It's like a dream come true

It's about a girl named Christina and she finds a way to meet one direction............................ If want more read this story about Christina and one direction


1. Leaving home

Hi names Christina clo. I live in  Sydney  and I'm living in England   Because my dad is getting a job there so that's why I need to go there with to of my two brothers max his the youngest and jake the oldest one eventually and my mum and dad of curse there my parents.I'm in the middle the only girl
There  but if I was the oldest nothing can stop me from distorting my brothers life.Oops I went to far didn't I, sorry."Christina harry up were going to be late because of you"said mum shouting but I wasn't really wanting to go because it takes years making friends  and I'll have my best friend not there for me but I feel like the are using me because all these boys start running at me for some reason."I'm coming I'm fished packing anyway"I heard my phone ring and it was a text  for my friends and it said "its mary and rose we're not friends any more"I didn't really them any way so I text them back "ok". Mum went upstairs and saying let's go.we rush fast and them we we're in the taxi ready to go while my brothers we screaming .
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