It's like a dream come true

It's about a girl named Christina and she finds a way to meet one direction............................ If want more read this story about Christina and one direction


5. Hi one direction

We said bye to our family and school.Omg, we one! Said Sam.There they were standing out side.I stopped breathing."Christina are you ok"said Sam.She stopped breathing."OH NO!" said Mia.Mia, Maria and Sam went and said to one direction"Christina stopped breathing"Maria said with a fright.Louie said take her in side.They did and they put freezing water.I  opened my eyes and I said that was so cold, did everyone put ice in this?Your ok! Said Mia, of curse I'm ok.You stopped breathing said Sam.I should  take it back?Well yeah you should. Who said That?Me Niall,from one direction.Hi Niall.Then I stopped breathing"ahh cold water" I said.I got up and calm down.Thank-you for saving me, wait a second "where's Harry.In the toilet."Ok"um.....he should know we're here ."Well I forgot to tell him"said Zayn. Then we heard the toilet flush."guys the toilet roll is finshed"said Harry.Then he realized that m and me friends."do you boys realize that girls are in the house"said Harry."Yeah we did but  ZAYN forgot to tell you these girls are here"said Louie."go and tell Harry your names""I WILL said Sam.I'm Sam ,she's Maria,she's Mia and she's Christina.I done a small smile.Theres something about her I like said Harry thought."Well make your selfless like home."Where do we sleep?" said Mia."Um....well tell Zayn Ithis is not my house remember that"said Niall."I was talking to Zayn"."Um...Sorry"."It's ok"."We have an extra room, so you girls can use that" said Zayn.
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