bye Julia we said .then Julia said we will still be in touch !Bye we said.What should we sing? Asked Mia said."We should sing moments"I said "we should " said Maria."ok then"said Mia.It's time said Sam , the week had past now today we'er going to show off our talents."Everyone in"our principal said.The other people sang now it's our turn the last people.We sang and the result comes.Ms.miller said I loved  your singing girls.I agree said our principal said.Now Mel B.Silence awaits.I agree.We went with excitement.Your prize is staying with someone who do you chose?We all agreed.One direction!Your leaving  today your going to the by bus to meet who you choose said Mel.Your leaving now, bye girls. Bye!We left and went home to pack.
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