Expect the Unexpected

Maise's summer starts out in such a different way Maise expected. Everything takes a drastic turn. She'll be alone all summer long. But, when she is befriended by the one and only One Direction, her summer goes from terrible to unbelievable. Will things stay great, or will something go terribly wrong?


2. The Signing

When I got to the mall, the line was so long! But, I didn't care. I was getting their autograph. No doubt. I put in my earbuds and ignored everyone else as the line slowly moved forward, closer and closer to 1D!

I had stood in line for about an hour, and I could see 1D. I was just about 25 girls away from them when... "Oh look at this!" it was Katie. "Hi Katie." she came to stand next to me outside the line. "Uh, hi Maise. I didn't think next fall would come so soon." I stayed silent. "Yo! Are you listening?" I still stayed silent. "You are just like your mom. Ignoring everyone else for your own selfish needs." 20 more people. "I heard she's gone. You know, not even your mom cares about you? Sad, really." I started tearing up. "I don't have to listen to you." "Tell that to your tears! You know, I heard she left for Vegas to get hitched. Pathetic, huh? You weren't raised right, were you. No wonder you're gay!" 10 more people. But the tears were coming more. "You can ignore me all you want, Ryder, but I know how to make you cry. And be embarrassed!" she stepped back and went to Glossom. I looked away. 5 more people. All of the sudden, Katie was on a megaphone! "Attention! Everyone. Especially One Direction. This girl right here, her name is Maise. She's 17 year old gay girl! And she cuts herself. She's a typical One Whatever fan. Which means 99% of fans are just like her. What has this world come to? Is it gay people like gay singers now?" Before I knew it, I was full on crying. I looked at One Direction, and I knew they knew Katie was talking about me. I'm not gay, and neither are they, but I was so embarrassed! I couldn't handle it. I ran out of line to the nearest quiet spot and cried.

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